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What is the impact of modern art on society?

Posted on August 27, 2019 - By Sandra Larson
What is the impact of modern art on society?
What is the impact of modern art on society?
Being an artist or just an admirer, you may have this thought in your mind: how does art influence today's society and if art can educate the people around us with all the tech around us?

Art is well known for its amazing feature of educating people and creating that pleasant environment of a new world in a whole new vision. A new way of translating thoughts, feelings, and emotions based on experiences are now presented with the help of projectors, interactive screens or videos. Among the first forms of artistic representation are cave paintings that prove that humans were capable of abstraction and art reproductions, also being able to communicate through this language with others, but now art has no boundaries.

Clem Onojeghuo

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Impact of art on society

Art is not a thing or a situation, it is a way in which people from all corners of the world can communicate directly or indirectly through artistic products and acts. For sure you saw sculptures which have two perspectives, lights which are taking all kinds of shapes or water which is creating modern art. Pretty interesting, right?

Over time, society has enjoyed various areas of cultural evolution such as painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, theater, dance, cinema, music, literature but with the development of technology the presentation and the way in which these elements were shown were modified also. Simultaneously with the beginning of Modernism, other types of art appeared: photography, video art, media art. Thus, it has reached the point where art presents beauty in all its forms, and where man, nature and human relationships or man-nature relationships are the pillars of knowledge and inspiration. Let's take a look of the growth of Pinterest / YouTube/ Instagram where these platforms, or others like it, started to promote art online, and people started to interact with this field on a daily basis.

People often try to look for more information on Essayontime, discussing with professionals that provide thesis help and see what the evolution of it was or how will it evolve in time - but things are pretty clear now: without upgrading your work and using tech for your creations you will be just another artist struggling to show the world your hard work. Besides that, you should see the real impact of social media role in educating, promoting and selling modern art.

Today's art

In modern society, this domain merges with technology, creating masterpieces that, not long ago, have exceeded the limits of human thinking. Artistic films and digital art best demonstrate this supposition through the special effects that, before, could not have transposed reality as well as it is today. Besides, we can see how, thanks to the Internet access, we can appreciate, visualize and share with others the beauty of creation.

Ricardo Gomez Angel

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

What's more, artists can build their reputation and get their wages through technology. Many creative and talented people have been discovered in the online environment, and many of them continue to improve their track record through quick and effective documentation that evolution has created. Thus, we refer to singers who have launched through the YouTube site (check Justin Bieber), stand-up comedy actors (see Jeff Dunham), writers who works for services that help with nursing assignments, expressing their creativity through articles, graphic artists who have the opportunity to exhibit their work on online platforms, and also, last but not least, photographers who enjoy notoriety due to the rapid access of the general public to their artworks.

Old forms - modern upgrade

According to some allegations, technology is blamed for people's lack of interest in certain forms of art, and here many will say that theatre is one category. Still, on the other side, some believe that art in society is still appreciated and that people are not indifferent when emotions, ideas, and work are transposed into a play. As a piece of evidence, even today, theatres are still one big passion and this activity is always bringing by people of all ages together in the same room - let's see the evolution of The Metropolitan Opera from the UK which opened their gates in online platforms - going live for some plays. Even if many know that they need to upgrade the act of presenting something, the essence is still the same - pure art will always be.

Controversial, real, virtual, dynamic or static, art will always be a piece in a bigger puzzle in every man's life, no matter what form he takes, thus providing the way to knowledge.

All about Sandra Larson:
Being an artist and living in this amazing world, Sandra could tell how this world looks like. With its ups and downs, modern art has always been a strong pylon in society's education and development - and that's what Sandra want to share with the others. Artist, and writer, she knows how this domain is, being there for those who want to understand it better.
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