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Open Photo Contests

Deadline: October 04, 2022
AAP Magazine #27: Colors
Life is a stream of colors. Red, blue, yellow, and all the possible combinations in between these primary colors without forgetting black and white surround us everywhere. Send us your images - preferably a cohesive body of work or portfolio - both where colors may not just influence the pictures, but where it may also be the subject solely. The contest is open to any color photography interpretation, from photojournalism, street photography, artistic photography, portrait, nude, landscapes, n
Deadline: October 05, 2022
PhotoBrussels Festival 07: Self Portrait
PhotoBrussels Festival is the annual event dedicated to photography in Brussels. Exhibitions, meetings, workshops, and conferences constitute a global program that covers the whole city and brings up places that showcase photography: the Festival Tour. During the Festival, Hangar proposes a thematic exhibition, and in the framework of the 7th edition, launches a Call for photographers on the theme: Self-portrait. This call is open for original and unpublished projects that aim to explore
Deadline: October 05, 2022
Embracing our differences: 2023 Exhibit
Embracing Our Differences is seeking submissions for an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists. The display reflects the artists' interpretations of the theme "enriching lives through diversity." The exhibit will be on display January 18 through May 29, 2023, in three locations through Sarasota and Manatee counties in Florida. The winning artworks combine a deep understanding of both medium and message. Awards: A total
Deadline: October 06, 2022
PHmuseum 2022 Women Photographers Grant
The PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant, now in its 6th edition, aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography. Its mission is to support the growth of the new generations and promote stories narrated from a female perspective, while responding to the need to work for gender equality in the industry. To participate, you are invited to submit one or more projects centred around a specific th
Deadline: October 07, 2022
Migrations and the Shift of Borders
The current events that provoke mass migration, as shown by the war in Ukraine, or those involving millions of people driven by hunger or, as is also happening in more developed countries, driven by the search for working opportunities, well testify such a human behavior inherent in its own nature, a behavior that explicits the need and urgency of a universal recognition of a right which is still too often opposed today by a widespread cultural xenophobia. Mobility, transition and structural co
Deadline: October 07, 2022
Symmetry 2022
Symmetry is the theme for this months competition Symmetry, the similarity or exact correspondence between different things capture the eye of photographers every minute of every day. These wonderful matching patterns made by nature or humans always seem to offer a soothing sense of balance and harmony. Show us your best Symmetry images! Works will be selected based on creativity, quality of execution and uniqueness of vision. The work can be expressed from realism to abstraction. Cash
Deadline: October 09, 2022
Primary Colors
The New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.). Winners will receive $4,000 in cash awards, be featured on the NYC4PA Online Gallery and in the PRIMAY COLORS catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page. There will be 10 cash prizewinners, 20 Juror Selections and 20 Honorable Mentions Juror: M
Deadline: October 09, 2022
Fine Art Photography Awards 2022-2023
Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography. Created in 2014, this competition is a melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions. At Fine Art Photography, we seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity—where we provide a platform of promotion and support in th
Deadline: October 11, 2022
BBA Photography Prize 2022
The BBA Photography Prize is open to all international photographers above 18 years of age. You can submit up to 15 images, all themes are welcome, and submissions are open until 2 August. The call offers a 1st prize of € 1500 and a solo show at BBA Gallery artsy profile; a 2nd prize of € 1000 plus an Artsy profile; and a 3rd prize of € 700. Moreover, the One-Shot Award offers a cash prize of € 500, and the People’s Choice Award grants € 500 and an artsy profile. Furthermore, thi
Deadline: October 12, 2022
Camera Work: Trees and Water
Black Box Gallery is excited to announce a juried group photo show on Trees and Water. This exhibition will look to feature both subjects in a dynamic and diverse exhibition on contemporary photography. Trees and Water are both powerful and important subjects. Water can be an ocean, a river, a pool, a fountain, rain or mist or fog, lakes, snow and waves. And Trees can be great subjects of composition, giving the picture a strong foundation to play with the visual elements of space and time. This
Deadline: October 12, 2022
Untitled 2022: A Photographic Exhibition
Untitled is an annual competition and exhibition designed to showcase the best work of APA members and beyond – Images that show your unique vision, creative passion, and individualistic style, titled or untitled. This contest is open to all photographers at any level and there are no specific categories, so submit the work that best represents you as a photographer. All entries will be curated by our jurors and the top 20 images will be selected to display for exhibition with the top three (3
Deadline: October 12, 2022
Evolve Art Competition
To be an artist means to continually explore what resonates at a moment in time; to be cognizant of the unfolding and development of an idea. To be aware of one’s own evolution takes deep self-knowledge - to understand where one has been, to be aware of the present, and to have an inkling of where one is going. For the EVOLVE open call, we invite you to submit artwork that reflects your exploration of a concept and the resultant process and visual form that evolution takes. 3 CAS
Deadline: October 14, 2022
Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, MOOD. ​The power of art is healing. This theory rests upon the fact that art connects with emotion. It's an energy. The mood in a piece can connect the viewer in a deeply profound way. An atmosphere has the ability to deliver a certain mental state- sadness, boredom, happiness, fear, surprise, anger, pride, desire, anxiety...and so on. What emotional value does your work convey? Show us MOOD from your perspective.
Deadline: October 15, 2022
Yogurt Flavours Call For Entries
In permitting man, Nature has committed much more than a mistake in her calculations: a crime against herself. Emil Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born, 1973 Wildness is an exploration of the relationship that has always connected us to nature. Throughout history, human beings have tried to contemplate or dominate, to understand or exploit it. Magic, religion, science are only attempts to understand the inconceivable, to survive in this world and within ourselves. Nature is a wounded but
Deadline: October 15, 2022
The Surreal
We often imagine that the Surrealists worked to create profoundly weird and unconventional work as a matter of course. These artists captured images whose strangeness resulted from the bizarre juxtaposition of everyday objects, made unfamiliar by virtue of unreality. Consider the Daliesque fusion of a lobster into a telephone or the strange scenes of Un Chien Andalou. Surrealism is not simply a period trapped in the past; the surreal persists, manifesting throughout mediums to the present. How d
Deadline: October 16, 2022
The Life of Color
Color is said to be three-dimensional because of its three unique aspects. When you seek to define a specific color, there are three properties to consider; Hue, Value, and Saturation. These properties are the building blocks of the poetic and symbolic signification of color in creative photographic expression. Color is a powerful tool in composing a poetic visual statement, and is highly descriptive in developing the imaginative capabilities of the mind’s eye. Certain colors carry a symbol
Deadline: October 17, 2022
The Poetry of the Ordinary
As photographers, we have developed skill in seeing beneath the surface of our subjects, and often find in them the beauty, poignancy, and poetry that exist in ordinary moments. For this exhibition, we seek the simple poetic elegance of the ordinary. All captures and processes are welcome. We are very pleased that DHenry Horenstein will jury the exhibit.He will select approximately 40 images for exhibition in the Middlebury gallery, and 40 for our Online gallery. All selected images will be p
Deadline: October 18, 2022
AAP Solo Exhibition November 2022
We want to showcase incredible work. Photography that awakens our imagination, transforms our way of thinking, or simply resonates with who we are. The Solo Exhibition enables you to reach a wider audience through our independent magazine that has become one of the most vibrant portals of photography on the web. The Solo Exhibition competition is open to any category of photography or subject matter. Photojournalism, street photography, artistic photography, portrait, nudes, landscapes,
Deadline: October 19, 2022
LensCulture B&W Photography Award 2022
Black & white photography is thriving in the 21st century, which is amazing since our lives are flooded with vibrant color imagery every day. Why is B&W still so popular everywhere in the world? It stands out from the clutter and is an art form like no other. We want to discover remarkable B&W photographers from all cultures and all experience levels, and connect them with global audiences and career-changing opportunities including an exhibition in London during Photo London 2023. Are you read
Deadline: October 20, 2022
Still Life
Still Life photography can be very interesting, as everyday, lifeless objects become something completely new when photographed. The photographer’s inspiration and aspect are the ones that play a crucial role to the presentation of the subjects. The viewers are the ones who are the final receivers of the result and the ones who will try to decipher the meaning the photograph conveys.
Deadline: October 21, 2022
International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022
We trust you have been able to get out and about into the landscape over the past 12 months. As the world reopens, photographers are travelling again and we hope they're returning with some amazing landscape photographs! And hopefully you're ready to share your best images with the 2022 International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your photos published alongside the world's best. And the International Landscape Photographer of the Yea
Deadline: October 23, 2022
Chromatic Photography Awards 2022
Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs. Participation in the Chromatic Awards offers not only prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money for the development of passion. Availability of photographic equipment makes the competition among photographers very large, and the possibility of breakthrough is extremely difficult. Amateurs and professional photographers who want to share their passion must demonstrate not
Deadline: October 23, 2022
Submission for Al-Tiba9 Magazine ISSUE12
Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an internationally established publication that showcases experimental contemporary art, and reflects modern society and its environment through a diversity of mediums in Digital Arts, photography, painting, architecture, sculpture & installations, Film & Video Art, fashion design, interior design, and performance. Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine features selected artists, architects, and designers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those holding a
Deadline: October 24, 2022
5th Chelsea International Photography Competition
The Chelsea International Photography Competition (CIPC) honors our gifted talents all over the world— striving for their passion in photography. We are inviting photographers, both professional and amateur, to participate in our competition and get the chance to be discovered and promoted professionally in the heart of New York's art district. We are one with our photographers as we aim to promote iconic and innovative works of art. This year's CIPC will have awards valued at more than $55
Deadline: October 30, 2022
SE Center Open
Open Call is just that, an open theme - all subjects, The SE Center is looking for images of any theme, media, digital, analog, or antique processes that show your best work. Analog and digital manipulation in all its forms welcome. Monochrome or color, all subjects, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome. Our juror for the SE Center Open is Crista Dix. Crista Dix is the Executive Director at the Griffin Museum of Photography, assumin
Deadline: October 30, 2022
Taste Photo Awards: Food,  Fashion and Travel Photography Contest
In association with the TASTE AWARDS, The TASTE PHOTO AWARDS is a juried art and photography competition celebrating photography in the topics of: - Food 
 - Wine & Spirits 
 - Fashion & Design 
 - Travel 
 - Health & Exercise 
 - Lifestyle 
 - Photo Stylist and Set Design Photos entered compete in the following categories: - Editorial (including magazine & cookbook photos) 
 - Commercial 
 - Personal 
- Social Media (eg. Instagram, etc.) 
