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Walking the High Line
Joel Sternfeld, Adam Gopnik, John Stilgoe

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AAP Magazine #22: Streets
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes

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Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas
Sleeping Beauty (MW Editions, December 2021) presents award-winning photographer Lydia Panas' mesmerizing, psychologically charged color portraits of women and girls lying down or half-reclined in lush natural settings, a metaphor for the positions girls and women have been placed in historically.
John Alinder: Portraits 1910-32
This wonderful book has sold extremely well since we launched in August. We're now down to our very last few copies other than a small number we're holding back for display on our stands at BOP Bristol 21 at the Martin Parr Foundation in October and at Paris Photo in November.
Circus Noir by Oliver Stegmann
Circus - isn't that a tent full of stereotypes about freedom, adventure and romance? A spellbound, excited, guffawing audience, bright-eyed children staring in wonder, the roll of drums and a brass band playing lively music, intrepid acrobats in colourful costumes performing aerial feats high above the ring and garishly made-up clowns and their antics.
Campesino Cuba by Richard Sharum
Photographer Richard Sharum travelled across Cuba to document the lives of isolated farmers, or 'Campesinos,' and their wider communities at a time of national transition. The histories of these communities have formed the backbone of Cuba, and yet they are rarely depicted in photographic representations of the country. Sharum began researching Campesino communities in late 2015 and his resulting black and white photographs depict the intertwined relationship of people and the land they depend on
Julia Fullerton Batten: Looking Out From Within
Covid-19 came. Life changed around the world. For ever. Award-winning fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten felt she couldn't sit around helpless. During her evening permitted exercise, walking around her local neighbourhood, she noticed people looking out of their windows onto a newly desolate world. This was sufficient for her to formulate how she would visually portray the disturbing effect of the Covid-19 lockdown had on people's everyday lives, not only of those in her West London neighbourhood but of millions around the world. Little did she know that she would still be shooting her project over a year later.
Veritas Editions Presents A Trilogy of Masters
Veritas Editions, the premier publishing house specializing in fine press and limited edition books, portfolios and prints, is honored to announce the publication this autumn of monographs by three master photographers, Kenro Izu (born 1949, Osaka, Japan), George Tice (born 1938, Newark, NJ), and Paul Caponigro (born 1932, Boston, MA). For Izu, Veritas Editions will produce 3 books: a Photobook, a Limited Edition Photobook, and a Fine Press Edition.
Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography
Over the course of a year that demanded we think more critically about inclusion, the project became something far greater than the sum of its parts: a series of four individual artists’ interpretations of great works from the history of photography posted on Instagram merged into a collective reflection on the writing of that history itself
The Light At The End Of History by Abbey Hepner
Hepner grew up between the Nevada Test Site and the Idaho National Laboratory, where the United States engaged in extensive nuclear testing and reactor experimentation. Fast forward to 2013, and she was living in Japan helping with disaster relief following the tsunami when earthquakes caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. She is a conceptual artist with a deft ability to pivot her messaging style and visual aesthetic to communicate directly or subvertly, analytically or emotionally. The result is a complex, multi-faceted book project examining the tangled history of nuclear energy, the atomic bomb, and radioactive waste.
Permanent Drift by John Waller
Olde Kensington, north of Center City Philadelphia, was predominantly a post-industrial area when photographer John Waller moved to town. Yet ominous signs of change could be seen everywhere as the neighborhood rapidly renovated and gentrified like the rest of Philadelphia. In the style of the classic flâneur of old, Waller wandered the streets recording a city in a state of flux. Permanent Drift (Daylight Books, May 25, 2021) brings together 53 of Waller's monochrome images taken during his regular walks around the neighborhood from 2012-2016.
AAP Magazine #22: Streets
AAP Magazine #22: Streets
Solo Exhibition December 2021
Call for Entries
Solo Exhibition December 2021
Win an Onine Solo Exhibition in December 2021