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Top 7 Photo Locations in the World

What makes a great photograph? It's the skill; no doubt about it! It's about the way the photograph captures passing moments of daily life and turns them into eternity.

But it's also about the location. When talent gets combined with the perfect setting, we get powerful photographs that take one's breath away. When you see National Geographic's selection of the best pictures of 2018, you'll notice talent. A lot of it. But you'll also notice beautiful locations that set the scene for the talent to shine.

Are you independent and brave enough to take your camera on a trip? It will be wonderful! Just you and your beloved camera, capturing the essence of the most magnificent places on Earth.

But where will you go?

Here are 7 suggestions for a location that won't disappoint:
1 - New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand is like a real-life fairytale. From magnificent mountain peaks to mesmerizing beaches, you'll have a lot to see and experience there. Some of the most interesting places to see are White Island, Milford Sound, Bay of Islands, and Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

But wherever you go, you'll be amazed as long as you're in New Zealand. And if you really want fairy-like photographs, visit the locations where The Lord of the Rings was filmed.
2 - Bhutan
Have you seen the Tiger's Nest Temple in Bhutan? If you were ever looking at photographs from amazing architecture, a photo of this place was definitely on the list. This is a monastery settled on the side of a cliff face. It will take a lot of walking and climbing for you to get there. With a heavy camera and accompanying equipment, it won't be easy. But when you get there, you'll know how valuable this trip to Bhutan was.

The mere sight of this temple makes you wonder: how did they ever manage to build it there? You'll probably have another question to mind: "Can I stay?"

Bhutan is a fantasy world on its own. The entire country is full of wonderful settings for your photos.
3 - Greece
Speaking of monasteries that make you wonder how on Earth they were built, have you seen Meteora in Greece? It's an unbelievable location with rocks that serve as foundations of the ancient monasteries. It's like a fantasy world that makes you feel eternal calmness when you reach it.

If you're interested in exploring more of Orthodox Christianity, you shouldn't miss Crete. The island has mesmerizing beaches that you can also photograph. But Crete also holds traces of early Christianity, which are quite interesting to photograph.

And if you're all about beaches, you'll find some of the most beautiful ones in Greece. The tradition of the local is also very interesting; don't hold back and get immersed!
4 - Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. It's located in Bolivia, a country that impresses with its unique culture and appearance. This salt flat impresses with the desert-like vibe and endless whiteness. If you need setting fur surrealistic shots, this is the best one.
5 - Cambodia
Angkor Wat is one of the most photographed places on Earth. It's amazing how so many photographs have captured the same building, but it still manages to give a unique vibe to each shot. There's so much detail in these ruins that you'll never get tired of photographing it.

It takes a lot of walking for you to get there, and consider that you'll be doing it in a hot and humid environment. So dress lightly and only bring the gear you need.

Don't forget to explore the rest of Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the most beautiful thing to photograph there, but you'll find amazing locations across the country as well.
6 - Alaska
The feeling of capturing untouched nature through photography is priceless. You're capturing eternity, while witnessing change at the same time. When you see the most remote areas of Alaska, you'll feel like you're in touch with our planet's history. But you'll also feel the ways it changes, and the way people affected those changes.

If you're looking for the best places to start, check out Chugach State Park. The stunning waterfalls in the middle of a gorgeous mountain valley will make an epic photo. Too many adjectives in that sentence, right? Well you can't help but use them when you talk about Alaska. Go and see for yourself!
7 - Borneo
Now, let's talk about the rainforest. On Borneo, which is the third largest island on the globe, you'll get in touch with an ancient forest and diverse wildlife. If you love photographing animals and nature, you'll be impressed!

Most of the wildlife is endemic to Borneo, so you'll add a touch of uniqueness to your portfolio.

Go Explore the World; Your Camera Deserves It!
When you invested in your photography equipment, you promised to yourself that you'd make the most out of it. You learned a lot and you experimented a lot. Now, it's time to take your skill and enthusiasm to the next level. Start exploring the world and you'll really see how amazing photography can get!

Samantha R. Gilbert is a journalist and professional writer at cheap custom essay writing service. She loves dancing, traveling and taking photos, but the main hobby is writing about her experience and adventures. Meet her on Facebook.
All About Photo Awards 2019
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