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All About Photo invites dedicated and passionate photographers from all around the world to share their work in its printed edition. Each issue is central to a specific theme and provides a gallery of inspiring imagery, focusing on each artist with their own experience to share.

We are honored to be a part of the process of jurying work from such an amazing call for entry and to be able to design such a beautiful, hand-curated publication of the best contemporary photography. We showcase exclusively the winners of AAP Magazine's call of entries organized by All About Photo all year long.

With an eye towards beauty, quality and novelty, we strive to promote portfolios which stand out for their unique visual signature style and character. Our goal is to help photographers get the exposure we think they deserve and to inspire the others with ideas, projects and goals to help develop their own photography.

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Latest Issue
AAP Magazine #38: Women
Issue #38 Details
Format: US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
Pages: 92 with approx. 100+ photos in color and B&W
Cover: Lydia Panas
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (USD)
Published: April 22, 2024
We wanted to pay a tribute to women in our lives and women around the world in this 38rd edition of AAP Magazine. The 25 storytellers chosen for this edition, regardless of gender, gave us - though their different approaches and techniques - just that, by pushing the photographic medium forward and beyond.
This issue features the following artists:
First place winner: Lydia Panas (United States),
Second place winner: Victoria Ushkanova (Chechen Republic/Netherlands),
Third place winner: Rachel Nixon (United Kingdom/Canada),

Merit Awards:
Nicola Ducati (Italy), Izabella Sapuła (Poland), Susanne Middelberg (Germany), Giandomenico Veneziani (Italy), Annette LeMay Burke (United States), Sheinina Raj (United States), Chiara Doveri (Italy), Carrie Jones, (Australia), Amy Heller (United States), John Martinez (Canada), Thibault Gerbaldi (France), Taralynn Disher (Canada), Joaquin Gomez Sastre (Spain), Paula Aranoa (Argentina), Patty Carroll (United States), Ron Cooper (United States), Fira Kwan (Indonesia), Hana Peskova (Czech Republic), Constance Jaeggi (Switzerland), Elisa Miller (France), Aljohara Jeje (European) and Linda Hollinger (United States).
Here's a Peek of What's Inside AAP Magazine #38: Women
AAP Magazine #38: Women
AAP Magazine #38: Women
AAP Magazine #38: Women
AAP Magazine #38: Women

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