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Top 12 Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Posted on November 13, 2018 - By Lilian Chifley
Top 12 Photo Editing Software for Photographers
Top 12 Photo Editing Software for Photographers
As a professional photographer, you probably need a photo editing software to enhance the pictures you upload on your website. A good photo editing software will not only give your website a great look but will also attract potential clients who will hire you and pay you well for your services.

Editing your photos will also help in drastically reducing the size of your files which will in turn make your WordPress fast and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. Editing your photos will save you time and money both in the short and long run.

In this article, we shall discuss twelve photo editing software that are essential for you to succeed in your line of work.

Canva is among the best photo editing software in the market today. It is easy to use and very practical. Majority of professional photographers make use it every day due to its multiple photo editing features and tools. Canva is also available on your smartphone. You can edit your photos and enhance the look of your website instantly through the help of templates, cards, videos and photos which come with the photo editing software.

Why is PhotoScape popular? It is a free and easy to use photo editing software. With its simple tools, you can design presets on your toolbar to make editing photos faster and easier. With PhotoScape, you can create animated GIFs and slides for your photos to look amazing. Some of the important additional features that are present on this platform are JPG converter, color picker, RAW and face finder. Resizing your photos, editing two or more photos simultaneously and splitting photos into small pieces are some of the things you can do with PhotoScape.

Fotor is a renowned cloud-based photo editing software which creates magic on your photos. For your convenience, Fotor created a free desktop version with all the features that are present on its online version. With a scalable editing feature, you can analyze the effects on your pictures before uploading them. With an easy to use interface, you can combine images and open RAW files fast! If you are in a rush and you have not completed editing the photos you already started, you can save them and start from where you left off your work.

Gimp is a free photo editing software used by most professionals around the world. You can easily download and install it on your computer since it is compatible with most operating systems. Some of the features and capabilities which may excite you about this photo editing software include photo retouch, photo enhancement, picture composition and a file manager. Image authority can also be easily created using this platform. Gimp allows your photos to be easily edited using all formats available in the design world. In fact, Top assignment writing services use Gimp because it is compatible with all operating systems and is easy to use.

Aviary helps you edit your photos swiftly and in a truly magical way. Using the latest technological tools available, you can create attractive photos within a short span of time. Aviary makes you focus on the small details on your photos such as whitening teeth, eliminating skin blemishes and minor face adjustments. As they say, it is always the smallest things that hurt the most. Improving these small things makes a huge difference. And that is what Aviary is all about.

On 1 Perfect Effects
On 1 Perfect Effects is simply one perfect photo editing software which can be downloaded and used at no cost at all! It has a step by step installation process to help you out. It also works on any operating system thus making it convenient for you. With On 1 Perfect Effects, you get one hundred and seventy effects which all help you in brushing and editing your photos and masking tools. This photo editing software works perfectly with other photo related software such as Aperture, Photoshop and Light room.

With Inkscape, you can edit all the photos you have in your library at absolutely no cost. It has a wide range of features such as color picker, different copy and paste styles, cloning objects, calligraphy tools, different text format entries and much more. Inkscape works wonderfully with most formats. You can easily brighten and edit your photos with Inkscape. Regularly looking for the latest image formats will help you use this software better and produce great photos.

Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom is photo editing software created by Adobe to help professional photographers create magical photos. You can easily edit your pictures in detail using a variety of features available in this platform. It can sync with all your devices in close range to ensure that you can save all your work and start off where you left on another device in a different location and continue editing your photos. Its WordPress integration helps people find you easily and do business with you.

Portrait Pro
Portrait Pro is an image editor mainly focused on creating great portraits. You can easily edit finer details on the face such as wrinkles, eye shadow, skin tone, skin blemishes and even balance brightness and blush. If you want to specialize in photography lighting, this is a necessary and important tool that you need to have.

Snappa is an online based photo editing software that can help you create wonderful photos for your blog or social media platform. You can add effects to your photos and even change dimensions as you prefer. You can drag and drop your edited photos to save time.

Pixlr Editor
With Pixlr Editor, you can edit your photos online using different operating systems including Android and iOS on your phone. With a wide variety of features, you can edit your photos just like Photoshop and add filters and effects to have great results.

DxO Optics Pro
DxO Optics Pro is a unique photo editor which can convert photos under the RAW format to JPG fast and efficiently. This product works perfectly with most operating systems. As a professional photographer, having this tool puts you a step ahead.

To conclude, As a photographer, you need to be very creative. You need to work with the best technology to produce impressive results. Clients want to work with the top photographers. And the top photographers use the best photo editors. Fortunately, these are among the best photo editing software in the market today for you. Start using one of these and see the results!

Lilian Chifley is an IT specialist, teacher, and blogger from Sydney. She loves to talk about artificial intelligence and modern education. You can find Lilian on Facebook and Twitter.

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