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Posted on January 23, 2014 - By Figosa

What is “Figosa”?

Figosa is an Italian leather strap for photo cameras, especially for analog or mirrorless cameras. All the Figosa straps are handcrafted, in genuine leather and available in four colors: black, dark brown, cognac and honey.

Figosa's project was born in April 2013 from an idea of Andrea and Laura, old photo cameras collectors and photography lovers. They are used to go to flea markets, looking for more cameras to enlarge their collection. They noticed that most of the cameras found had a very consumed strap or in many cases they had none. Since Andrea and Laura are not only collectors, but first of all cameras users, the straps play a very important role. So they decided to make these leather vintage-style straps by themselves and to sell them online on Etsy.

Figosa means in Italian something cool and this is what Andrea and Laura would like to pursuit: to make cool your cameras, giving them a vintage-style!

Figosa is an Italian brand and in Italy there is an antique and well-known tradition about leather handicraft. Each Figosa strap is handmade and so unique: the handcrafted production does not allow that in the world there are two exactly alike straps. Figosa straps differ from the other brands for high-quality, simplicity and minimalism of all products, as the authentic vintage leather straps were.

Figosa is a young project, but hundreds of straps were sold all over the world, from USA to Japan, from Europe to Australia and many important photography web magazines wrote enthusiastic reviews.

You can find more information on or follow Figosa's news and updates on the main social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


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