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The Best Full Frame Hybrid Cameras in 2024
In the dynamic realm of digital imaging, the quest for the perfect hybrid camera that seamlessly marries exceptional photography and videography capabilities continues to evolve. As we step into 2024, a year marked by technological leaps and groundbreaking innovations, the demand for versatile 24x36 hybrid cameras has never been more pronounced.
Gear Guide for Headshot Photographers: Must-Have Equipment
Venture into the world of headshot photography and give your career the boost it needs. Check out the ultimate gear guide for headshot photographers right here.
New PRVKE Backpack by WANDRD
WANDRD is a brand that is hard to pronounce but easy to fall in love with. Some years ago, the company was launched as a family entrepreneurship with great ideas but few resources. The founders were a couple of twenty-something-year-olds who couldn't afford the domain, so instead, they removed the vowels and got for $9.99.
Haukland 7-in-1 Photography Jacket
Do photographers need specific apparel to perform their job and produce better content? Not at all. Does having proper clothing make things easier in the field, especially in harsh conditions? Certainly. On top of that, you can add the word “fun” to that experience. This is the gap that Haukland is filling with their 7-in-1 Jacket tailored to photographers.
Benro Aureole Review: Modular 3-In-1 Drop-in Filter Adapter System
Benro is a company that is very well established among the photography community, especially due to their popular tripods. In the same regard, the Research & Development team has been working during the last years in bringing innovative filter system solutions.
Best DSLR Camera of 2022
A DSLR camera is considered a key part of a professional photographer's kit. The best DSLR cameras offer the best image quality available, along with a rugged build and excellent battery life. There are a lot of modern DSLR cameras on the market today, for experienced hobbyists and professionals alike. So to help you find the right one for you, we've put together a list of the 5 best DSLR cameras that you can find in 2022.
Sharing a life obsession for cameras through a digital collection
My father was a collector and like any real collector he was not a reasonable man. He was a man of many passions that he turned into vast collections of things. Being an engineer, most of his interest revolved around intricate technical devices that include chrome, small gears and moving parts such as watches, mechanical calculators or typewriters.
Bronine Volkit Review
You are a photographer, and you love to take your gear with you and travel the world, but you also dislike carrying multiple chargers, cables, and adapters to power all your equipment. This is the dark side of the job that is not seen behind your feed on Instagram. We hear you and you are not alone.
OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera
Home-office, remote working, virtual catch-ups, digitalization, etc. We are living in an era where distances are shorter, and it is easier to connect with people around the globe. Many photographers are still offering virtual educational programs, content creators are feeding the Internet with videos, or maybe just enjoying the perks of working from home. For those people, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K will be an appealing solution.
The Leica M11 is here!
The much anticipated and talked about release from Leica has finally made its appearance, and we can't wait to share with you all some of the things we've been doing with the Leica M11. Never before have we seen a digital Leica M camera so capable yet simple and true to its roots. In the same way that a Porsche 911 is an icon to automotive design, or the Rolex Submariner is an icon of horology, the Leica M serves as an icon of legendary photography.
Leica Q2 Reporter: Ultra-robust product variant with Kevlar armour
On November 4, as part of the Celebration of Photography in Wetzlar, Leica Camera AG announced a product variant of the full-frame compact camera Leica Q2, available as of now. The Leica Q2 Reporter continues a long tradition of Leica cameras that are specifically geared towards the challenging working environments of reportage and press photographers – offering maximum precision and reliability even in the most adverse conditions.
KLens unveils the KLens One
K|Lens unveils the K|Lens One, the world's first light field imaging lens, with Kickstarter orders beginning on November 29, 2021
Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee Edition: The Journey is the Destination
Leica Camera AG has teamed up with two stars of the skateboarding scene – the fashion label Vans, and the skater, musician and photographer Ray Barbee – to introduce the limited-edition Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee: an extraordinary camera that encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of skateboarding culture. Ray Barbee summarizes the venture’s core emotion: “The joy is in capturing the journey.”
