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Best Photography Museums for Students to Attend

Posted on February 04, 2019 - By Michael Warren
Best Photography Museums for Students to Attend
Best Photography Museums for Students to Attend
Stuck with your art project? Maybe you need a bit of inspiration! Get to know the best European museums where you can see and discuss art with modern photographers.

What Museums Should Art Students Attend?

As an art student, you can't be confined to one genre or one type of photography. You should constantly discover and explore new formats to make the level of your craft rise.

You can go to a small art exhibition to learn from your peers or attend a museum to study the classics. Both will enhance your understanding of photography, for sure, but take note that new small venues pop up all the time, yet grand museums with their own history stay.

This is why we prepared a list of the best museums for students to attend.

Maison Européenne de la Photographie

One of the best Paris photography museums, Maison européenne de la photographie, or MEP for short, is a great place for a student to attend. They house a great collection of contemporary art that you can learn from. Their current exhibition, JR, has huge pieces made on ship containers and other industrial settings. It bends the boundaries between everyday life and art.

MEP also has a lot of workshops. Even though most of them are meant for entertaining the children, the museum sometimes hosts lectures from great artists.

If you ever come to Paris, you can't miss out on MEP.

FOMU Foto Museum

Situated in Antwerp, Belgium, FOMU is a great place to learn. It exhibits the old and the new alike. Do you know another place where you can see photographs of the Moon taken back in 1897 and exhibitions shining the light on the issues of gender, race, and politics in 2019 in one place? Neither do we!

Right now, FOMU hosts ten expositions and gives access to its archives. But seeing art is not all you can do here. The best part about FOMU is that you can meet the artists, talk to them, and even participate in a workshop and get your portfolio assessed. Who knows, maybe you will meet a creative team there, delegate your university work to an college paper writer, and concentrate on art instead.

The Photographer's Gallery

The Photographer's Gallery is one of the most renown photography museums in London. Currently, you can visit an exhibition of contemporary art with installations of SIM cards and the works of an almost forgotten photographer Roman Vishniac.

Some of the exhibitions are free, so missing out on them would be detrimental for your wallet! Don't miss a chance to see a piece of art for free!

Want to observe the practical side of things? Check out their workshops. The number of places is limited, so buy tickets in advance.

Musée du Jeu de Paume

This Paris museum doesn't have any discussions planned as of today. However, they do have the Discussion and talks section on their website. Check them out before you go to Paris, maybe you'll have a chance to talk art with the locals!

Even if you don't get to take tips from accomplished artists, there is still a lot to gain from visiting the Jeu De Paume. They are currently exhibiting two beautiful monochrome collections, and their plans for the future include showcasing a lot of vintage photography. A great way to learn from the past generation of artists!


This is not your regular art museum. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, this weird mix of a restaurant and an art exhibition now has locations in London and NYC.

This is not just a place to have lunch and see artists from all over the world show their best works. This is a place to learn how these artists try to change the world for the better.

The whole purpose of Fotografiska is to teach a conscientious outlook on life and nature with art.

Nederland Photo Museum

Situated in Rotterdam, this is one of the major photography hubs in the Netherlands. You can see some great photography pieces from both the 30s and the 60s and learn from the ways people did it back then.

If you are up to a more modern approach, you can attend a workshop by a contemporary artist after seeing their exhibition. You can also get your portfolio reviewed by professionals.
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