Anna Beeke: At Sea

Anna Beeke: At Sea

© Anna Beeke
The once romantic notion of travelling the ocean to distant and exotic lands has become an accessible and affordable way to vacation thanks to cruise tourism. About 10 million Americans take to the sea aboard cruise ships every year, and cruising is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry worldwide. My ongoing project At Sea is a light-hearted exploration of the leisurely world of cruise culture.
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Mary Ellen Mark
© Mary Ellen Mark
Michael Ackerman
© Michael Ackerman
Piotr Zbierski
© Piotr Zbierski

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Photography Event
Robb Hill - Homelands: Fragments

Robb Hill - Homelands: Fragments

From July 07, 2017 to August 26, 2017
Homelands started as a documentary project to record the land where I grew up before big machines altered it. I’ve been returning to Utica, Indiana, several times a year for the last 13 years to hike the trails and fields I played in as a kid. With each footstep, I look for fragments of the world I once knew so well. An abandoned car stripped of chrome by friends is now little more than a pile of rust. A thick stone wall surrounding a small family cemetery still stands after a century and a (…)

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Photo Focus:

Luigi Avantaggiato
Born in Zurich in 1984, Luigi Avantaggiato is a Rome based freelance photographer specialized in documentary, editorial, and cross-media project. He started working as a documentary photographer after his doctoral studies in Visual Studies, which helped him to develop a profound interest in global social and environmental issues. Because of his work he has visited several countries in the world in state of emergency: Lebanon, Iraq, Colombia, Greece, Kosovo. His images have been published in (…)

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