All About Photo Magazine

All About Photo Magazine
Our Magazine showcases the winners of AAP Magazine's call of entries organized by All About Photo every 2 months. With an eye towards beauty, quality and novelty, we try to discover amazing works and help photographers get the exposure we think they deserve.
All About Photo Magazine #1: LIGHT

AAP Magazine #1: LIGHT

For it's firt issue, the jury chose 15 photographers for their different approach to the definition of photography itself "drawing with light". Their work is diverse from fine art to documentary, poetic beauty or abstraction.

In addition to the unique visual language of each photographers, the short texts written by the artists themselves allow you to discover different voices, point of views and backgrounds.

This issue features the following photographers: JP Terlizzi (First place Winner - United States), Emmanuel Monzon (Second place Winner - United States), Alain Schroeder (Third place Winner - Belgium), Paul Crampton (Merit Award - Canada), Diane Fenster (Merit Award - United States), Robert Hecht (Merit Award - United States), Nicolas Thomas (Merit Award - France), Remi Chapeaublanc (Merit Award - France), Jake Mein (Merit Award - New Zealand), Vanessa Marsh (Merit Award - United States), Brad Patocka (Merit Award - United States), Alexandrino Lei Airosa (Merit Award - Macau), William Nourse (Merit Award - United States), Francis Meslet (Merit Award - France) and Mo Verlaan (Merit Award - Netherlands).
Magazine Details:
Format: 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm (US Letter)
Pages: 56 pages with approx. 90+ photos in full color and black-and-white
Cover Image: JP Terlizzi Language: English
Price: $15 (USD)
Publish: June 8, 2018
Sneak Peek at AAP Magazine #1
All About Photo Magazine #1: LIGHTAll About Photo Magazine #1: LIGHT
All About Photo Magazine #1: LIGHTAll About Photo Magazine #1: LIGHT