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AAP Magazine #27: Colors
AAP Magazine #27: Colors

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AAP Magazine #27: Colors
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Our 10 Latest Rising Stars

Radana Kuchařová
© Radana Kuchařová
© © Radana Kuchařová

Radana Kuchařová was born in Czechoslovakia and experienced life behind the "Iron Curtain". She graduated at Czech technical university and then worked as a designer. When the borders were opened after the “Velvet Revolution”, with great joy, like many Czechs, she began to explore previously inaccessible regions. When traveling, she always carried a camera and recorded foreign countries. In addition to buildings and architecture, she became interested in people, their life and customs. The human story is what can interest me the most! She also tries to create creative...

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Rajan Dosaj
© Rajan Dosaj
© © Rajan Dosaj

"Born and raised in the United States, I spent nearly 20 years in the theater world, first as a dancer and singer in Broadway musicals and later as an actor and director. Upon my retirement from theater, I settled into the business world but it wouldn't be long before I was in need of a creative outlet and the Sebastiao Salgado documentary, The Salt of the Earth, rekindled my brief high school interest in photography. Soon, the books of Alec Soth, Nancy Rexroth, Sally Mann, Joshua Jackson, and many more were on my selves and with a newly purchased camera in hand, I started out on my latest adventure. Naturally, I started with dance portraits and found it incredibly exciting and fulfilling but soon I ventured into other genres to improve my work. Whether it was wildlife, street,...

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Gloria Baker Feinstein
© Gloria Baker Feinstein
© © Gloria Baker Feinstein

Gloria Baker Feinstein was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. She received both her BA (Communication Arts - 1976) and MA (Photography and Graphic Design - 1979) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 1981until 1990 she operated The Baker Gallery, a gallery for contemporary fine art photography in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 1995 Feinstein has worked as a portrait and fine art photographer. From 2007 through 2019, she was the founding director of Change the Truth, a non-profit organization that provided educational assistance to Ugandan orphans. After living in Kansas City for 38 years, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2018 and is now based in Portland, Oregon. Her photographs have been included in exhibitions across the country and can be found in the collections of the...

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Lynn Savarese
© Lynn Savarese
© © Lynn Savarese

"For me, the greatest joy of photography is the experience of intimate observation of elements from the natural world, and how my images often serve as metaphoric portraits of my own thoughts and feelings. Originally from a small town in Texas, I lived and traveled throughout the world before making New York City my home in the early ‘80s following my graduation from Harvard Law School. In the decade since taking up photography, my work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in the USA and abroad, and has earned me prestigious national and international recognition." Statement "Creative endeavor often begins with paper. The novelist, playwright, and poet; the composer; the painter and sculptor—each commence with a blank sheet of paper. During Covid confinement, I...

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Radosław Łowicki
© Radosław Łowicki
© © Radosław Łowicki

"I got interested in photography as a teenager and it quickly became my greatest passion. In order to control the created images as much as possible, I started to develop my skills, learning the secrets of manual processing of photographic materials and darkroom work. Since the beginning, black and white photography has been in the center of my interests. Although I only use digital technology now. Reducing images to shades of gray allows me to emphasize the things and emotions that often escape in color photography....

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Orna Naor
© Orna Naor
© © Orna Naor

"My name is Orna Naor, a street and documentary photographer from Tel Aviv. In my work, I focus on human moments and gestures, touches, and looks. I shot around the world; Everywhere I try to show the faces of people, wherever they are; whether it's about different ceremonies, different cultures, and places, in everyday life and on holidays - human faces are revealed. At the same time as street photography, I focused in recent years on documentary series photography. In all these projects, my goal is one - to regain humanity to humanity. And if one picture touches one person - I'm glad. My works are shown in exhibitions in Israel and around the world (Local Testimony, Tel Aviv Sea, Israel Photography Festival, Miami Street Festival, Streets Sans Frontieres, London Street Festival,...

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Jo Fields
© Jo Fields
© © Jo Fields

Jo Fields is a fine art photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although her career is in healthcare information systems, Jo's first love was the expressive interpretation of music as a flutist. Photography has gradually taken over as the primary passion with the colors, shapes and details in the ‘music’ of nature. Photography became a cathartic and therapeutic personal journey that is a fusion of emotional, technical, and creative processes. Her work revolves around themes of revealing beauty in the ordinary, and highlighting the conflicts and interdependence of humanity and nature. Some series represented in the selected images are: True North, Musica Notturna, A Chance Encounter, Empathy of Angels, ET Wickham and Blackberry Season. Jo's work has been selected for over 80...

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Francesco Luongo
© Francesco Luongo
© © Francesco Luongo

"I was born in 1982 and my passion for photography only started in 2018. Self-taught, I never attended courses, but I studied and deepened photography by myself and visiting many exhibitions throughout Europe. Little by little I focused my style on street photography: shadows, contrasts, framing, layering, juxtaposition, and in general to the people daily life, but without ever ceasing to experiment in many other genres and...

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Steve Toole
© Steve Toole
© © Steve Toole

"I have enjoyed photography and art since I was young. I was fortunate to have traveled with my family throughout the United States as I was growing up. Taking pictures during those trips was an exciting and rewarding experience. Being semi-retired from teaching, I now have more time to rekindle my artistic pursuits. Much of my work depicts life outdoors, because that is where I spend a significant amount of my time. Capturing moments through photography, whether magnificent or understated, is more fulfilling now than ever. My wife Kim and I live in Ashton, Illinois where we foster rescued dogs, volunteer, teach part time, and enjoy small town life." About Back Roads "There is a sense of timelessness when I travel the back roads of America. Two-lane blacktops and meandering gravel...

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Victor Kataev
© Victor Kataev
© © Victor Kataev

Victor Kataev was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. After an exchange program with Kiel University he finished his medical studies in Germany and has lived in Kiel for more than 20 years now. Changing perspectives, in a long-term project he explores life in the hospital via the camera. His photographs focus on the everyday and offer access to the grim in the usual. His latest project Dapio is about being the father of two. For this work he received the Jury Prize of the RFLXN 07. About Dapio "My daughter is 3. She came home once and told me about Dapio. Dapio appeared in her life about a year ago and has been with her ever since. My son, age 5, also seems to notice Dapio. Dapio plays with them on playgrounds, sits at the table or rides along on a bike with us. Only us adults do not...

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Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #27: Colors
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes