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AAP Magazine #32: B&W

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AAP Magazine #32 B&W
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Our 10 Latest Rising Stars

Vincenzo Barone
© Vincenzo Barone
© © Vincenzo Barone

I was born in Italy and I lived there for a while then I ended up in France by chance. I was a musician, a writer and a philosopher. Currently I am a photographer. My photographic research finds its focal point in the street, among people, in the quite chaos of everyday life and the surprise of the daily routine. Anything ambiguous, hidden in the sunlight and in the shadows, can fascinate me. The human presence is essential in my photos, what cannot be seen and especially what is nebulously perceives represents the true essence of my research. Reinventing the signifier of everyday life, creating a new reading code, like in a dream where what seems is not. I shoot almost exclusively digitally, going from colour to black and white depending on the current project or, quite...

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Luca Bernardini
© Luca Bernardini
© © Luca Bernardini

I am an amateur photographer born in Pesaro in 1990. I have always loved photography but, not sure why, I never thought of making it my own until about 3 years ago. I work as an engineer in a refrigeration company, here a colleague lent me my first equipment and incited me to try, giving me some tips. After a few days, During Covid's first pandemic lockdown, I bought my personal camera, a handful of books, and began to immerse myself in what is now my greatest passion. The goal is always to improve and to look for the right instant to get trough the lens, but the days spent walking around discovering and shooting are the greatest joy I could ever wish for. I am a very introverted person and thanks to this passion I am managing to get closer to the other people, I also hope, with...

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Sonia Melnikova-Raich
© Sonia Melnikova-Raich
© © Sonia Melnikova-Raich

Sonia Melnikova-Raich was born in Moscow in 1947 and has been living in San Francisco since 1987. She was trained as an artist and architect, with a Master's degree from the prestigious Moscow Architectural Institute. Her approach to photography is shaped by her background in painting and architecture. Influenced by the vision of Russian Constructivists of the 1920s and the photography of the Bauhaus movement, she is interested in exploring the abstract in the material world, drawing the viewer's attention to the inner geometry of the photograph and its compositional structure. Her Light+Shadows series, which revolves around the mystery of perspective and geometry created by light and darkness in the architectural image, was inspired by the words of the famous American architect Louis...

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Nicola Fioravanti
© Nicola Fioravanti
© © Nicola Fioravanti

Nicola Fioravanti started his photography at 23. He has been featured in internationally distinguished publications including Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, El País, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Vogue, PhotoVogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, Elle among others. His images have been used by Alibaba, Canon, City of London, Etihad, European Union, MasterClass, Mozilla Foundation, Oxford University, Pantone among others. His work has been exhibited internationally and has been awarded at Canon 'Come and See', Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris (PX3), International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, Life Framer, ND Awards and Sony World Photography Awards among others. Nicola is based in Paris. Winner AAP Magazine #30...

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Gianluca Mortarotti
© Gianluca Mortarotti
© © Gianluca Mortarotti

My name is Gianluca Mortarotti, and I'm a self-taught photographer from Rome currently based in London, UK. My passion for photography started at a young age, thanks in part to my father's work as a wedding photographer. However, it wasn't until after my studies that I decided to take photography more seriously. I'm fascinated by the energy of cities and the candid moments that tell a story and I've always been drawn to the contrasts of urban life and the connections between people that can seem strange and unusual. Through my work, I try to explore these themes with a fresh and unexpected approach, creating a consistent and attractive aesthetic that is both narrative and metaphorical in its meaning. I believe that the world around us is full of hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed,...

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Amadeusz Swierk
© Amadeusz Swierk
© © Amadeusz Swierk

Amadeusz Świerk (born in 1995) is a documentary photographer based in Wrocław, Poland. Amadeusz strives to be an honest witness of the world. His work is often oriented on minorities – social, ethnic, religious and based on genuine experience of other human and his culture. Interested in ethnicity and natural way of living, he has done projects about Iranian nomads and informal subculture of people escaping society grown around wooden hut located in Polish mountains. Currently he is working on projects about a (in)famous district in the small town of Legnica, opioid addicts and personal, about his family. The Miracle District The story starts in a middle-sized town of Legnica, located in the southwest of Poland. It should have been unremarkable, but after World War II it...

