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OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

Posted on August 08, 2022 - By Roger Fernández
OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera
OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera
AI tracking
Gesture controls
Solid software

Gimble feels flimsy, time will tell its durability

Home-office, remote working, virtual catch-ups, digitalization, etc. We are living in an era where distances are shorter, and it is easier to connect with people around the globe.

Many photographers are still offering virtual educational programs, content creators are feeding the Internet with videos, or maybe just enjoying the perks of working from home. For those people, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K will be an appealing solution.

Not another webcam
In a market flooded with webcams, perhaps you are wondering why we would need another one. That's true, there are many options for all kinds of budgets, setups, and built-in technology. However, it is fair to say that the OBSBOT Tiny 4K is truly a revolutionary design that stands out from the rest in terms of AI technology, tracking features, audio, and video capabilities.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

The size won't be the most compact in the market. However, the physical footprint is small and easy to carry. Without the mount, it measures 89.4mm x 58mm and weighs only 147g.

Probably you won't carry webcams with you as you prefer to leave them plugged at your desk. However, if you are in the need of changing locations, the lightness and small size will be positive points.

The base has a light that illuminates in green color when the camera is active, and the top portion of the plate is rotatory to pan to the right and the left.

It has two ports, a USB-C with power capabilities and a DC port. Through the bottom of the base, it is possible to install it through a tripod or extension arm. It also comes with a monitor mount clip that comes with a magnetic attachment.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

Auto tracking
This is probably the main reason why you are looking into this camera. The OBSBOT Tiny 4K is capable to follow you flawlessly when you walk to the right or the left. The movements are subtle and accurate. An impressive point is that the camera is also capable of autofocusing on your face while you are still performing your movements.

For doing presentations, the camera has AI technology that will identify the most important object in the frame (apart from your face), which is very useful if you are showing objects in a presentation. If you turn off this setting, the camera will focus on your face and as mentioned already, it will follow your movements wherever you go in the room.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

The camera has a 1 / 2.8 Sony sensor. This tiny machine has the capabilities to record in 4K, that's x4 times the pixel density of a common 1080p resolution found in most webcams. The default setting will be 30 frames per second, but this could be modified depending on your needs. If you believe that the angle of view is too wide, you have the chance to use a digital zoom that will keep a high-quality image.

The default field of view is 86 degrees. This is a bit wider than most webcams in the market but not too much. The reasoning behind this number is it will be tight enough to keep a focus on the face of the subject while still providing enough background. This is a great solution for bloggers or educators. As mentioned before, you can zoom in to focus on the face for more formal meetings.

The rich colors processed by this camera are a result of the HDR capabilities that are set by default (you can deactivate them) and that will give you a better resolution with low or harsh lighting conditions.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

Gesture Controls
With the wave of your hand, you can change the camera to the focus points or if you use your index finger and thumb, you can zoom in or zoom out. This is an incredible feature without having to use a physical remote control or using the app at all.

The device is very straightforward to connect and will work out of the box. You can use the two ports (USB-C and USB-A), but it is recommendable to keep the USB-C connection as it can deliver power to the camera as well as video.

As mentioned above, the camera will work without any software installed. However, most features and performance will be achieved through the TinyCam software. Here you can manipulate a change of focus, different resolution modes, or choose to track a specific object. The headroom mode is the best option for ordinary web calls to focus on your face with the correct framing. The motion mode will capture your whole body, which will be better used if you are walking around the room. Finally, the motion room is like the headroom, but the camera will move faster, which is great if you are not going to be static all the time.

Privacy Control
As must gimbal cameras, you should manipulate them very carefully. However, a safe movement that was designed to give you total privacy is simply facing the lens downwards. With this movement, no audio or video will be transmitted and as a result, the light bar on the front will turn off.

OBSBOT offers two versions for the Tiny Camera. The 4K model presented in this review is the flagship camera and it is easily recognized by its red ring around the lens. A more affordable option can record only up to 1080p but offers all the same technology perks. If you don't need the gimble function, the manufacturer offers the Meet series, another 4K camera that is more suitable for fixed setups where movement is not needed, such as regular web calls. Of course, the market is flooded with hundreds of other options and other webcam brands, but few will offer the technology assets as this one.

This camera is not cheap. The price tag is around 319 Euros and perhaps the whole technology package is not needed for regular users for doing home-office. However, if you would like to have the top of the best or if you are a visual content creator, then this camera will give you an impressive AI technology packed in a small device. The built-in quality, software capabilities, 4K video, and 4x digital zoom make this a solid contender.

OBSBOT Small 4K Dimensions (without stand): 89.4mm x 58mm x 58mm Dimensions (with base): 142mm x 58mm x 58mm Weight (without stand): 147 grams Weight (with stand): 176 grams Maximum video resolution: 4K@30fps1080p/60fps, MJPEG, H264 soaring: 4 Focus Type: Autofocus/Manual focus HDR: yes vision: 86° microphone: Built-in dual omnidirectional microphone noise reduction 2-axis gimbal: Gimbal installation: non-removable
Controllable range: translation: ±150°;
Tilt: ±45°
Structure possible range: translation: ±160°;
tilt: ±90°
Maximum control speed: 120°/s

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera

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