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Issue #9
Force Majeure
At Eli Klein Gallery - New York 
Eli Klein Gallery is proud to present "Force Majeure," a survey of 13 internationally renowned artists from China, featuring a wide range of works including painting, video, photography, installation, performance/action works created from 2010 to 2020. "Force Majeure" ("superior force" in French) invites the audience to reconsider what superior power means to individuals, in the context of nature, politics, gender and identity, mind and body, the worldly and the transcendent, etc. Artists: Dai Furen, Future Host, Gong Jian, He Yunchang, Li Ming, Liu Qinmin, Shen Xin, Shi Jiayun, Tang Dixin, Wang Sishun, Xiao Kegang, Yang Zhichao, Zhuang Hui "Force majeure" mostly appears in contrasting powers. Under common definition, "force majeure" covers events that include natural disasters, governmental orders, and political protest demonstrations. When certain circumstances arise, previously existing obligations are challenged because of the new generally admitted superior power. As a metaphor, "force majeure" also denotes a juggernaut, powerful and merciless. Coexisting with the superior power and sharing vulnerabilities, how could individuals respond, react, or even challenge the seemingly inevitable? What happens when one goes beyond his/her limit? Considering these questions, "Force Majeure" will display artistic interactions with the uncontrollable and the unavoidable, hoping to contribute innovative contemplations to today's social, political, and environmental discussions. In a variety of circumstances of "force majeure," the selected group of artists adopts different attitudes, strategies, and methods in their practice. In Zhuang Hui, Tang Dixin and Li Ming's performances, the mere interaction between humans and nature creates a Force Majeure. In He Yunchang and Dai Furen's works, the political organization of humans create institutions and operate like "force majeure." In Wang Sishun's adventurous journey and Yang Zhichao's grass-growing performance conducted on his own body, the artists challenge the endurance of body and mentality. For Gong Jian, Xiao Kegang, and Shi Jiayun, painting in abstraction constructs the fight against "force majeure." As a contrast, for Shen Xin, Liu Qinmin and the performance art group known as Future Host, their characters of identity, gender, and religion have become "force majeure." The curator, Lu Mingjun, concludes in his statement: "Artists often act and practice in a relatively absurd way, while their seemingly ridiculous provocations may reveal the power dialectics between the subject of an irresistible force and humanity. With cases of 'force majeure' emerging from reality and history, this show comprehensively demonstrates human fragility and anxiety, wisdom and courage, and limited freedom and ease under an inexorable force."
Daniel Beltra: The Amazon
At Catherine Edelman Gallery - Chicago 
Catherine Edelman Gallery is pleased to present The Amazon, our third exhibition by Spanish born photographer Daniel Beltrá. The show opens March 13 and runs through April 25, 2020. Daniel Beltrá has spent the past thirty years witnessing humans influence on the climate. Photographing from the air, he has documented everything from oil spills, to glacial melts, to droughts, to the effect of greenhouse gases. His commitment is extraordinary and has been acknowledged by both the conservation and art worlds, as he lays bare the undeniable reality of the climate crisis. The Amazon features fifteen photographs taken over a span of twenty years, alongside a photographic timeline describing his many adventures. The Amazon rainforest is a vital part of our ecosystem, covering more than 2 million square miles across nine countries. According to recent data, it is home to more than 390 billion trees, 2.5 million insect species, 40,000 plant species, 2000 birds, 2200 fishes, 1294 birds, 427 mammals, 428 amphibians, and 378 reptiles.* Prior to the 1970s, the forest remained relatively intact until the construction of the Trans-Amazonian Highway, which has yet to be completed. Nonetheless, access to the rainforest created opportunity for commerce, which in turned led to the discovery of fossil fuel. Deforestation, due to land development, logging, and drilling, has accounted for the loss of almost 20% of the rainforest. The fires in 2019 brought more destruction, creating an international outcry to protect the most biodiverse area on the planet. The Amazon features photographs of controlled burns, pristine canopies of untouched forests, and illegal logging. All images are taken from a small plane or helicopter, offering a unique perspective of the land's fragility. The tenuous state of our ecosystems is a continuous thread throughout Daniel Beltrá's work. By taking viewers to remote locations where man and nature conflict, Beltrá seeks to raise awareness about our effects on the planet through beautiful and haunting photographs. Daniel Beltrá (b. Madrid, Spain, 1964) is an award-winning photographer whose work has been published by most of the prominent international publications including The New Yorker, The National Geographic Society, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Le Monde, and El Pais. He has been honored with awards from the Prince Charles Rainforest Project, the Prix Pictet, and three world press photo awards, and is a fellow of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and two cats. *Wikipedia
David Bailey: SUMO
AAP Magazine #10 Photo Competition: Portrait

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AAP Magazine #10 PORTRAIT
$1,000 cash prizes | Winning image(s) published in AAP Magazine #10 | Extensive press coverage and global recognition

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Geert Broertjes: One year
In a very short space of time, Geert Broertttes lost the most important women in his life. His aunt, grandmother and mother passed away. He shared his grief with his girlfriend, who became a recurring theme in this series. But even this relationship ended, a couple of months after his mother passed. Broertjes photographed the process instinctively. It was only afterwards that he noticed the coherence of his work. It became a poetic story about love, loss and grief.
Selection of photographers for the 5th edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden
The International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) is proud to present the names of the 15 selected talented photographers, who will display their work to the general public in an open air exhibition in Leiden during the photo festival from 9 to 17 May 2020. Out of 127 photo submissions from all over Europe, the professional jury, led by jury chairwoman Philippien Noordam (Art Advisor for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, jury member for the National Portrait Prize and chairwoman of the Dutch Association for Corporate Art Collections), made a balanced and well-considered choice. The selection gives a fine impression of the diverse talent of these up-and-coming photographers, originating from the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany, among others. All genres are represented: from documentary to portrait, from landscape to macro photography. The entries were evaluated by the jury in complete anonymity.
Guy Bourdin: Follow Me
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography presents a retrospective exhibition of Guy Bourdin, one of the most influential photographers of the second half of the 20th century, the French artist, innovator and revolutionary of fashion photography. The exhibition will feature more than 50 of the photographer's most recognizable works from variousyears, from the 1950s to the mid-1980s. For forty years, Guy Bourdin surprised and shocked readers of glossy magazines with provocative images, pushing the boundaries of commercial photography and changing the viewer's perception of fashion photography.
The Rest Between Two Notes: Selected Works by Fran Forman
I communicate with the world by creating visual narratives of composited photographs, often illuminating that in-between moment in time. It is how I explore dreams deferred, connections to prior generations, the natural world and our place within it. Making art is my psychological release, my obsession and my salvation.
Quinn: A Journey
British photographer, artist, and writer, Lottie Davies has created a large-scale multimedia project, Quinn - a meditation on grief, loss, loneliness, the human search for meaning, and the possibility of redemption through time and landscape. Using a variety of media and installations, it recounts the eponymous fictional story of a young man, William Henry Quinn, who is walking from the south-west of England to the far north of Scotland in post-Second World War Britain. This new, major iteration of Quinn will premiere at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum as an exhibition running from 14 February - 31 May 2020.
David Stewart: Geoffrey Valentine
Geoffrey Valentine marks a dramatic shift in subject matter for the acclaimed British photographer David Stewart (b.1958) and his second solo exhibition at photography gallery Wren London (14 February - 09 April 2020). Documenting a persistently taboo subject matter in Geoffrey Valentine, Stewart presents unflinching portraits of his dead father lying in a coffin in a chapel of rest. While a deeply personal topic, Stewart's rendering of it signifies a continuation of his desire to reflect the events taking place in the world around him. Here Stewart has incorporated no lighting or staging to manipulate the imagery other than that already set up by the funeral parlour and so it appears exactly how it appeared to Stewart at the time.
Catherine Edelman Gallery: New Formations
Catherine Edelman Gallery is pleased to debut the work of international photographers Nicolás Combarro, Hannah Hughes and Lilly Lulay, alongside well-known Chicagoan, Aimée Beaubien, in New Formations. The show opens January 17 and runs through March 7, 2020.
Best Modern Photographers of February 2020
We continue to discover incredible work from photographers that live and travel all around the world. Here is a selection of some incredible images of modern photographers for this month of February 2020 you can get some creative inspiration from. Enjoy!
VII Photo Agency has been organizing the VII Masterclass - an exhaustive training program taking place in Europe over the course of seven months with three sessions of four days each. The current edition takes place in Barcelona. Now, in addition, we have decided to offer an intensive in-the-field traveling experience.
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AAP Magazine #10 PORTRAIT
$1,000 cash prizes | Winning image(s) published in AAP Magazine #10 | Extensive press coverage and global recognition