Nikon Releases The NIKKOR Z 28MM F/2.8 For The Nikon Z Mount System
Nikon Inc. has announced the NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8, a compact and lightweight prime lens for Nikon Z series cameras. This fast aperture, wide-angle lens is small enough to carry anywhere, and is ideal for capturing everyday snapshots, group portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and more.
The Nikon Z 9: Unstoppable Performance, Revolutionary Innovation
Nikon announced the Z 9, the most advanced Z series mirrorless camera to date. Powered by a completely new, Nikon-developed 45.7 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor and next-generation EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, the full-frame Z 9 renders ultra-high resolution images and offers unparalleled AF performance using a revolutionary new scene detection system built on deep learning technology.
What photo lighting equipment to buy for photographing art?
Perfect reflection and refraction of light on the subject is the prerequisite for getting the best shot. Light is one of the pillars of photography. And, you've only two sources for getting enough lighting on the subject.
Momenta announces Sony sponsorship, after 8 years with Leica
Momenta's switch of its exclusive camera sponsor signals a general shift to mirrorless systems for documentary coverage and Sony's commitment to organizations with an ethical, humanitarian mission.
Top 6 Photo Printers in 2020: The Best Printers for Your Photos
Different inkjet printers are designed to perform different sets of tasks. While some printers are great at churning out text prints at great speed, others can be used to print graphics-rich documents in varying quality a commercial establishment. If you are looking to buy a photo printer in 2020, the print-quality would obviously be the first parameter that you'd rely upon for judging a device.
Introducing the Nikon D6
Like every Nikon flagship camera that has come before it, the D6 holds nothing back. Featuring Nikon's most powerful AF system to date for capturing every heart-pounding, pivotal moment, the D6 is an uncompromising workhorse that lives up to every professional demand in any environment. And because every second counts in the field, the D6 is loaded with new time-saving workflow enhancements and advanced customization options. The moments that define us, that show what we're capable of, the ones that live on, are waiting to be captured with a Nikon D6 DSLR.
The Canon ME20F-SH as a recipient of the 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award
Canon's remarkable ME20F-SH is a multi-purpose camera that can achieve ISO sensitivity of over 4,000,000 and employs an enhanced version of a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor for Full HD video
15 Digital Point-and-Shoot Cameras Used By Pro Photographers
To get professional photos is it necessary to have a digital SLR camera with lenses worth thousands of dollars? Sooner or later you will have asked yourself this question. In this article, you will find the answer.
Which Paper Is Best For Photo Prints - Glossy vs Matte finish?
It's the question that stumps most people at the photo printing stage - should I choose a glossy or matte finish? The motivation behind your final choice may be based on artistic preference or pricing. In this post, we will discuss the difference between matte and gloss finishes and when you should choose to use each one.
7 Best Photo Apps for Incredible iPhone Photography (2019 Edition)
There are so many photography apps that are compatible with your iPhone. Choosing the best app can be frustrating and overwhelming because not all apps out there are the best for you. To ease your work, we have compiled a list of seven photo apps that will improve the quality of the photos you take with your iPhone. Read on to learn more about this interesting subject.
Fashion Retouchers Matter
High-end photo retouching is a critical part of the fashion industry. The fashion world relies on retouching to make the model and clothing look appealing. Retouching photos helps clean up details that can be missed during a photoshoot such as a lone strand of hair standing up, ruffles on the clothes, or blemishes of the model. You can correct those details of an image through photo retouching.
Best Photo Recovery Software to Take Lost Photos Back
Memory is essential for the existence of humans because we are what we remember. Anything that happens to us changes our character, values, and attitudes. If we did not have memory, we would not have been inclined to travel, spend time with friends, and perform any other activities we are used to. Luckily, the progress has gifted us with assistance in the form of photography (and cheap essay writing services). Now, we do not have to fully rely on our brain cells in remembering the brightest moments of our lives. It is now many times easier to recall a joyful event when you desire. However, even photography is not perfect, and our memories are never safe. Or are they?