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Andrea Bettancini
© Andrea Bettancini
© © Andrea Bettancini

I was born in a small seaside town in the northern Adriatic (Italy). A place crowded with tourists in the summer, deserted and abandoned in the foggy winters. In short, a place of contrasts. Contrast is what fascinates me the most in photography. All of my schooling was focused on creativity, starting with attending an art high school and then studying fashion design at the European Institute of Design in Milan. I worked as a designer for several clothing brands in Milan and collaborated with an architecture magazine under the Mondadori publishing group. Photography has always been a passion of mine, starting from the days spent in the darkroom. I prefer photojournalism, street photography, and in general, visual storytelling through the merging and contamination of images...

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Raul Cacho Oses
© Raul Cacho Oses
© © Raul Cacho Oses

Raúl Cacho is a photographer born in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain). It was at the age of 22 when he began his practice of photography alongside his career as a project professional in the Renewable Energies. Raul's professional travels have allowed him to reside in various countries and continents, where he has had the opportunity to enrich and deepen his visual experiences. In 2021, after three years living in Tangier, his first photography book titled "Morocco: Lights, Souk, and Action" was published. Whether capturing an artisan, an intimate portrait or the vibrant energy of bustling traditions, Raul's photography is a testament to the power and beauty of the world around us. Through his images, he reminds us to appreciate the world we live in and to never stop exploring, learning, and...

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Priyo Widdi
© Priyo Widdi
© © Priyo Widdi

Travel and street photography has always been my passion. I am especially interested in the subject of social life around me. I love to capture so many essential values in life through photography. I also have been working as a content creator about photography. Statement ''Capturing many life moments makes us to be more grateful about our own...

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Sascha Ali
© Sascha Ali
© © Sascha Ali

My name is Sascha Ali and I'm a Trinidadian born photographer currently living and working in New York City. I majored in Film Studies at Kingston University in London, and it was during this period that I developed a fondness for photography. When I returned to Trinidad I worked for various news outlets and government companies as a video editor and photographer. I tried my hand at producing and editing several short and feature length films before deciding that life didn't appeal to me. It was around this time in 2018 that I moved to New York City, where I immediately fell in love with street and documentary photography. I was particularly attracted to Harry Gruyaert's color work. I committed to the art, and in 2022 I did a workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb that helped me...

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Swimmers by Nadide Goksun
My childhood memories of summer holidays on the Aegean seaside have formed a deep relationship with water in my psyche. As a child, playing in water gave me relaxation as well as pleasure. I found swimming to be an exciting way of exploring a foreign terrain, an access to a muted world away from the noise of the land. In this quietude and foreignness, I had peace. As I grew older, I came to relate the experience of being enveloped in water to what I imagine humans experience in the prenatal state, bringing out a sense of safety, serenity, and inner balance. Swimming became a way for me to feel what it is like to be free. Being in water to me is a naïve, magical, and sensual experience, reminding of youthful innocence.
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INscapes by Emmanuelle Becker
In the course of my travels, I happened upon landscapes that had a mysterious power. Their contemplation mobilized my imagination and provoked an emotional reaction that went beyond the appreciation of their beauty. My thoughts wandered through their poetry. These places left lasting memories that I combine into single-layered images, to create INscapes. To paraphrase the words of the Surrealist author Philippe Soupault, with these images, I traveled inward in search of inner landscapes.
Alleyways by Ties van Brussel
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The Rocketgirl Chronicles by Andrew Rovenko
Award-winning images from the worlds discovered on Backyard Space Travel missions to be published as a photo book for the first time. "The Rocketgirl Chronicles" is a heartwarming personal project that follows the adventures of one little astronaut. And as she keeps exploring the neighbourhood, the child's curiosity and imagination is able to transform even the most mundane of surroundings into otherworldly and often haunting scenes.
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #32 B&W
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes