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All About Photo Magazine
Issue #38
Whether you are working in this industry as a professional or just as a photography enthusiast, as a buyer or a collector, in a festival or a gallery, All About Photo is made for you.

All About Photo was born from the realization that no site on the web regroups portfolios, photo labs, framing stores, equipment and studio rentals, camera repair shops, schools, agencies, museums, galleries, institutes and centers, photo contests, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, fairs and festivals, books, online and paper magazines, in-depth interviews and articles as well as news of the photography world, all in one place. Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related.

The result is one of the most far-reaching online magazine where you can find everything related to photography. We seek to present exceptional work from around the world as well as meaningful resources.

Since its creation in 2013, All About Photo also presents an international perspective on contemporary photography, with an eye toward beauty, artistic significance and timeless quality.

Each monthly edition of All About Photo Magazine (AAP Magazine), in print and online, focuses on a theme, while our annual competition All About Photo Awards - The Mind's Eye, is open to all genres and subject matter. Each competition was designed to help international emerging and established photographers succeed. We believe that exposure is fundamental for photographers of any levels to move forward creatively and professionally. Our mission is to seek talented photographers from around the world, publish their projects and promote them on our website, AAP Magazine and on our social profiles.

All About Photo is a free and independent magazine that has become one of the most vibrant portals of photography on the web.

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