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Latest History Book Releases

To Make Their Own Way in the World: The Enduring Legacy of the Zealy Daguerreotypes
Ilisa Barbash, Molly Rogers, and Deborah Willis. Foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr

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Olmsted Trees by Stanley Greenberg
Fundamental to renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted's vision in his park designs was the key role of time. He had the ability to see a plot of land for what it was in the raw undeveloped state, as well as to visualize how his designs would translate several decades into the future after the trees and shrubs he planted had rooted and spread and integrated with the space. In a letter to his son he wrote
Coney Island People 50 years by Harvey Stein
Widely celebrated New York street photographer Harvey Stein is known, in part, for his ability to notice the beautiful, mundane, quirky aspects of human nature and caught moments and in doing so, elevate the everyday to a space of wonder. Coney Island People 50 Years (Schiffer, July 26, 2022) traces Stein's love affair with Coney Island over time with a collection of 174 evocative black and white photographs spanning 1970 to 2020 that focus on the people who populate this legendary place. It's his third book about Coney. The first was published by W.W. Norton in 1998 and simply called Coney Island. The second, the acclaimed Coney Island 40 Years, was published in 2011, also by Schiffer. Twenty-three of Stein's favorite images from the 40 year book are included in the new work
George Tice: Lifework
To capture and distill into book form the sweeping achievement of an artist whose award-winning work spans scope, subject, and decades is no easy feat. And to do so in a way that reflects this unique breadth is even harder still. Lifework is a new book on George Tice and his photographs that provides a substantial look at his work, exhibition history, and significant life events.
Beach Lovers by Erica Reade
At a time in global history when connection with others has been tested from two years of separations and quarantining, Erica Reade's photographs resonate well beyond the beach atmosphere of the image settings. Her black and white photos are focused on intimacy and physical connections between couples at beaches in New York. She focused particularly on the Rockaways, Fort Tilden and Coney Island, and has called this project "an NYC summer love story." Expressions of love and sensuality are made visible in these nostalgic black and white photographs.
An Exploding World by Rankin
June' 22 sees the launch of a new colour, 68 page photographic coffee table book by British photographer - Rankin- An Exploding World that highlights the importance of creativity as a tool for mental well being.
Station to Station by Ed Hotchkiss
The New York City subway system shuttles many of the over 8 million NYC residents from here, to there, and photographer Ed Hotchkiss journeyed on every line, criss-crossing the city and its boroughs, discovering and noticing. The subway cars gather and hold for a finite amount of time a seemingly random group of people, all with their own unique lives, hopes, and plans, and who each disperse and disappear upon exiting the train. This setting provides a unique opportunity to observe the vast array of humanity that signifies New York. These images reflect the value Ed saw in what he found.
From Where Loss Comes by Pradip Malde
Nearly half a century after he left his native Tanzania, Pradip Malde returned with a large-format camera to document the lives of women affected by female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C). With Sarah Mwaga, founder of the Anti Female Genital Mutilation Network (AFNET), he traveled more than 3,000 miles over three years, visiting remote communities to converse with and photograph activist women —victims of FGM and former ngariba (Swahili for “circumcisers”)—, the sacred sites where these rituals take place, and the cutting tools used by ngariba who have renounced the practice.
Dining Alone In the Company of Solitude by Nancy A. Scherl
Nancy A. Scherl's color photographs of people dining alone evoke a certain curiosity. What are the individuals thinking? What are they observing as they eat their meals and watch fellow diners? Is this a favorite pastime to collect their own thoughts, or are they waiting for someone, or are they lonely? The viewer does not know their stories, though they have them, everyone does.
Division Street by Robert Gumpert
A story of lives lived on hard streets, amongst staggering wealth and empty promises, told through photos, found text and first-person narratives.
Solo Exhibition Spetember 2022
Solo Exhibition Spetember 2022
Call for Entries
Solo Exhibition September 2022
Win an Online Solo Exhibition in September 2022