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Laura Parker: Artist talk and exhibition closing

Laura Parker: Artist talk and exhibition closing

© Laura Parker
I first saw Laura Parker's work at Review LA. This was a portfolio review run by the great folks at Center who also organize Review Santa Fe. Review LA, which unfortunately no longer exists, happened concurrently with Photo LA, so it felt the entire city was submerged in photography. It may have been 9 years ago now that I saw Laura's work and yet it still resounds with me. Back then she showed images of horses and water printed through circles or what appeared to be lenses on large sheets of (…)
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Photography Event
Nancy Borowick: The Family Inprint

Nancy Borowick: The Family Inprint

From May 16, 2017 to June 15, 2017
An incredibly powerful exhibition, not to be missed at Anastasia Photo Gallery. When photojournalist Nancy Borowick’s parents, Howie and Laurel, were simultaneously diagnosed with stage-four cancer in 2012, she processed the ordeal in the way she knew best: photographing her parents’ next 24 months of treatment. The Family Imprint is an intimate story of family, life and love. Borowick’s photographs comprise a love letter to her parents through an archive of memories. Her work celebrates the (…)

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Deb Achak

Deb Achak

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William Klein
Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Jennifer Shaw

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No Dar Papaya
By Matthew O'Brien
This remarkable body of work, created between 2003-2013 with a Polaroid camera and film, is a fascinating exploration and portrait of Colombia. Perhaps the only project of its scope ever carried out with Polaroid 600 film, the work reveals the distinctive vision of the artist as well as an unexpected Colombia, full of beauty. Rather than the same tired imagery of war, violence, narco trafficking, (…)

Selected Photo Contests:

Celeste Prize 2017
Dates: Close on June 30, 2017
Category: All
Hosted by: Celeste Prize
Territory: Worldwide
Entry Fee: 50 euros
Prize: Cash Prize
53 finalist artists will be chosen by a jury of top art curators and critics, led by Fatoş Üstek. Prizes are awarded according to voting by the 53 finalist artists themselves at the final exhibition in London.
Artists, photographers and creatives you are invited to submit your work for review to a jury of top, art curators and industry experts. Six winners will receive 23,000 euros prizes and every participant is up for selection in our 12 gallery benefits programme.
Call for Entry NGOs
Dates: Close on June 22, 2017
Category: All
Hosted by: Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi
Territory: Worldwide - Theme: Documentary
Entry Fee: 10 euros
Prize: Cash Prize
Every year the Festival of Ethical Photography opens a “Call for Entry” dedicated to NGOs, humanitarian organisations and voluntary associations, with the goal to select photographic works to be exhibited in a themed area called ”NGOs Area”. Since its first year, the Festival of Ethical Photography has always given particular attention to the use of photography by those organisations that deal with social issues. The main objective is getting the audience closer to ethical content by using photography as a communication and learning tool. The NGOs Area is a special section of the Festival reserved for the presentation of photographic works commissioned to photographers by non-profit organisations.
URBAN 2017 Photo Awards
Dates: February 14, 2017 to June 12, 2017
Category: All
Hosted by: dotART
Territory: Worldwide
Entry Fee: 10 € (1st photo) +5 € additional
Prize: Cash Prize
Now in its eighth edition, URBAN sees every year thousands of participating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. It is an always growing international contest, one of the very few that goes “over the boundaries” of Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions. Only in 2016 URBAN realized 32 exhibitions displaying about 700 pictures. Behind it all, there is always the pursue of enhancement of photographic talent and quality. URBAN 2017 is divided into two sections dedicated to Urban Photography, a theme that explores the contemporary through all forms of photography based in the urban fabric. The common denominator is the City, the urban environment and humanity that populates it. The first section is “Themed Photos” (with 7 thematic areas: Street Photography, Architecture, Social City, Urban Art, Transport, Green Life, Visions), the second is “Projects & Portfolios” where each participant can submit a series of images oriented to show his or her idea through photographs.
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