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We have carefully selected a list of photography art books we think you should read. They are divided into categories to better help you with your search: photographers' monograph, photo technique, history of photography and miscellaneous photo books. You can also discover paper and online magazines related to the art of photography as well as our beautiful AAP Magazine.
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Joel Sternfeld, Adam Gopnik, John Stilgoe

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Ed Kashi: Abandoned Moments
The new book by American photographer Ed Kashi tells the story about the energy of a moment and the chaos of everyday life.
Ragnar Axelsson: Where the World is Melting
The first retrospective by Ragnar Axelsson includes among others the well-known series Faces of the North, Glacier, Last Days of the Arctic, and Arctic Heroes. The eminent Icelandic photographer's themes are the changes in the physical and traditional realities of the North.
Andrea Torrei: Realities Hidden Within
Realities Hidden Within is the first book of the Italian documentary photographer Andrea Torrei, with an introduction by Sandro Parmiggiani. Over 130 photographs narrate a long journey through different cultures.
Nudism in a Cold Climate: The Visual Culture of Naturists in Mid-20th Century Britain by Annebella Pollen
Atelier Éditions is pleased to announce the release of Nudism in a Cold Climate: The Visual Culture of Naturists in Mid-20th Century Britain by Annebella Pollen, arriving in the UK/Europe on December 3rd and the USA/Rest of World on January 11th, 2022.<
Pencil Paper Scissors Light by Diane Pierce
Pencil Paper Scissors Light, A collection of photographic works by Diane Pierce has recently been published by the exquisite bookmakers at Datz Press. Diane’s work explores the activity of drawing through examples of gelatin silver prints, Polaroid collages, archival pigment prints, and photograms. The book also includes examples of sketches and other construction elements used to create her imagery.
Sin Salida by Tariq Zaidi
Sin Salida (No Way Out) by photographer Tariq Zaidi documents the impacts of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) and its rival Barrio 18 gang members on El Salvador. By depicting the gang members, police, prisons, murder sites, funerals, and the government's war against the gangs, Zaidi illustrates the control the gangs have over the wider Salvadoran society, the violence through which they operate and the grief and loss resulting from the violence.
Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas
Sleeping Beauty (MW Editions, December 2021) presents award-winning photographer Lydia Panas' mesmerizing, psychologically charged color portraits of women and girls lying down or half-reclined in lush natural settings, a metaphor for the positions girls and women have been placed in historically.
John Alinder: Portraits 1910-32
This wonderful book has sold extremely well since we launched in August. We're now down to our very last few copies other than a small number we're holding back for display on our stands at BOP Bristol 21 at the Martin Parr Foundation in October and at Paris Photo in November.
Circus Noir by Oliver Stegmann
Circus - isn't that a tent full of stereotypes about freedom, adventure and romance? A spellbound, excited, guffawing audience, bright-eyed children staring in wonder, the roll of drums and a brass band playing lively music, intrepid acrobats in colourful costumes performing aerial feats high above the ring and garishly made-up clowns and their antics.
AAP Magazine #23: Women
Solo Exhibition January 2022
Call for Entries
Solo Exhibition January 2022
Win an Online Solo Exhibition in January 2022