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Issue #25
AAP Magazine #27: Colors
AAP Magazine #27: Colors

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AAP Magazine #27: Colors
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Trending This Week

Projecting L.A. 2022
The L.A. Project debuts its first annual public art event, Projecting L.A., in DTLA, featuring the work of 35 renowned and emerging photographers to celebrate the photographic community and diverse stories that make up the streets of Los Angeles, on Saturday, October 22, 2022
Toni Meneguzzo: Diptych
29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery is proud to announce the opening on the 20th of September 2022 of DIPTYCH - the solo show of the eclectic Italian photographer Toni Meneguzzo. The artist pushes towards a truly contemporary language suggestive of an unpublished relationship between the Polaroid and the vividness of his most recent digital photographs which combine a rigorous formal technique with an uninhibited use of the medium. The exhibition will run from 20th of September to the 19th of November 2022.
All About Photo Presents
Part of the exclusive online showroom developed by All About Photo, this exhibition is on view for the month of September 2022 and includes seventeen photographs from the series 'Folding and Mending'<
Hidden: Life with California
Hidden: Life with California's Roma Families by Cristina Salvador Klenz is the first photography book ever to feature American Roma (formerly known as Gypsies) and to highlight the unique plight of a people marginalized and persecuted quite literally since the dawn of their culture 1,000 years ago. Modeled after Josef Koudelka's seminal work Gypsies, Klenz's collection was shot on black and white, 35 mm film in the early 1990s and 2003.
Exclusive Interview with Brett Foraker
Brett Foraker began his career as a painter before turning to photography and filmmaking. All of his projects are imbued with a lyrical and at times surreal point of view. As well as being an in-demand director and screenwriter, Foraker has been working on several portfolios of abstract and experimental photography. These are presented here for the first time.
MEADOW by Nicholas Pollack
Secaucus, New Jersey is partially surrounded by the marshes, inlets, and wetlands known as the Meadowlands. The ecosystems have been severely impacted by years of landfills and other environmental abuses, but it is what is found and what remains in this region that photographer Nicholas Pollack works to convey in his photographic project and book Meadow (Hirmer, October 2022).
Lisa Elmaleh Won the 2022  Arnold Newman Prize with
Promised Land is a series of portraits of those whose lives have been affected by American policies implemented during the construction of the border wall. In an attempt to shed light on the lives that are impacted, I am photographing along the US/Mexico border from Boca Chica in the Gulf of Mexico to the border of Tijuana on the west coast. I am working with a large format 8×10 camera to create these portraits. Utilizing its slowness as an asset, I am able to spend time with each person who sits in front of my lens, hearing their stories.
Between Worlds by Harry Gruyaert
Gallery FIFTY ONE is proud to announce its 4th solo exhibition by Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert . In 'Between Worlds' - accompanying the launch in October of an eponymous book published by Thames & Hudson (English) and Atelier Xavier Barral (French) - Gruyaert presents a selection of images from his diverse oeuvre, all of which depicting a 'threshold' or barrier, such as a window or reflection.
Berlin by Jason Langer
For part of his childhood, photographer Jason Langer lived with his mother and two brothers on a kibbutz in Israel following his parent’s divorce in the United States. This experience, along with childhood visits to the kibbutz’s Holocaust memorial every Yom Hashoah, and hearing frightful stories from his mother and grandmother about German people, shaped and informed his impressions and understanding of Germany. This included considerations and beliefs of Germany as a country, culture, its past Nazi ideology, and how that related to his own Jewish identity. It was a complicated understanding, and one that haunted him in several respects throughout his life.
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AAP Magazine #27: Colors
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes