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Where to Study if You Want to Become a Photographer?

Posted on May 29, 2019 - By Ashley Gielis
Where to Study if You Want to Become a Photographer?
Where to Study if You Want to Become a Photographer?
Photography is definitely a skill that gets polished with experience. Many claim that it is almost impossible to learn how to photograph, without a natural flair for it. That said, there are still many techniques that one can and should master in photography that could push the progress along.

Unlike in the past, photography is now a very popular niche to blend in passion and job opportunities. With the rise of internet, there are a variety of platforms to feature works, many encouraging competitions and chances to get acclaimed.

If you are just a beginner or pursuing photography as a hobby, here are a few courses, both online and offline that could help you understand the basics.

Online Courses

It is best to test the waters and the basics with an online course first. Here are a few of the ones to get started.

1. Alison Introduction to Digital Photography

This course provided by Alison is one of the best and detailed ways of introducing yourself to digital photography. The program has the course split into a number of modules. The modules cover a wide range of topics from the basics of digital cameras, guidelines to various settings, history, and even post-processing techniques. The course is absolutely free to enroll, with certification that comes at an extra cost.

2. Udemy Introductory Photography Course

Coming from another established educational platform, this Introduction to Photography course comes with engaging video tutorials and demonstrations. The content is easy to follow and learn from, with numerous topics from basics to advanced. The first five modules of this course are free and the higher modules need a certification fee to complete.

3. Annie Leibovitz Master Class

This course will certainly stand out in your photographer resume. Annie Leibovitz is considered a modern-day classicist. Her masterclass on the tricks and techniques comes with a one-time payment of $140 for a year-long subscription that gives you access to other courses on the website too.

The single course includes 15 videos, workbook, interaction with fellow students, extra materials and personal feedback from Annie herself. If you are looking for portrait photoshoot ideas then this one might be the right choice.

4. Kelbyone Photography Courses

Post processing is as important as taking pictures. For a small monthly subscription fee of $9.99, Kelbyone offers access to several video classes and illustrative videos to learn from. The courses are definitely worth the fee and demonstrate the methods used by the teachers themselves in their work.

The collection also includes topic-specific lessons from successful photographers across plenty of genres and styles. Many of the videos also feature the journeys of artists offering real-life insight to many other aspects of a photographers job.

5. Creator Academy Start Shooting Manual

For beginners, Ditch Auto - Start Shooting Manual offered by Jerad Hill is a free course to familiarise with manual settings. More like an elaborate Youtube video, this four-hour tour is a manual for camera settings. Best viewed with your camera ready in hand.

The site also offers other lessons with a subscription covering topics of Photoshop, black and white techniques and several business aspects including blogs and social media. It is a great source to learn across a variety of niches if you are hoping to establish yourself in the field.

College Programs

For those who seek a bit more in-depth courses and practical lessons, here are the best of the photography courses offered in various Universities.

1. Rochester Institute of Technology

The renowned Rochester Institute of Technology offers one of the best programs in the country. With many majors to choose from in the area of photography itself, students can specialize in fine arts, advertising, and even biomedical photos.

2. Vevey School of Arts

This Swiss Vevey School of Arts offers a very detailed and comprehensive curriculum of courses and workshops in the field. The school is famous for its International Photography Award and puts a focus on not just the creative but also the business side of arts as well. It is one of the most acclaimed universities in Europe when it comes to art programs.

3. Royal College of Arts

The Royal College of Arts in London is considered one of the oldest colleges to offer photography programs. Established in 1837, the college is the only one to offer postgraduate courses in the field of arts and philosophy. The program focuses on photos as an art form with classes on theories of art and culture.

4. New York Institute of Photography

NYIP has been a pioneer in the field of photography courses since its establishment in 1910. Students can take their pick across a spectrum of course, varying from certifications to degree programs at NYIP. Though primarily considered a university, their courses are online enabling students to take their classes in the comfort of their own schedules. The fees vary depending on the course and have many specifications of study areas to choose from.

The benefits of these courses offered in photography are very subjective based on the experience and expertise of the students Nevertheless, for those hoping to fine-tune their methods or add highlights to their resumes, these could help in many ways and could prove to be highly useful.

Ashley Gielis had a rather varied life experience which she wants to share. She was working as a high school teacher while practicing, traveled a lot around the world, and tried to start a business. At all these stages of life, the writing was her passion. Now she's working as a content manager at EssayPro. Find her on Twitter and Facebook to get to know her better.
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