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All about photo is a rich and useful database. It is a directory and portal service dedicated to providing easy access to as many photographic resources as possible in the United States. Weather you are searching for a photo lab, a studio rental, a framing store, an equipment rental or a camera repair shop, look no more, we have searched and found the information you need.
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AAP Magazine #22: Streets
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Godox LD75R, LD150RS & LD150R RGB LED Panel Lights
Godox has three new RGB LED panel lights, the LD75R, LD150RS, and LD150R. Godox is mainly known for its affordable spotlights, but this is their first foray into larger-sized RGW LED panel lights.
What photo lighting equipment to buy for photographing art?
Perfect reflection and refraction of light on the subject is the prerequisite for getting the best shot. Light is one of the pillars of photography. And, you've only two sources for getting enough lighting on the subject.
XP-PEN Artist Display 24 Pro: A great alternative for photographers
Before digging into the review of this product, it is worth to emphasize why a graphic tablet could be relevant for any visual content creator.
Peak Design Everyday Messenger
The original Peak Design Everyday Messenger is one of the highest-rated bags for laptops, photography gear, and general-purpose use and has been for many years. The 13-liter (13L) bag that fits 13-inch devices has now been reworked for a V2 model. Compared to the first, the second version has a few notable refinements, making it an attractive option whether you loved the first but find it's starting to show its age or you're completely new to the world of bags and Peak Design´s ecosystem.
Ofiyaa Tri-Screen: Make multitasking a breeze
The new Ofiyaa Tri-Screen can turn your laptop into a stunning triple-display experience to send your productivity through the roof. You might think of a multi-monitor set up as something that you have at the office, but you don't have to be trapped at your desk to enjoy this productivity booster. You can set up a dual or triple monitor arrangement at home, or even take it with you on the go.
Godox TL60 Full-Color RGB Tube Light
Godox started out making major waves in the still photo space but recently has started moving aggressively on the motion picture continuous lighting territory. Their next step in that direction is the TL60 RGB Tube Light. It's a continuous lighting source that can be used for white or colored lighting for either video or still photography.
Godox SZ150R: One of the best zoomable RGB Light
The Godox SZ150R is a zoomable COB RGB light with a variable beam spread between 20° and 65°. It offers CCT mode with white color output from 2800K to 6500K with high CRI and TLCI ratings, RGB mode, and built-in effects. It comes with a reflector, an AC adapter, and a carrying case.
Loupedeck CT: a review for photography editing
Editing photos and videos with a keyboard and mouse feels like work, but toss in a few dials and buttons, and then it feels more like a game. The Loupedeck CT editing console was designed to move seamlessly between multiple programs, from photo to video editing, to audio work, and back again.
Camera bags have been around for ages, but so many of them are just plain ugly, with no style, and are only meant for that one function; being a camera bag. Enter the WANDRD PRVKE: a stylish, pragmatic, do-everything pack. It will seamlessly accompany you on a photoshoot, on multi-day travel, as well as for everyday carry. Doing so with a graceful mix of cleverly designed access points, expandability, weather-resistance, and utility.
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Solo Exhibition December 2021
Win an Onine Solo Exhibition in December 2021