6 Tools Photographers Should Use in 2019
Have you been trying to edit your and improve the quality of your photos using your phone? Editing photos using your phone is quite a hustle because most camera apps do not have a wide variety of features that will help you progress to the next level. With the rapid advancement of technology in 2019, it's important for you to use the best tools to have quality photos or earn money through photography. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best tools available today and how you can use them. Let's get started!
6 Tips for Mastering Your Lenses
Have you bought a new lens and look for ways to "play well" with it? Or you have a long-abandoned lens on your shelf, and you still can't find an application for it? This article is for photographers and amateurs who want to understand what their lens is capable of and how to find new ways to get great shots.
15 Essential Tips for Drone Photography
In recent years, drone photography has been one of the largest growing genres in the fields of photography, precisely wedding photography. It requires great ability to run a high-quality camera in the sky to capture aerial photographs and the results can be beyond imagination. This article is all about the tips for drone photography that can make drone photography better. You will get to understand the practical, safety and legal considerations for better drone photography
8 Essential Tools to Develop Your Editing Skills
Photographers are the people who make our world exciting and thriving. They inform and inspire and never cease to amaze us. Photography is a universal language. A language without words that doesn't age. A great photographer's work cannot be forgotten.
5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac Users
Whether you consider yourself a pro or an enthusiastic amateur, we have more choice than ever before when it comes to taking and editing pictures. We are lucky to live in an age when we can take, edit and publish within the same day, if not same hour.
Top 5 Tools for Adding Perspective to Photography
Experimenting with perspective is always an interesting process, and it may lead to creating compelling, eye-catching results. Ideally, you will plan this aspect in the process of creating engaging composition and framing of your shot, as this is the safest way to control the outcome.
Top 5 Canon cameras to buy for awesome photography results
Canon is a tool of choice for photographers as it takes photography to the next level. Despite the changes in photography; Canon has continued to provide quality cameras that are know to fit its users' requirement and budget. You can also use Canon cameras as hidden spy cam or motion activated hidden camera.
Best Cameras On The Market For Capturing The Northern Lights
The Aurora Borealis is truly one of the natural wonders of the world, and capturing it in its full glory is one of the major ambitions of a host of photography enthusiasts. Yet there are a number of challenges that present themselves when seeking to photograph this natural phenomenon: challenging weather conditions, light pollution, below-par activity and unsuitable equipment spring immediately to mind.
Photography Marketing With Technologies:  It’s Cheaper Than You Think
Marketing anything requires an investment of time and money. For most who are starting out a new business venture, the first may be in far more plentiful supply than the latter.
How to Set the Exposure Perfectly?
What is exposure, anyway? To put it simply, exposure is a term that refers to the amount of light that your camera sensor lets in. High exposure means that more light enters the sensor and the picture is brighter. Low exposure results in a darker picture, due to a lack of light.
Top 10 Photography Accessories
Are you a photographer? No doubt, you're surely fond of your gadgets which can help you boost up your objective of clicking spectacular pictures. Yes! It's not just about your camera always. There are many other photography accessories which are worth some significant credit. When it comes to the day-to-day shootings, they are really crucial. Whether it is the strap to carry your camera or the hard drive in which you've stored years' worth of memories, all of them are the vital supporting players in photography. In fact, the list of fantastic photography accessories doesn't end here and interestingly it is long enough! What are the other amazing names? Read on
A Simple Way to Help Students Understand Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
During the recent times, when every new smartphone or camera is announced, developers describe their characteristics, and such words as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO appear from time to time. In the simplest words, an aperture is the hole light comes through. ISO is light sensitivity, and shutter speed is the time it takes for a sensor to 'see' the object to be shot.