 - Promotional (
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Shoot the Frame
Shoot The Frame is a suite of monthly international photography contests, designed to celebrate stunning photography and expose talented photographers. We are a community that is completely in love with all things photography. If you are a passionate amateur or professional photographer, we would love to see your imagery. You can submit your photos into our contests below. We have three categories every month. Shoot the Face, Shoot the Land and Shoot the Wild. All finalists and winners will h
Deadline: October 31, 2022
17th Arte Laguna Prize
Entries are open for the 17th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the world's most influential competition for emerging artists and designers, which showcases and promotes creative talents. Arte Laguna Prize gives the opportunity to exhibit in the Arsenale of Venice, win cash prizes and much more. Arte Laguna Prize, the world's most influential competition for emerging artists and designers, showcases and promotes creative talents. With fourteen years of history the Arte Laguna Prize gives the o
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Street Life
Judge: Richard Sandler. From the pulsing arteries of a bustling metropolis, to the quiet solitude of its empty backstreets. Glistening glass and steel, against crumbling brickwork and eroded stone. Chance encounters and random moments. From Los Angeles to Lagos; as a stranger in a foreign land or on a habitual stroll in the village you've always known. Life exists in the streets. Take us there. Urbanscapes, observational photography, accidental revelations, street encounters, city scenes
Deadline: October 31, 2022
26th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award
Médicos del Mundo Spain announces the 26th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, aimed at recognizing and disseminating the best images that singularly demonstrate social inequities, injustices, and/or human rights abuses, or the situations that either foster or fight them. By giving this competition the name of the photographer and international aid worker Luis Valtueña, we pay tribute to his memory and the other three humanitarian aid workers of the association murd
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Anthology Cover Art Award
Established to foster and support both established and emerging visual artists and provide a platform for publication, the cover art competition is open to multiple genres including painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography and digital media. Works entered must not have appeared on the cover of another publication and not entered simultaneously in any other contest or competition. Works previously exhibited or published on the artist’s website on the interior pages of a book or magaz
Deadline: November 01, 2022
London International Creative Competition
Since starting out in 2006, the London International Creative Competition has been recognising and rewarding the world's most fresh and progressive talents. Our artists are connected not by conventions, but by qualities. They work across a diverse range of formats, from painting to printmaking and from fashion to photography. We're not looking for anything done by-the-book. We're looking for work that is as visual as it is vital. We award a $1,000 cash prize to the 6 Professional Category Win
Deadline: November 01, 2022
Allard Prize Photography Competition 2022
The bi-annual Allard Prize Photography Competition, which recognizes photographic excellence reflecting the ideals of the Allard Prize, is adjudicated by the Allard Prize Committee and Maxe Fisher, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Photographers are enouraged to submit entries year-round. Entries should reflect themes of courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability, the ru
Deadline: November 08, 2022
Gomma Photography Grant 2022
The acclaimed photography grant contest from Gomma. Open to everyone. The seventh year in the making. From this year a new concept and submission procedure. The Gomma Photography Grant is a grant contest tailored to fund and support photographers working in various genre. Begun in 2014, the Gomma Grant has quickly acquired a reputation for being ethical and quality-focused, with an eye for spotting fresh talent and encouraging those already in the spotlight. Photographers that are recognized
Deadline: November 09, 2022
Charta Award 2022
The Charta Award is open to artists who incorporate the photographic medium in their artistic practice and have produced a project that could be printed in the book format. The theme of the award is open. We are looking for projects that underline an original narrative and use of contemporary language. Artists are invited to send a folder consisting of a minimum of 40 images and a synopsis that includes the author’s name, as well as the title and the description of the project. The artists are
Deadline: November 13, 2022
Monochrome Photography Awards 2022
The connection of Black and White Photography with tradition and timeless values is beyond contestation. Since its infancy, black and white photography was not only the craft but primarily the art, where ideas conjured in the artist's imagination is immortalized through the lens of their camera. The Monochrome Awards is primarily aimed at people of whom photography is a passion and a way of life. It is a platform where professionals and amateurs can enter their shots amongst a sea of ambitiou
Deadline: November 15, 2022
Xposure International Photography & Film 2022
A FREE to enter International Photography & Film Awards with a prize pool value of over $50,000 USD across several genres. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience are eligible to enter the Xposure International Awards. We have also included a category for filmmakers. The panel of judges are looking to award an Overall Winner from the photography categories and additionally a winner and runner-up from each category including moving images & short films. The Jury is looking for uniq
Deadline: November 15, 2022
The Hopper Prize
The Hopper Prize is now accepting entries for our Fall 2022 artist grants. We are offering grants in the amount of $3,500 (2 available) and $1,000 (4 available) to artists & photographers worldwide working in all media. In total, 6 artists will receive unrestricted cash grants totaling $11,000. Submissions will be juried by — Simone Krug, Curator, Aspen Art Museum — Rachel Reese Waldrop, Director & Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Chattanooga Our open call provides you with a
Deadline: November 15, 2022
F-Stop Magazine - Portfolio 2022
Issue #116 will be a Portfolio issue. This should be a single project or body of work (if you are unsure what this means you can view past portfolio issues by going to the "Archive") Issue #116 will have an expected publication date of December 1, 2022. Only one submission per person for an issue. The featured artist is chosen from the work that is submitted to the issue.
Deadline: November 15, 2022
The Merck Prize
The ''Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie'' developed 2004 from an initiative of photographers. The international festival is meanwhile named as one of most important German photography events. It places relevant themes and cultivates an interdisciplinary discourse in the photography. A whole weekend numerous activities do throw a light on the main theme from different perspectives: photography exhibitions, symposium and discussions are giving the examination with photography a unique concent
Deadline: November 18, 2022
Black and White
Photographers are encouraged to join us in celebrating the timeless, eternal nature of black and white photography. Winners will receive career-enhancing cash prizes, a unique and immersive dedicated digital space to share their works on our artist platform, and way more. Awards & Benefits Winners of the reFocus Awards enjoy more than prizes, as we will actively promote and celebrate our honorees throughout the year and beyond. Cash Prizes: $4,000+ in cash prizes
Deadline: November 18, 2022
Seeing RED
Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, Seeing RED. Behold the power of red. After black and white, red is the first color that humans perceive. It’s the color babies see before any other and the first that those suffering from a brain injury start seeing again. One of the boldest colors in the spectrum, red stands out in artwork and grabs our attention more than any other color can. Red, the color of our blood, vitality, and life force, it vastly co
Deadline: November 20, 2022
Tokyo International Foto Award (TIFA)
Tokyo International Foto Awards acknowledges, commands and exposes outstanding photography from all corners of the globe. TIFA connects photographers with the creative community in Tokyo, Japan, to provide them with an excellent platform to present their work to a new market. We encourage all photographers to participate in the TIFA photo competition. Share your unique talents with the world and win prizes, awards, and recognition. If you would like to have your work exposed to the Russian cr
Deadline: November 27, 2022
The Charcoal Publishing Prize 2023
he Chico Review is the country’s premier Photobook Retreat. Organized by Charcoal Book Club, The Chico Review takes place over six nights (March 20-26th) at Chico Hot Springs Resort, near Livingston Montana. Sixty-four applicants will be selected by our jury and invited to spend the week with over twenty of the most influential and creative photographers, book makers, gallerists, museum curators, and photobook publishers in the industry. One full scholarship and five partial scholarships will
Deadline: November 30, 2022
Smithsonian Magazine 19th Annual Photo Contest
Smithsonian Magazine is calling for entries to its 20th Annual Photo Contest, open to all photographers who are 18 years old or older. Award-winning photographs can range from a captivating portrait of a family member to a moon-drenched landscape to movement captured at just the right time. Smithsonian is looking for the best of the best. Eight prizes will be awarded in spring 2023, including a Grand Prize of $2,500, six category prizes of $500 each and a Reader's Choice award of $500.
Deadline: November 30, 2022
Anthology Photography Award
Open to photographers working at any level, the Anthology Photography Award celebrates outstanding standalone images. It also provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work through publication. Images submitted must be on the theme of ‘Where I Live’. Submissions will be judged on quality, creativity, originality, and visual/emotional impact. Photography styles can include street photography, landscapes, natural world & wildlife, macro photography, lifestyle, object & stil
Deadline: December 01, 2022
2023 FotoEvidence Book Award
The 2023 FotoEvidence Book Award Is dedicated to the impact of the Russian invasion and war crimes in Ukraine. The book by multiple, local, and international photographers, produced and published by FotoEvidence will serve future generations as evidence of the violence of war and the crimes committed on Ukrainian soil, a tool for activism, a memory keeper, and a volume of history. The book will be published in July 2023 and launched in September in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.
Deadline: December 01, 2022
New York Photography Awards
The New York Photography Awards program honors, recognizes, and promotes outstanding photographers worldwide, who share their vision with the world, through the lenses that portray the beauty of immutable reality, along with the dichotomy of Big Apple’s panorama. Photography is an art form, with the combination of creative dispositions and underlying afternotes. Therefore, we encourage all photographers, from amateurs to professionals, to express themselves through image, and rekindle spar
Deadline: December 01, 2022
33 Memorial Maria Luisa Photo and Video Contest
The 33 edition of the Memorial Maria Luisa de Photography and video is about to begin. This time the contest is made up of fourteen thematic categories on the Mountain, Nature and Adventure, in addition to the specific category of videos. On this occasion, a new thematic category dedicated exclusively to África. Year after year photographers from all over the world take part in this contest, having done it already from more than 100 different countries. With the passing of the years the cont
Deadline: December 02, 2022
Portrait of Humanity, 5th edition
Portrait of Humanity is an international photography award, focused on unifying the global community. Enter now to have your images shown across the world, and judged by industry leaders. Be part of the movement. Together, we will create a Portrait of Humanity. We are inviting photographers to submit work to Portrait of Humanity, an international photography award celebrating the unity of human beings around the world. We want to get an insight into the lives of people from across the g
Deadline: December 07, 2022
A Shared Table: Images of Conviviality and Culture
Since the days of ancient Greece, the contemplation of the night sky has stimulated thoughts on our existence, on our being in the world and on the unknown infinity outside of it. The evolution of Western thinking lays the foundations of the relationship with the universe according to a philosophical and scientific vision, supported by the technological evolution of the past centuries, have provided answers and shaped the awareness of our being. From Giotto to Van Gogh and even Anselm Kief in
Deadline: December 11, 2022
Annual Photography Awards 2022
Looking specifically for those with a bold & innovative approach that disrupts traditional artistic standards, participants can submit entries in up to eight categories. There are no restrictions on interpretation, creativity, or aesthetic; we accept all formats that showcase new talent and help grow the notoriety of photography as a fine art. The Annual Photography Awards are dedicated to preserving the craft as a contemporary medium of fine art, and is motivated to helping young artists ris
Deadline: December 11, 2022
Black and White
The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.). Winners will receive $4,000 in cash awards, be featured in the NYC4PA Online Gallery and in the BLACK and WHITE catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page. ​ BLACK AND WHITE: ​ Photography, in its infancy, was entirely about black and white
Deadline: December 31, 2022
L’Oeil de la Photographie - Send us your portfolio
Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates itself to the portfolios of its readers. By publishing the best portfolios, the magazine enables photographers around the world to show case their photographs.To participate, please, send to : - A series of 12 to 15 photographs (jpg, 72dpi 1024 pixels) - A Text about the series (English and French would be appreciated) - A Short Biography - Your portrait ou self-portrait.You will be notified by email of the p
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Join SDN
We encourage both professional and non-professional photographers to submit your work to the Social Documentary Network website. The primary criteria is your commitment to use the documentary form to explore the human condition - with the goal of increasing our understanding of it. Submitting your projects to the SDN website is the first and only step in getting your work selected for publication in ZEKE magazine.Step 1: Apply for a free membershipStep 2: Submit your photos and text
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Open Show
Check out the listings to find the open show that works best for you. Each month you can find shows that are open in a town near you.
Deadline: December 31, 2022
NOICE Open Theme Photography Submissions
There's no limit to the number of submissions you wish to send. Feel free to submit multiple times throughout the year. Submissions that are accepted will be featured through our social sites which reach 6 million worldwide per year, considered for future publishing in the next issues of NOICE, and to be displayed on the Standard Vision LA Billboard in downtown Los Angeles. Colour Issues In previous NOICE releases, we have done color themed issues. We're looking to bring them back, so gather
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Innovate Grant
Innovate Grant awards (2) $550.00 grants each quarter, to one Photographer and one Visual Artist. Grant cycles are in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Visit to see if we are currently accepting submissions. Innovate Grant awards two $550.00 grants each quarter, to one Photographer and one Visual Artist. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists. In
Deadline: December 31, 2022
MVIBE Magazine Call for Entry
MVIBE Magazine is a magazine created by artists for artists solely for the purpose of advertising worldwide. We give creative people the opportunity to be published and to show the world their images and their works. Impressive images, of high standards from world emerging talents. MVIBE Magazine is printed in America and distributed worldwide. It can only be purchased online, either in print or electronically, through the publishing company's website. It publishes three issues a month
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Al-Tiba9 Digital Interviews Platform
Al-Tiba9 Interviews is a promotional online platform for artists to articulate their vision and to engage them with our diverse readership through a web published art dialogue. The artists are interviewed by the founder & curator Mohamed Benhadj to highlight their artistic career and introduce them to the international contemporary art scene across our wide network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the globe.
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Pangolin Photo Challenge 2022
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Pangolin Photo Challenge! Throughout the year we will be challenging you to get out and practice your wildlife photography skills. As wildlife photographers, we shouldn’t just wait until we travel…we should be photographing nature wherever we are. This is your opportunity to join in the fun, improve your photography and support our conservation initiative at the same time. The total photo safari prize fund for 2022 is over $60,000! There will be plenty of pri
Deadline: December 31, 2022
Canarian Photo Awards 2023
Canarian Photo Awards gives you the opportunity to win one of the biggest prizes awarded in a photography contest in the Canary Islands. The CANARIAN PHOTO AWARDS are a link between the incredible beauty found in our world and photography. A way to bring art, nature and sustainability closer through a photographic contest that will undoubtedly bring much more than a prize to its winner. For our first edition we have prepared all the ingredients to offer the best to our participants. And no
Deadline: December 31, 2022
#MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest
The #MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest features three categories (mercury pollution, the environment, and the people working to phase out mercury), with photographers encouraged to send one picture per category and help open the eyes of a broad public that may have not yet realized the magnitude of the problem, showing that everybody can contribute to the reduction of mercury pollution. A jury of communication and environmental experts from leading global organizations such as UNEP, the G
Deadline: January 06, 2023
2023 Sony World Photography Awards - Open
Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter their best single images into the Open competition for a chance to win $5,000 (USD), Sony Digital Imaging Equipment, a trip to London, and be crowned "Open Photographer of the Year". The judges are looking to award the best single images from across the following 10 diverse categories: Architecture, Culture, Creative, Motion, Landscape, Natural World & Wildlife, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and T
Deadline: January 08, 2023
Night Skies and Astro Imaging
Since the days of ancient Greece, the contemplation of the night sky has stimulated thoughts on our existence, on our being in the world and on the unknown infinity outside of it. The evolution of Western thinking lays the foundations of the relationship with the universe according to a philosophical and scientific vision, supported by the technological evolution of the past centuries, have provided answers and shaped the awareness of our being. From Giotto to Van Gogh and even Anselm Kief in
Deadline: January 16, 2023
WMPO World Championship of Photography
We invite professional photographers and hobby photographers from all over the world to submit their photos to the WMPO World Championship of Photography. The selected photographers have the opportunity to show their work at Galerie LIK in Vienna and at the Competa Photo Days and will each receive one WMPO Award per category. The overall winner from all 6 divisions will receive the WMPO World Cup. We invite you to participate in the 2023 edition of the WMPO, dedicated to the best photograp
Deadline: February 23, 2023
Muse Photography Awards
The MUSE Photography Awards celebrates the creative ethos and underlying afternotes of what makes a photograph so influential. We want to see the ever-thriving visuals arts community grow from the view of their camera lens and share stories that will live on for decades to come. From promoting the work of photography professionals to aspiring visual arts extraordinaires, our mission is to provide one of the best competitive platforms to display your work to the world. Like the mytholo
Deadline: April 27, 2023
London Photography Awards
The International Awards Associate (IAA) unveils its latest awards competition - the London Photography Awards! Being in its inaugural year, the London Photography Awards aims to celebrate and honour international photographers' creativity, cultivating a new generation of photographers on a global scale. With the combination of photography skills, techniques, and creative approaches, photographers from all around the globe will now be able to express themselves through their photographs, w
Deadline: May 14, 2023
2023 Monovisions Photography Awards
Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete for $5000 in cash prizes in two categories: Black and White Photo of the Year 2022 and Black and White Series of the Year 2022. Our annual competition is open to photographers of all backgrounds and all levels, including - professionals and amateurs. We accept all forms of black and white photography created with trad
Deadline: May 31, 2023
Best Portfolio 2023
Blank Wall Gallery organizes an international portfolio contest for 2022 in order to discover and promote one photographer. The award of the best photographer will be a two-week solo exhibition at the new premises of Blank Wall Gallery. The gallery will produce and finance 36 prints (40x50cm and 50x70cm) for the exhibition as well as everything needed for its realization, even if you cannot attend it. The artist will gain international recognition and promotion from our web page.
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #27: Colors
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes

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Lisa Elmaleh Won the 2022  Arnold Newman Prize with ’Promised Land’
Promised Land is a series of portraits of those whose lives have been affected by American policies implemented during the construction of the border wall. In an attempt to shed light on the lives that are impacted, I am photographing along the US/Mexico border from Boca Chica in the Gulf of Mexico to the border of Tijuana on the west coast. I am working with a large format 8×10 camera to create these portraits. Utilizing its slowness as an asset, I am able to spend time with each person who sits in front of my lens, hearing their stories.
Carmignac Photojournalism Award 12th edition, Venezuela Awarded to Fabiola Ferrero
The 12th edition of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award is dedicated to Venezuela and its hardships at the individual, social and ecological levels. It is chaired by Quentin Bajac, director of the Jeu de Paume. The Award was awarded to Fabiola Ferrero.
PX3 State of the World Winners
The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) photo competition has now announced the winners of the 2022 edition. Brilliant photographers from around the globe, both professional and amateur, shared their unique perspectives and competed for international recognition as the next “PX3 Photographer of the Year”, cash prizes, publication in the PX3 Annual Book, and inclusion in an exhibition to be shown in Paris as well as in galleries around the world
The Incredible Winning Images of AAP Magazine #25 B&W
We're delighted to reveal the names of the 25 talented photographers who won "AAP Magazine #25: B&W". These amazing photographers come from 11 different countries, their work reflect the large variety black and white photography can offer. Documentary, portrait, travel, street, wildlife, abstract and fine art are all represented in the winning portfolios.
National Portrait Gallery Announces Shortlist for Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2022
We are delighted to announce that Haneem Christian, Clémentine Schneidermann and Alexander Komenda have been shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2022.
Arles 2022 Louis Roederer Discovery Award: Rahim Fortune
Since its creation, the Rencontres d'Arles has promoted photography and all its stakeholders, from photographers to artists, curators and publishers. With this in mind, the Rencontres d'Arles associates the Louis Roederer Discovery Award with all exhibition spaces: through their trailblazing work, galleries, art centers, non-profits, independent venues and institutions are often the first to support emerging artists.
The Beautiful Winning Images of AAP Magazine #24 Portrait
Describe, reveal, embellish, question, disturb... a portrait can inspire many different reactions. But if there are indeed a thousand faces to a photograph, we could only showcase some of them, and this new edition of AAP Magazine focuses on the vision of 25 photographers from 14 different countries and 4 continents!.
The Spectacular Winning Images of All About Photo Awards 2022
All About Photo is delighted to announce this year’s winners of All About Photo Awards 2022, recognizing the best single images from photographers around the world.
Overall Winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2022
The World Photography Organisation is delighted to announce the overall winners in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards 2022. The acclaimed photographer Adam Ferguson (Australia) has won the Photographer of the Year title and accompanying $25,000 (USD) cash prize and a range of Sony digital imaging kit. Also announced are the ten category winners alongside 2nd and 3rd place of the Professional competition as well as overall winners of the Open, Student and Youth competitions.
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #27: Colors
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes