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Our 10 Latest Rising Stars

Jiri Sneider
© Jiri Sneider
© © Jiri Sneider

Jiří Šneider was born in 1979 and bred in Český Krumlov where my home is. Photography started to fascinate me around the year 1997. I have always been attracted by black & white photography, hence this constitutes of two thirds of my work. I've focused on portrait and travellers documentary. Recently I have developed more thanks to travelling (Ukraine, Bangladesh, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, Japan...). These destinations brought up many topics and situations of people at home, at work, going out, in streets, at religious rituals... Hard Workers The Gulf of Bengal, with a population of more than 156 million, keeps its economy running on hard human labour every day. Across the age, gender... older children take care of young children and infants, while parents earn money for...

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Daniel Dorko
© Daniel Dorko
© © Daniel Dorko

"I'm a freelance photographer with 15 years of international experience. My images have been published in various mags, books, photo albums and art fairs and I work as a photographer, photojournalist and videographer. I hold a degree in photojournalism and I am also an art historian. I speak 4 languages: English, French, Russian and Hungarian. I live in Paris." Artist Statement "I'm passionate about the way photography can evoke emotions and feelings, inviting the viewer for an inner journey. To me, photography is not about giving answers, but finding new...

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Carl Young
© Carl Young
© © Carl Young

Carl Young is a Fine Art and Street photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has a BFA from Temple University and has studied at the International Center of Photography in New York City, and at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. He is currently a member of the Street LA Photo Collective. After a career in New York City creating ad campaigns and directing photo shoots for Fortune 500 companies, he now devotes as much time as possible to exploring and documenting the people and culture of Los Angeles. Carl's work has been included in many juried exhibitions and gallery shows, his work has been published in various photography magazines. Carl counts Gary Winogrand, René Burri, and Martin Parr as some of his strongest Street photography influences. Warehouse District Fire©...

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Dominik Schulze
© Dominik Schulze
© © Dominik Schulze

Dominik Schulze is a 29 year old enthusiastic amateur photographer from Dresden, Germany. He has been shooting street photography for about seven years, but prefers to call it capturing unposed moments in our daily urban environment. Besides strong light/shadow situations, the integration of people into architecture, he also likes to experiment with abstract perspectives on everyday things. To get new impressions of street life, he likes to travel and combine this with his photography. Photographers such as Thomas Leuthard, Alex Webb, Siegfried Hansen and Josef Koudelka have particularly influenced his style. Currently, a Pixel 4a is his main...

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Elmira Sturki
© Elmira Sturki
© © Elmira Sturki

"My name is Elmira Sturki, I was born in 1991, a difficult year for Ukraine, in Donetsk. From the age of 15 I dreamed of becoming a photographer, my priorities were constantly changing. I wanted to shoot wildlife, become a photojournalist and even a war photojournalist. In 2014, the war came into our lives and I had to move to Kyiv, where photography faded into the background. By that time, I had chosen a family and stability. Therefore, the idea of ​​becoming a military photojournalist remained a dream. Who knew it would become so relevant. Today, living in military Kyiv, having a small child, I try to help civilians, covering what is happening from the inside. Memories of a past calm life do not let me give up, and faith in a bright future pushes me to take action and...

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Henk Kosche
© Henk Kosche
© © Henk Kosche

"Since my studies at the art school, photography has been an essential tool for me to investigate something more closely or to create something that does not yet exist. In a particularly well-done picture, these two functions merge, showing a piece of newly acquired knowledge in an aesthetic format. The beauty of an image composition is always involved in the lasting effect of the story told on us via the image. Today I ask myself; how image perception can be "slowed down" again, how the habit of seeing can be adapted to the speed of man again. Without a proper amount of time for a closer look and the necessary attention, a photo loses its real strength; the durability over...

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Jon Wollenhaupt
© Jon Wollenhaupt
© © Jon Wollenhaupt

For more than 20 years I have been dedicated to photography and fine art printmaking. During this span of time, I have I provided photography services to corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and news and media outlets. My street photography has been exhibited nationally in the United States and published internationally. I have a degree in Fine Art from Grossmont College and further studies in Studio Arts at San Francisco State University. Other current work includes a series called Awakening, which is a series of photomontage works that involve the overlaying of disparate images that reflect the workings of the unconscious mind and amorphous embedded memories. I also experiment extensively with alternative printing processes such as platinum pallidum and cyanotype. About...

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Łukasz Korulczyk
© Łukasz Korulczyk
© © Łukasz Korulczyk

"My name is Łukasz Korulczyk, I'm 39 years old, and I live in Pruszków a city close to Warsaw in Poland. I work as a product designer, creating digital products. In addition, I'm proud to be the human father of two amazing creatures, a dog named Felek and a cat named Ósemka (eng. eight). The genre of photography that is closest to me is definitely street and documentary photography - I feel best there and do it most often. But that doesn't mean I don't touch other genres; I occasionally take landscape and portrait photos. My photos have won competitions organized by LensCulture - Critics' Choice, Bialystok InterPhoto - Street Art Photo and my photos have been honorable mentioned in competitions organized by IPA and Paris International Street Photo Award. In 2022, I started my...

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Margo MacArthur
© Margo MacArthur
© © Margo MacArthur

Margo MacArthur is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer. Her street photography practice has been influenced by a search for identity and discovery arising from various life transitions. She is drawn to themes of introspection, detachment, alienation, and quirk. Order is conferred via light, shadow, lines, color and shapes thus lending structure to the unsettling and often melancholic feelings that arise from these themes. Artist Statement "I’ve been interested in photography all my life, but — coincident with a relocation from the Midwest to the West Coast — came to street photography only relatively recently. Walking the streets of my new city, I explored my environs and photographed subjects residing within the light and...

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Rodrigo Paredes
© Rodrigo Paredes
© © Rodrigo Paredes

The photography of Rodrigo Paredes captures for eternity the ephemeral. His own struggles with loneliness, distrust, abandonment, and the passage of time commiserate with the subjects of his images. They reflect feelings of abandonment, desolation, neglect, and pain suspended in a singular frame. Born in Avellaneda, a province of Buenos Aires, Paredes always remembered having a camera. His interest in photography developed into inspiration when the digital age arrived, as he immersed himself in the study of the photograph, where he developed an understanding of technique and style. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, and was awarded a 2nd place prize at “Arte x Arte”. About The American Dream? © Rodrigo Paredes "See and photograph different routes and roads,...

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