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Our 10 Latest Rising Stars

Calli McCaw
© Calli McCaw
© © Calli McCaw

Although I came to photography later in life after a career in the corporate world, I had always been personally immersed in the arts as a collector of fine and decorative American arts and an enthusiast of art history. When I decided to leave the business world I did so to satisfy these lifelong personal interests in the arts, earning a second Master’s degree in Modern Art, History of the Art Market, and Connoisseurship from Christie’s. My time at Christie’s led me to pursue further post-graduate studies in the cross-cultural aspects of modern art at Columbia University and, subsequently, photography at the International Center of Photography. As a result, a passion for art history informs all of my photography as does a marriage of aesthetics and message, the balance of which...

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Carmen Villar
© Carmen Villar
© © Carmen Villar

Carmen Villar grew up in an industrial city in the Basque Country, Spain. She studied to become a teacher specializing in Human Sciences and moved to Ibiza, an island famous for its much freer lifestyle. Her numerous trips to different countries have been a base for her photographic work. Her passion for nature makes her photographic work focus mainly on landscape photography although she explores other aspects such as Architectural and pictorial photography. She is a member of the Association of Nature Photographers of the Balearic Islands. She has participated in some collective exhibitions in her region. She is Finalist in the 2022 edition of the Siena Creative Photography Contest and in the Black and white Photo Awards 2022 and 2023. Statement: I am a landscape photographer based...

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Olivier Unia
© Olivier Unia
© © Olivier Unia

I'm French and I've been living in Morocco for 15 years. I like to say that my work is music and everything else is my passion. I discovered photography at a young age via album covers, storm thorgerson, the square format. but I'd never dared try. In the early days of covid, we had so much free time that I watched a lot of videos on the internet about photo techniques, the triangle, etc. I borrowed a camera and went out, in the rare moments I was allowed, to shoot at the skatepark. It took me 10 minutes to set up and trigger the first shot, the skateboard levitating, in focus, the sun behind, I had, thanks to a lot of luck, succeeded in taking my first photo. What a shock, if I'd missed it I'd have put the camera away in my bag forever, but since then I've done almost nothing...

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Kelly O'Leary
© Kelly O'Leary
© © Kelly O'Leary

Kelly O’Leary is a fine art photographer, artist, and designer currently based in Northeast Florida, U.S. As a life-long artist, she found her passion behind the lens in early adulthood and has been photographing for over 20 years. She has found that each of her artistic mediums greatly inform each other as they share undeniable fundamental principles, Kelly has a deep and profound connection to the natural world, with a particular affinity for the coastal environments where she has long resided. The camera is a therapeutic modality in which she utilizes to create tranquil moments of reflection in her work, looking beyond the obvious, she conveys an intimacy with her subjects through an unmistakable sensitive aesthetic and moreover, pays homage to their solemn beauty as well as their...

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Tebani Slade
© Tebani Slade
© © Tebani Slade

Tebani Slade is a fine art, street and documentary photographer based between Australia and Barcelona. Her approach to photography involves storytelling and seeking the truth in her observations. She prefers to venture to unfamiliar destinations with an open mind, devoid of preconceived notions or generic perspectives. Armed only with her camera, Tebani allows events to unfold naturally, following the path that each location leads her on. A former graduate of the Queensland College of Art, Australia she also holds a Master of Distinction with the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography). She has received recognition and awards for her photography, which has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her work has been showcased in group exhibitions such...

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Stéphane Garnavault
© Stéphane Garnavault
© © Stéphane Garnavault

As a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, I found my passion blossoming through studies in graphic design, painting, drawing, printmaking, silkscreen, and photography. However, upon receiving my diploma, I suppressed my artist's soul and embarked on a career as a designer. For nearly 25 years, I worked tirelessly, forgetting my initial artistic loves. Swiftly, I achieved success as a designer, thanks to my keen sensitivity. Yet, this success became a bittersweet gift that drained me. Emotions washed over me so intensely that at times, I felt overly attuned to the world around me. Five years ago, a book opened my eyes and shook me to the core. It was a revelation. I realised I needed to respond. Gradually, my artist's heart reawakened. I...

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Pablo Trilles Farrington
© Pablo Trilles Farrington
© © Pablo Trilles Farrington

Since I was little I was fascinated by animals, especially wildlife. I loved learning about them, their habits, behaviors, most remarkable characteristics such as size, speed, height, feeding, etc. As I grew up, that passion for wildlife began to fall asleep, giving way to other types of concerns. During my youth, my father gave me his SLR camera with interchangeable objects and taught me the basics of photography. I liked taking photographs of all kinds, from portraits to landscapes. They weren't good pictures, although it amused me. But after a few years, when I lived in my apartment, they broke in and took the photographic equipment. That was the end of my adventure in photography. Many years passed until, on a work trip I had to make to Guatemala, I managed to visit the Mayan ruins of...

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Christina McFaul
© Christina McFaul
© © Christina McFaul

Christina McFaul graduated with a BA from Brooks Institute of Design in 2001 with a concentration in interior design. In 2007, she circumnavigated the world in 90 days onboard the MV Explorer with Semester at Sea. With the arrival of her first son, her interest in photography was rekindled. In 2012 she founded Christina McFaul Photography, a portraiture studio in Chicago, IL. She was president of the “Women in Focus” photography group in Chicago, where she lived for five years before returning to California. In 2023 she was certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. Her work has been included in shows at Borders Art Fair (Venice, Italy) Southeast Center for Photography (Greenville, SC), Chicago Botanic Garden, Museum of Art (Arlington, TX), La Jolla Art...

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Demetrio Jereissati
© Demetrio Jereissati
© © Demetrio Jereissati

I started shooting in 2013, at age 53, on a family trip to Patagonia, Chile. Months later, one of the photos I took on this trip won the bronze medal in the international competition Brasília Photo> I am a civil engineer, and shapes, lights, and shadows seduce me sometimes more than the subject of the> Photography connects and expands the feelings of those who photograph and visualize the image, giving their own> The essay Machu Picchu (A Personal Journey) was done in two moments: morning and late afternoon, when, alone on the site, away from the morning crowds, I could perceive the energy of the place and feel transported to a past still so present in the...

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Jonas Scheck
© Jonas Scheck
© © Jonas Scheck

Born and raised in France, I’ve lived in the Netherlands, New-Zealand and Berlin before settling in Switzerland. With a background in architecture and furniture manufacturing, I’m now turning my lifelong passion for photography into a profession. I’ve so far acquired my skills through self-learning, online courses, and practical experience. Currently working in photojournalism and really enjoying...

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