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AAP Magazine #31: Portrait
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Stranger Fruit by Jon Henry
The composed photographs show mothers holding or leaning over their sons, as well as images of some of the mothers alone and reflective and were taken across the United States in 26 cities. Many of the images are accompanied by a brief quote from the mother. For example, "That one moment can define the rest of your life. When I wake up and before I sleep at night my son is the one person that's always on my mind - I want to know that he's safe. I feel hurt, anguish, and emotional turmoil. I recognize that this was only for a moment in time but that's actually a depiction of life -every second is a moment in time.
The Rocketgirl Chronicles by Andrew Rovenko
Award-winning images from the worlds discovered on Backyard Space Travel missions to be published as a photo book for the first time. "The Rocketgirl Chronicles" is a heartwarming personal project that follows the adventures of one little astronaut. And as she keeps exploring the neighbourhood, the child's curiosity and imagination is able to transform even the most mundane of surroundings into otherworldly and often haunting scenes.
Rodney Smith: A Leap of Faith
Rodney Smith’s prolific photographic career–including never-before-seen images–is examined in a new monograph from Getty Publications. Prominent fashion photographer Rodney Smith's (1947-2016) imaginative and whimsical images from a forty-five-year career are thoughtfully curated into Rodney Smith: A Leap of Faith (J. Paul Getty Museum, Hardcover $65.00). This title is the definitive record of the life's work of this truly original artist and educator. Available for purchase May 16, 2023.
The Day May Break Chapter Two by Nick Brandt
The Day May Break is an ongoing global series portraying people and animals that have been badly impacted by environmental degradation and destruction. Chapter One, which was released last year, features photographs taken in Zimbabwe and Kenya in late 2020. The work in Chapter Two, which will be unveiled in October 2022, was taken by Brandt earlier this year in Bolivia. This is the first time in his 20 year career that Brandt has made work outside of Africa.
Duologues by Nina Welch-Kling
Duologues is a rich collection of photographs made in this tradition by New York City-based photographer Nina Welch-Kling. For this project, she paired two photographs to create diptychs, evoking a dialogue between them. This format allows for the display of her particular talent for noticing aligned colors, patterns, or narrative elements between images and pairing them to create yet another layer of contextual definition in the conversation between the two images. Her curated diptychs are rich in visual parallels and Welch-King writes about the "discovery process" for viewers in interpreting the meanings. "Reminiscent of the idea of synchronicity, an idea that describes meaningful coincidences, my pairings intentionally produce uncanny relationships."
Miss Nude World by Stephen Albair
Nude contestants strut their wares before a panel of judges and an audience in various states of undress.The producer of the event, a predatory self-made millionaire, runs his nudist camp like a theme park. Lost in the crowd is the story of one photographer who learns to accept nudist culture by baring it all.
Pictures From The Garden
Pictures from the Garden is a collection of powerful photographic essays made by seven leading UK photographers in response to Paddy Summerfield’s influential book, Mother and Father, .
Nadia Sablin: Years Like Water
Years Like Water is a decade-long look at a small Russian village, its inhabitants, ramshackle institutions, nature, and mythology. The series loosely follows the lives of four interconnected families – the children growing up unsupervised in a magical wilderness, whilst the adults struggle for survival. Over more than ten years of visits, Sablin attended birthdays and funerals, drank tea with the grandmothers, and listened to stories of the villagers’ loneliness and love for one another. Her photographs from Alekhovshchina explore and describe a world that doesn’t fit into the neat narrative of “Putin’s Russia” presented by both Eastern and Western media. It is more complicated – interweaving beauty, poverty, trauma, and hope.
Troy Colby: The Fragility of Fatherhood
''The Fragility of Fatherhood'' is an intimate exploration of fragile the roles of father, son, husband can be, once we seek true expression.
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