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Top 10 Gift ideas for photographers or photography lovers
Christmas is just around the corner and you have absolutely no idea what to give? All About Photo helps you with a few fun ideas that are also useful and clever! Check out our list and find the iteam
Top 10 Photo Books of 2015
Numerous incredible photography books where published this year and it was certainly not easy to make such a small selection. We decided on this list of 10 fine art photography books as well as some serious documentary tomes. You may recognize a few classics in here as well as be exposed to some great new talent. These books will not only be important pieces in your library, but they would also be good ideas for presents since we are approaching that time of year!
10 iconic images of Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe, the famous model and actress would have been 89 years old in 2015. Even if she left us at a young age (36) the photographs of Norman Jean Baker keep her memory alive. In this top 10 we choose images taken by masters of photography.
10 Dutch Photographers you should know
Dutch photography is no doubt influenced by Dutch painters, especially those who marked a turning point in the history of Art. For example, the influence of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), the master of lighting, is indisputable in many photography portraits that use chiaroscuro. But if Dutch photography has roots in the past, it is particularly dynamic and diverse. In this Top 10 we decided to show you major artists as well as new talents in no specific order.
Top 10: Best selection of photos of 2014
In their issues of January 2015, magazines selected the best photos of 2014. Some photographs are in each 'best of' but most of them depend of the editor's choice. Check out our selection of the best 'Year in Picture'.
Our Top 10 Photolucida winners
We must admit that the photographers we choose to publish on All About Photo are somewhat our favorites, so it won't surprise you if the photographers in this Top 10 are already featured on the website. But we have also discovered new incredible portfolios. We look forward to find out more about their work.
Congratulations to the 50 finalists!
Top 10: Most expensive photographs (in 2014)
Check out the list of the most expensive photographs ever sold updated in December 2014.
Top 10: 2014 National Award results (WPO)
Here is a selection of 10 images from the National Award (Sony World Photography Awards) which uncovers and honors the best single image taken by a local photographer in over 30 different countries. This year's winning and runner up photographers from participating countries were selected from the ten categories of the Open competition of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards.
Top10: Most Famous Photographers of All time
Who are the most famous photographers of all time? Hard to say but here is a top 10 with a list of incredible masters of photography. Even if you don't know a lot about photography you have certainly heard of them. The choice we made was not based on the beauty of the work but on the popularity of the photographers and their images.
Top 10: Best photography books of 2013
There are so many good books out there... Unfortunately we cannot buy them all. Depending on our preferences and needs we all make different choices. It was hard to make ours but we have decided that the 10 fine art photography books that we would recommend you to buy are:
Top 10: Fine art nudes in black and white
In the 19th century, nude photography was often used by painters as substitutes for live models. (For example Edgar Degas took photographs for his dancers series and the bath) But quickly nude photography became popular and widely spread. Each photographer has his own style and sensibility. Some are more erotic than others. We chose in this top 10 to list the most beautiful photographs (according to us) that were taken by Masters of Photography in black and white.
Top 10: Young and talented photographers.
All about photo features the work of extremely talented emerging photographers. In this top 10 you can find the work of young photographers under the age of 30 that will most likely become famous in the years to come.
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