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How to Photograph and Edit Art Pictures for Social Media
Do you want more people to see your art? Or maybe you want to promote and sell some of your artworks? Social media platforms work great for this purpose. However, when it comes to uploading pictures to social media, you may face some restrictions. For instance, you may have noticed that many social media platforms, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, decrease the quality of the uploaded photos.
Computer Slow With Photos? 3 Simple Ways to Speed It Up
There could be a number of reasons if your computer is slow at loading or editing photos. And there are just as many things you can do to speed it up, short of buying new software or a new computer. Here are three approaches you can take to open and edit photos in a fraction of the time.
Events From Home
All About Photo is committed to bringing you the very best in photography during these difficult times. We believe that photography can be a powerful tool for helping us make sense of the world and connect with one another. If you can, continue to work, share your photography, and connect with the photographic community.
Guide on How to Write Photo Credits for Press, Instagram, and Books
Are you writing an article or a blog post and don't know how to give credits to the authors of the photos you want to use? This article contains all the information on how to write photo credits.
Best Adobe Free Photoshop Actions in 2020
Are you looking for the best free Photoshop actions that make photos look amazing in several clicks? Try these perfect actions to add to your photos more vivid look.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources To Help Photographers
Coronavirus disease wipes out the work of many photographers and artists around the world. Here is a list of resources that might help you get by in these difficult times.
Essential Tips For Food Photography
While scrolling through social media, you probably noticed that everyone (literally) posts multiple pictures of the food they prepared at home or ordered in the restaurant. You most likely did so at least once too. And while for some it might seem like wasting memory on your phone, for some food photography is essential.
All you need to know about ISO effects in photography
If you're here, it means that you're wondering about one thing - what does ISO mean? The acronym stands for the International Organization for Standardization. It's an organization that sets the standards for the digital camera's sensitivity rating, but this is not what you came here for. Below you will find all the essential and practical information about ISO and how it can affect your photos. Without further ado, let's start.
The Secrets To Breathtaking Cityscapes
Photographing big cities is a great challenge. But knowing some tricks and secrets will make your life as a cityscape photographer much easier.
Tips on How to Take a Photo of a Landscape
Capturing the perfect landscape photo depends as much on your photo editor as it does on the equipment you use. Whether you want to preserve a beautiful moment on a trip or take a breathtaking photo right in your own backyard, taking a landscape photo requires practice and dedication. Keep reading for the top tips on how to take a photo of a landscape.
Twenty Websites You Can Make Money Selling Photos Online
Photography is one dynamic and fascinating profession that involves passion to keep you floating through the tides. However, passion for the job has led many photographers to constantly do free jobs to the extent that it has almost become 'second nature' to them.
10 Best Background Removal Services in 2020
Are you interested in approaching a background removal service? Or are you dissatisfied with the agency you are currently working with? Either way, this post will come in handy. It is hard to understand from the first glance whether a certain background removal service is a decent one. I'm sure you don't feel like testing each existing company one by one until you find a suitable option. That's why I have prepared this objective review of the best background removal services in 2020.
A brief history of nude photography (1839-1939)
The naked body has, since ancient times, fascinated artists of all backgrounds. Sculptors, painters and illustrators competed to celebrate the body and represent it in its original state, as evidenced by the works from ancient civilizations, notably Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Prehistoric representations of the naked human body can even be seen on the painted walls of caves and prehistoric statuary art. But if masculine nudes prevailed in Antiquity, especially among the Greeks, the trend has now shifted and it is the female body that has become the ultimate muse for artists.
Top Photography Trends of 2019
Photography faced dramatic changes influenced by the digital era. It radically altered many notions and approaches. It seems that nothing new could have amazed us. However, the universe of photographs is like a living organism that absorbs various tendencies and trends. If you read different essays on photography and its history written by professionals, you can track how this art varies from one year to another. 2019 was not exceptional and also brought some new styles. Let's take a closer look.
5 Tips to get amazing pre-wedding shots
The winter season is just around the corner, and if you are getting married in the cold months of the end of this year or early next year, then you've landed at the right place. So, be with us for a little while as we walk you through some really amazing tips that'll help you have a photoshoot which looks dreamy as if it's out of a fantasy world.
Which Paper Is Best For Photo Prints - Glossy vs Matte finish?
It's the question that stumps most people at the photo printing stage - should I choose a glossy or matte finish? The motivation behind your final choice may be based on artistic preference or pricing. In this post, we will discuss the difference between matte and gloss finishes and when you should choose to use each one.
Why Photography Isn’t A Career Option, It’s Either In You Or Not
Photography has been around for a while now. However, its popularity, demand, and the project rates being paid to photographers have gone up lately. Nonetheless, it isn't a good career option for many. Many people take it up as a career but fail to stay afloat. Regardless of how cheap a rate they are charging their clients, an average photographer will be forced out of the market. The world of photography is an unforgiving one.
Psst! Photographers, Steal These 11 SEO Tips for your Photo Website
Do photo websites even need SEO (a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization)? You bet! In fact, if you are serious about your website, it's crucial to know all the specifics about image SEO. Good news - in this guide, you will discover 11 fool-proof ways to bring more eyeballs on your stunning visuals. All of them are so simple, you can implement them today! Ready to turn your own photo website into the next Getty? Let's dive right in.
Top 9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers
With over 2 billion users around the world tuned in, Facebook as a marketing platform is hard to beat. Thousands of said customers could already be right near you in your local city. Additionally, Facebook's visual nature supports photography in a very real way. In other words, Facebook is a solid platform to use for marketing your photography business.
How to Sell Online Photos and Earn Quick Bucks in 2019?
Do you enjoy photography? Have you pursued it as a hobby? How about reading this blog? It contains helpful ways to turn photography into a rewarding online business.
7 Best Photo Apps for Incredible iPhone Photography (2019 Edition)
There are so many photography apps that are compatible with your iPhone. Choosing the best app can be frustrating and overwhelming because not all apps out there are the best for you. To ease your work, we have compiled a list of seven photo apps that will improve the quality of the photos you take with your iPhone. Read on to learn more about this interesting subject.
An Introduction Guide To Street Photography
Street photography is all about capturing life in urban areas. It's about our culture and humanity that is captured usually without the knowledge of the subject (if that is a person, that is). If you are new to street photography, this guide will help you get started.
What is the impact of modern art on society?
Being an artist or just an admirer, you may have this thought in your mind: how does art influence today's society and if art can educate the people around us with all the tech around us? Art is well known for its amazing feature of educating people and creating that pleasant environment of a new world in a whole new vision. A new way of translating thoughts, feelings, and emotions based on experiences are now presented with the help of projectors, interactive screens or videos. Among the first forms of artistic representation are cave paintings that prove that humans were capable of abstraction and art reproductions, also being able to communicate through this language with others, but now art has no boundaries.
How You Can Bring Old Photographs to Life Once Again
The truth is that few people actually take good care of old photos. With time, these printed photographs may be discovered in leaky basements or musty attics. Unfortunately, at this point, there may have been quite a bit of damage done to these images. Before you despair, though, there is a way to restore these pictures. Sure, you may not be able to fix the physical copy but you can certainly alter a digital version to reclaim the lost glory of the photograph. Here are your top tips for doing so.
Fashion Retouchers Matter
High-end photo retouching is a critical part of the fashion industry. The fashion world relies on retouching to make the model and clothing look appealing. Retouching photos helps clean up details that can be missed during a photoshoot such as a lone strand of hair standing up, ruffles on the clothes, or blemishes of the model. You can correct those details of an image through photo retouching.
Best Photo Recovery Software to Take Lost Photos Back
Memory is essential for the existence of humans because we are what we remember. Anything that happens to us changes our character, values, and attitudes. If we did not have memory, we would not have been inclined to travel, spend time with friends, and perform any other activities we are used to. Luckily, the progress has gifted us with assistance in the form of photography (and cheap essay writing services). Now, we do not have to fully rely on our brain cells in remembering the brightest moments of our lives. It is now many times easier to recall a joyful event when you desire. However, even photography is not perfect, and our memories are never safe. Or are they?
6 Tools Photographers Should Use in 2019
Have you been trying to edit your and improve the quality of your photos using your phone? Editing photos using your phone is quite a hustle because most camera apps do not have a wide variety of features that will help you progress to the next level. With the rapid advancement of technology in 2019, it's important for you to use the best tools to have quality photos or earn money through photography. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best tools available today and how you can use them. Let's get started!
6 Tips for Mastering Your Lenses
Have you bought a new lens and look for ways to "play well" with it? Or you have a long-abandoned lens on your shelf, and you still can't find an application for it? This article is for photographers and amateurs who want to understand what their lens is capable of and how to find new ways to get great shots.
6 Great Ways to Negotiate the Best Rates as a Freelance Photographer
For many photographers, setting and negotiating rates can seem intimidating and complicated. You often have to face the fear that the client will feel you're overcharging them. Understanding how to negotiate your service rates is a crucial step to a successful freelance career.
7 Things To Photograph On Rainy Days
A lot of photographers are absolutely horrified of bad weather, especially when it comes to rain. And that's reasonable if you think about such things as water getting into your camera and possibly breaking something in it.
Top 10 Web Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Web design is a challenging process which forces you to be highly creative while respecting the state of the art website creation principles. But it's often not so easy to bring together the best of both worlds and craft a website that is user-friendly and visually appealing at the same time.
10 Tips On Taking Lovely Night Sky and Star Photos
Astrophotography is one of the greatest types of photography there is. A camera can sometimes see what our eyes are missing and this means that you can get some pretty stunning photos if you are willing to venture out into the night. However, for these photos to work, you need to know how to position your camera and many other things.
Where to Study if You Want to Become a Photographer?
Photography is definitely a skill that gets polished with experience. Many claim that it is almost impossible to learn how to photograph, without a natural flair for it. That said, there are still many techniques that one can and should master in photography that could push the progress along.
15 Essential Tips for Drone Photography
In recent years, drone photography has been one of the largest growing genres in the fields of photography, precisely wedding photography. It requires great ability to run a high-quality camera in the sky to capture aerial photographs and the results can be beyond imagination. This article is all about the tips for drone photography that can make drone photography better. You will get to understand the practical, safety and legal considerations for better drone photography
The Most Popular 7 Ways to Use Adobe Photoshop
If you ask all Instagrammers what tools they use to edit their photos, only a small percentage of them will mention Photoshop. Of course; Instagram offers its own editing tools that are very easy to use. But people rarely use Photoshop when editing images for other purposes, too.
6 Amazing Tips To Make Your Portrait Photography Impeccable
I walked into a firm and I was stunned beyond the usual. Mind you, I did not freak out because I sensed that hidden cameras or probably a motion activated hidden camera was watching me. No, it was this huge portrait photograph of the founder that stunned me. It took some level of composure not to stare. It was not the gigantic size that actually kept my attention though that was what caught my attention. It was the picture itself that kept me in awe so much that the receptionist observed it. Everything about the picture was dazzling and alive. It seemed like the man was live and his aura was just oozing. This is one thing about photography.
5 Ways to Use Festivals as a Photo Subject
Festivals are characterized with color and entertainment, both of which make them a perfect photography subject. The organization and effort put into a festival makes it an excellent opportunity for photographers to build on or show their skills, as well as capture amazing photos.
8 Essential Tools to Develop Your Editing Skills
Photographers are the people who make our world exciting and thriving. They inform and inspire and never cease to amaze us. Photography is a universal language. A language without words that doesn't age. A great photographer's work cannot be forgotten.
5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac Users
Whether you consider yourself a pro or an enthusiastic amateur, we have more choice than ever before when it comes to taking and editing pictures. We are lucky to live in an age when we can take, edit and publish within the same day, if not same hour.
5 Tips to Start Promoting Your Photo Works on Instagram
Whether you're a beginner or a pro photographer, one thing is certain: your work is worth more attention. Instagram is the perfect social media network to take your personal brand's exposure to the next level, but only if you'd only knew how.
Top 5 Inspiring Stories of Successful Photographers
Taking iconic photography goes beyond just using a camera to capture a moment. A professional photographer is in the business of using cameras to take pictures which are developed into prints or prepared as digital photos. Photographers know how to use cameras, take advantage of lighting, use lighting equipment, work with their subjects or objects to make them look good and edit their work to enhance its beauty or a certain perspective of the photo.
Top Tips For Landmark and Monument Photography
You can produce the best shots of various landmarks and monuments where you are when you look at a few points of value. These tips for taking photos of landmarks and monuments are all simple ideas that help you to make the most of the many great shots you want to take. Seeing how detailed and specific many of these landmarks can be, you should look at what you're doing when producing an outstanding look that adds a classic touch.
Top 5 Tools for Adding Perspective to Photography
Experimenting with perspective is always an interesting process, and it may lead to creating compelling, eye-catching results. Ideally, you will plan this aspect in the process of creating engaging composition and framing of your shot, as this is the safest way to control the outcome.
8 Basic Photoshop Adjustments Beginners Need To Understand
For this article, we're going to look at some of the ways you can work on RAW files to make them better. But first, before we get there, let's take a moment to understand what RAW files are and why they need to be adjusted in the first place.
Best Cameras On The Market For Capturing The Northern Lights
The Aurora Borealis is truly one of the natural wonders of the world, and capturing it in its full glory is one of the major ambitions of a host of photography enthusiasts. Yet there are a number of challenges that present themselves when seeking to photograph this natural phenomenon: challenging weather conditions, light pollution, below-par activity and unsuitable equipment spring immediately to mind.
15+ WordPress Edit Post Hacks for Photographers
Are you trying to create/edit a post in WordPress but don't know about all the post features you see on the screen? To some people, adding a new post is somewhat self-explanatory. However, many newbies find the interface to be quite overwhelming. If you're running a photography website, there are some WordPress edit post hacks that you should know about to take your photography website to the next level.
Best International Photography Schools for 2019
Photography is a career that always has a place for talented and ambitious individuals. It combines patience, fast acting and an eye for the right composition. However, even if you want to freelance at the beginning of the career, you need training.
The Best Tools to Edit Your Photo in 2019
Visual content is taking over the Internet. Gone are the days when you could simply rely on blog posts and expect to win over the audience. Today, you need some powerful photos to make the content stand out from the crowd of competitors.
Photography Marketing With Technologies:  It’s Cheaper Than You Think
Marketing anything requires an investment of time and money. For most who are starting out a new business venture, the first may be in far more plentiful supply than the latter.
How To Master Headshot Photography
One of the most requested type of photography is headshot photography. People like headshot photography because it offers a mix of storytelling and personality while staying professional. They use it for their social media profiles, business websites and so on. But this is a skill you need to master.
5 Tips for Better Street Photography
As an aspiring photographer, I was very intrigued by street photography, but I found myself lost in this world, unsure of whether or not I was taking what would be considered a "good picture". And I couldn't let this hold me back, Because Street photography was something I really liked, so I started searching and learning for tips and techniques to improve myself in this aspect. I know lots of people want to be able to get a lot more from their photos, so I would like to share with you 5 tips for better street photography.
Best Photography Museums for Students to Attend
Stuck with your art project? Maybe you need a bit of inspiration! Get to know the best European museums where you can see and discuss art with modern photographers.
Lighting Guide: 10 Best Tips
Lighting makes all of the difference when it comes to the field of photography. A good image can be ruined by bad lighting - and a bad one can look good if the lighting is on point. That's why whether you're a photographer or a film-maker, it's vital to make sure that you know the basics of professional lighting.
6 great part-time jobs for a young photographer
As a photographer, you want to look for ways to make money on the side so they can fuel your passion and help you continue with it. It's not easy, granted, as a lot of it will need to be talented, skilled, and very patient. However, if you work hard it and use your creativity and faith, you can make anything work.
8 Mistakes Photographers Make In Blogging
Photography blogging is one of the most popular types of blogging for many reasons. People love the photography and photographers usually have a lot of interesting stories to tell from their trips or encounters.
7 Profitable ways to work as a freelance photographer
You have decided to become a freelance photographer. Congratulations! It takes a lot of guts to chase after your dreams in a world that can pretty much be summarized in two words: rat race.
Guide for Photographers: How to Submit Your Photos to Modeling Agencies
Do you love photographing people? Does that type of photography dominate your portfolio? Then you should consider modeling agencies as your future employers. They are constantly on the search for great fashion and beauty photographers, as well as for professionals who can complete editorials.
What next for photography in the age of Instagram?
Photography has come quite a long way from where it was in the 1990s when digital photography was only just starting to become a thing. Back then, film photography was considered the superior form of photography and digital photography was too expensive for all but the deepest pockets to afford. Even the elite professionals looked down on digital photography and held their film kits close.
6 Tips for Students: How to Become a Photographer
The internet is full of pictures. Ranging from nature photography to portraits, you can find whatever you want. There are lots and lots of photographers, some amateurs, some experienced.
7 Steps to Strong Web Visibility as a Photographer
Searching for approaches to make your photography business increasingly noticeable on the web? These seven hints will enable you to begin. Build your portfolio
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