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Guide on How to Write Photo Credits for Press, Instagram, and Books

Posted on March 17, 2020 - By Beverly Bennett
Guide on How to Write Photo Credits for Press, Instagram, and Books
Guide on How to Write Photo Credits for Press, Instagram, and Books
Are you writing an article or a blog post and don't know how to give credits to the authors of the photos you want to use? This article contains all the information on how to write photo credits.

How to Write Photo Credits: Tips How to Give Credits to Photographers
Credits are important not only when you are using quotes from other people. Even if it is just a picture someone else took, it is still important to acknowledge the work of the author. If you are a journalist, publisher, blogger, or just someone who would like to use somebody's photo on social media, this article will tell you how to write photo credits. Find more useful tips here on this page.

Tips How to Give Photo Credits
Citing works is essential not only in such areas as book or periodical publishing or journalism but in many others as well. No matter what source you are using to share a photo, you should always give credit to the author. Here are some tips on how to write credits for photos to avoid plagiarism and problems with copyright:

- First of all, make sure that the photographer is okay with you posting the pic. Not every artist is going to agree to let others share their artwork. Before making a publication, ask the creator if you can actually do that. They might also give you a recommendation on how to write a caption for their work.

- If you are using a photo in a book, article, or press, you should not only add a caption to the photo, but also write “Figure” and a number next to it. Then, you should create a References section at the end.

- Use writing services to write credits. If you are not sure how to write credits, delegate this task to the company that can handle it professionally. The example of such a company is WriteMyPaper4Me they have the right certification and license that allow them to work online. This service works with experts in writing and editing from all over the world.

- To share photos on social media, you should tag the photographer on the image you are sharing. It is also best to include some information about the author of the picture to show appreciation for their work.

- Choose the right style. Modern Language Association, Chicago Manual of Style, the American Psychological Association, and many other styles are great for giving credits. If you are working for an institution or library, you might have to follow specific guidelines for writing credits and citations.

Avoid Plagiarism by Always Giving Credits to Author
It is important to appreciate the works of other creators. Don't think that there will be nothing wrong if you just use an image. If the picture you use is not taken from the photo stock, you should definitely tag the author or include some information about the creator. Remember that if it is hard for you to come up with nice credits, you can use professional writing services that can write the credits instead of you. Just make sure that the company can be trusted before you hire anyone.
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