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5 Best Photography Schools In The World

Posted on December 17, 2020 - By Linda Heard
5 Best Photography Schools In The World
5 Best Photography Schools In The World
Taking photos is one of the best ways to ensure that your memories remain intact. Back in the days, our grandparents struggled with putting a film on their analog cameras, and there were only a limited number of photos they could take. Add to that the hassle of having to develop the prints! Thanks to smartphones, literally everyone is a photographer now. Taking a picture and posting it on your social media and checking out how many likes and followers you get is the hype these days. In fact, these days when people go out, they are more interested in taking aesthetic pictures rather than being present at the moment. However, when all's said and done, we can all agree that photography is blowing up!

Therefore, it isn't surprising that most students wish to create a career in the field and look to enroll in the top photography schools in the world to learn. As such, many scholars wish to get into a professional photography school. However, they must keep in mind that it is difficult to get into the best photography schools in the world as many students wish to study here. Therefore, you may need more than just a good photographic portfolio but also a unique personal statement that will set you apart from the huge crowd of those who wish to join fashion photography schools. If you are entirely sure of your ability to write your statement yourself, then you may be interested in hiring personal statement writer who can help you. This plagiarism-free writing service hires UK writers to work on a stellar paper for students to benefit from.

Since writing, as much as photography, is an acquired skill that only gets better with practice and mentoring, it may be a good idea to seek help whenever necessary. Some incredible fashion photography colleges are currently accepting students and you may be one of them! Since the world is getting digitized by the moment, there is a high demand for photographers to help companies market their products and influencers who wish to market themselves. Getting into a school may be a good career choice that combines your passion for images and a stable work environment. Here are some of the top colleges that offer BFA and MFA photography programs.

1. Rhode Island School of Design
The Rhode Island School of Design is a haven for aspiring scholars who wish to get their four-year undergraduate BFA degree or a two-year graduate MFA degree. The course is extensively designed to cover several aspects of the subject with real-life applications that can come in handy for the students. The class sizes are well- managed and only accept 30 undergraduates per class and 15 graduate pupils.
Rhode Island School of Design

2. New York Institute of Photography
While the New York Institute of Photography does not offer a degree program to its attendees, this is one of the best places for aspiring artists to gain knowledge on specific courses and certificate programs. These classes are based on online learning, meaning you can take the lessons from anywhere in the world. Also, you can set your own pace and complete the course as per your flexibility.
New York Institute of Photography

3. Ontario College of Art and Design University
Situated in Canada, Ontario College of Art and Design University is one of the only colleges that boasts a black and white and a color darkroom. The photography course is intricately designed to take a fine-art approach to the skill that helps students relate to their work on a personal level rather than a commercial stance. There are several photographic practices that will be taught to the attendees, and at the end of the program, the graduates have a better chance of finding a job that they can love.
Ontario College of Art and Design University

4. Paris College of Art
Paris: The city of beauty! Combine that with the Paris College of Art, and you gain all the expertise that you need to become one of the best photographers out there equipped with the technical know-how and an artistic vision to support your art. Students can also experience the rich European culture, something that they only saw on high school tv-shows! Attendees can gain a BFA degree, which also specializes in fashion photography as Paris is synonymous with fashion.
Paris College of Art

5. Tokyo Zokei University
Located in Japan, Tokyo Zokei University is one of the top destinations for national and international students who wish to hone their photography skills. The course has been designed to encapsulate both design and art and presents one's expressionism as a part of social performance.
Tokyo Zokei University

There are several colleges that you can pick from to get started on your photography career. Make sure to check out the fee structures, scholarship options, and the cost of living before making your decision.
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