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Posted on August 22, 2013 - By Totally Rad!

Science takes digital images to the film age!

New Adobe Lightroom Presets Provide an Authentic Film Appearance for Digital Photos

Totally Rad! Inc. announced today the introduction of Replichrome, a set of presets and camera profiles for Adobe Lightroom and a revolutionary advancement in digital image processing technology. Replichrome allows photographers to process digital images that truly resemble a variety of traditional films with unprecedented accuracy. Totally Rad! created Replichrome to meet the needs of professional photographers who want their digital images to have the subtle tones and classic color palette of film.

Each variety of film is unique and we wanted to give users the truest film experience possible with digital images, said Doug Boutwell, CEO and Founder of Totally Rad! Inc. The process we used to create Replichrome was truly scientific. We began this project over three years ago, using 19 different cameras, film from around the world and thousands of images, all processed at three different labs and on two scanners to ensure we truly captured all of the nuances of each film stock in Replichrome, said Boutwell.

Research and development of Replichrome began on Oct. 26, 2010 and utilized:
- 19 cameras, including models from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus and other leading brands
- 137 rolls of film, sourced from California, New York, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indonesia and Bulgaria
- More than 4,400 images
- Two versions of Adobe Lightroom and 3 versions of Adobe Photoshop
- Four Color Checkers
- 3,600 watt seconds of lighting
- 16 locations photographed
- 12 Models
- 13,294,118,900 bytes of film scanned

All of this research took hundreds of hours and gave Replichrome users 13 styles of film (nine color and four black and white) to choose from when editing their digital images. While there are 13 film stocks that can be used to edit digital images, each film has up to 6 variants to express differences in exposure and processing.

- For color films, the choice between a Noritsu or Frontier scanner
- For all films, the choice between underexposed, exposed correctly, or overexposed

We designed Replichrome to give users the ability to emulate the most popular styles of film, easily and accurately. For the digital shooter interested in the look of film, we feel that Replichrome is far and away the best tool available at any price, and we're genuinely excited about it, said Boutwell. Replichrome will be available for purchase at on Aug. 26 for $99, for more information on Replichrome and the other photography editing products available from Totally Rad! go to

About Totally Rad! Inc
Totally Rad! Inc., is the brain child of a husband and wife duo, Doug and Chenin Boutwell. With backgrounds in professional photography the Boutwells created Totally Rad! Inc. to simplify digital photo editing for professional photographers. Totally Rad! Inc. makes professional Photoshop plugins and editing tools such as RadLab, Dirty Pictures, Pro Retouch 2.0, and the iPhone and iPad app PicTapGo.
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AAP Magazine #38 Women
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