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Twenty Websites You Can Make Money Selling Photos Online

Posted on December 27, 2019 - By Chinedu Ibeakanma
Twenty Websites You Can Make Money Selling Photos Online
Twenty Websites You Can Make Money Selling Photos Online
Photography is one dynamic and fascinating profession that involves passion to keep you floating through the tides. However, passion for the job has led many photographers to constantly do free jobs to the extent that it has almost become 'second nature' to them.

From taking stunning and alluring pictures of people, places and events with a dynamic range sony a6000, to candid shots that turn out magnificent, what many photographers are left with at the end of the day are likes, comments, and sometimes shares on social media.

Now, when this becomes a recurring event, it can be pathetic.
But what if I told you there's a genuine way to make money doing what you know how to do best... Photography!
How? You may wonder.

Well, it's so simple, and I will be putting you through on how to go about this. There are websites in which photographers, videographers and cinematographers can upload their pictures, videos and make loads of money from such venture. Absolutely!

Check Out These Top 20 Photo-Selling Websites:

1. Etsy
Etsy is a stock photo website which allows users access to selling photos to clients who are ready to purchase. Etsy has millions of users and this increases the chance of reaching a large audience.

2. Dreamstime
This site is a very lucrative stock photo site for users. The difference between this site and other platforms where you can sell photos is the regulations which stipulates that a contributor must have not less than 70% of photos on their website for a minimum of six months. The other package available to non-exclusive users is a commission of 25-50. Referrals also earn users commissions.

3. Depositphotos
The commission earned on this website is determined by the user's experience and level on the site. The commission ranges between 34-42%.

4. Alamy
Alamy pays users who upload photographs on monthly basis. Photos sold through this site earn users 50%, Distributors get up to 70% while photos used in novels earn 50%.

5. Twenty20
Twenty20 is an established stock photography website where users sell photos and meet with clients. Users make money through sales of photos at $2 per licensed photo, photo challenges which earn up to 100% in cash prize and 100% commission earned from shoots for brands.

6. Crestock
This site allows users to earn up to 20-40% commission which is determined by the total downloads of the photos uploaded. The site also has other programs which users can earn from.

7. Getty Images
Getty Images Inc. often called Getty Images is an American visual media company that caters for the needs of creative professionals, the media and corporate bodies, with an archive of over 200 million assets. It provides an avenue for photographers and graphic artists to sell their photos and make money from such.

8. Foap
Foap credits users $5 for sales on each photo uploaded. $100-$2500 for sales on missions and different payment packages for photos uploaded for use by other websites. Foap is a lucrative website for photographers who offer different kinds of photos on a regular basis. You may wish to check them out.

9. PhotoDune
PhotoDune allows users to earn commissions form photos sold. They also have a referral package that allows users earn 30% commission upon their referral's initial deposit.

10. Fotolia
This site uses the subscription package or Pay-As-You-Go option for users. Photos sold on subscription earns 33% while Pay-As-You-Go generates 20-63% commission.

11. Stocksy
Stocksy is a British Columbia-based platform that accepts and provides royalty-free stock photography. Often dubbed the business that pays the highest royalty in the industry, Stocksy utilizes a curated editing approach to select useful and authentic photographs. Presently, they are seeking for talented photographers and cinematographers all over the world.

Photographers can now sell images via by joining their community of professional photographers and digital illustrators.
It is however pertinent to note that there are certain requirements to be met before one can proceed to apply;
- Ensure you have 8 example images showing the best of your work.
- Have a photo identification which must be an official document. For example, your passport or driver's license.
Then, you can proceed with your application.

13. 500px
500px is a social network for photographers to share and sell their works. To do so, all you need do is log onto their website, follow the directives carefully and get started.

14. Shutterstock
Shutterstock is one easy avenue to sell your photos by logging on to their website to become a Contributor especially if you have a focus peaking sony a6000 Interestingly, at Shutterstock you get instant pay out.

15. GL Stock Images
This Website allows users to set their prices and commission earned on this site upon sales is 40%.

This is another lucrative website for users who want to sell their photos. The site advertises a commission up to 50% for sales.

17. Image Vortex
This website just like GL Stock images allow users to set their own prices on a 70% commission and there is no exclusive rights required.

18. Can Stock Photo
This platform has various payment modules which take the form of percentages or fixed pay. They also pay $5 when your referral records sales of 50 photos. This is an option to consider if you have bulk photos ready for sale.

19. 123RF
123F is a stock photo website that allows users earn a commission ranging from 30 to 60% and this is determined by the total number of client downloads and sales.

20. Adobe Stock
This site allows users to sell photos and earn up to 33% commission on any photo sold. This site also uploads the photo on Fotolia which gives you more opportunities for your photos to be seen.

Chinedu Ibeakanma is a veteran writer at You'll often find him writing about photography and best camera brands for personal and commercial use. He loves to write about interesting facts about cameras and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others too.
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