How to Choose a Camera: A Comprehensive Guide
A creative hobby such as photography can not only be rewarding but can also have positive health effects. However some people, especially complete beginners, can find it a daunting pastime to get into.
SUPERSENSE turns your digital photos into real 20x24 Polaroids
The Vienna-based SUPERSENSE, a manufactory for analog sensations, is now making 20x24 Polaroid photography available to a worldwide audience. So far, access to this legendary form of large format instant photography has been place-bound to accomplished experts such as at the 20x24 Studio in NYC, the 20x24 Studio West in San Francisco or Jan Hnizdo in Prague.
Optimum Settings for the Perfect Photograph
Cameras are more and more complicated and we are tempted to play with all the buttons. But sometimes less is more or at least there are a few basic rules we should try to stick to in order to get the best images possible. In this article we have selected 10 tips that we suggest you follow to optimize your camera (and time!).
JUST ProofStations
JUST Normlicht is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of devices for the visual evaluation of colors and surfaces. The accurate color reproduction is an essential precondition for quality assurance in the workflow. Central point is a standardized lighting that creates comparable and reproducible conditions for visual color control. There are only a few large format solutions on the market, which create uniform and standardized lighting conditions. The proofStations of JUST fill this blank. They are designed for large format pints in the graphics industry.
Five New Premium Fine Art Papers for Museums
Ilford, traditional brand in the market of photography, proudly presents five new fine art papers for museums and galleries where matte papers are highly demanded. The new ILFORD Galerie Prestige contains: Gold Fibre Gloss, Cotton Artist Textured, Fine Art Smooth, Textured Cotton Rag und Smooth Cotton Rag. According to Arnoud Mekenkamp, Joint Managing Director at Ilford Imaging Europe, the company's goal is to provide the market with premium papers - as they are used to from ILFORD.
Report: Fascination Traditional Brands
Documentary Ilford, traditional brand in the market of photography, thanks Herbert Piel, a renowned documentary photographer, for his longtime loyalty and for using Ilford media for his exhibition Time of Change and at the adventure days of Leica Academy.
Replichrome II is here!
Totally Rad! Inc., the photography geniuses behind RadLab, Dirty Pictures, and Replichrome, have done it again and created Replichrome II. It's a new collection of presets for Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw that brings the classic look of film to digital photography. This launch comes after the success of the first Replichrome. The two products can be used together to create direct control over tone, color, grain and density.
Figosa is an Italian leather strap for photo cameras, especially for analog or mirrorless cameras. All the Figosa straps are handcrafted, in genuine leather and available in four colors: black, dark brown, cognac and honey. Figosa's project was born in April 2013 from an idea of Andrea and Laura, old photo cameras collectors and photography lovers. They are used to go to flea markets, looking for more cameras to enlarge their collection. They noticed that most of the cameras found had a very consumed strap or in many cases they had none. Since Andrea and Laura are not only collectors, but first of all cameras users, the straps play a very important role. So they decided to make these leather vintage-style straps by themselves and to sell them online on Etsy.
Totally Rad! Inc. announced today the introduction of Replichrome, a set of presets and camera profiles for Adobe Lightroom and a revolutionary advancement in digital image processing technology. Replichrome allows photographers to process digital images that truly resemble a variety of traditional films with unprecedented accuracy. Totally Rad! created Replichrome to meet the needs of professional photographers who want their digital images to have the subtle tones and classic color palette of film.
The Konstruktor
Get Down to the Basics of Photography with the World's First 35mm Do-It-Yourself Camera. Be a true Lomographer and analog enthusiast by not only shooting with film, but by building your own SLR! Get your hands on the Konstruktor and after some clicks and screws, you'll have your own fully-working 35mm camera ready to capture knock-out analog photos!
AAP Magazine #40: Portrait
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AAP Magazine #40: Portrait
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AAP Magazine #40 Portrait
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Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #40 Portrait
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes