Photographer Monographs - Letter P:

Author: Trent Parke
Publisher: Hot Chilli
Year: 1999 - Pages: 141
Trent Parke, the first Australian to become a Full Member of the renowned photographers' cooperative Magnum Photo Agency, is considered one of the most innovative and challenging young photographers of his generation.Quote: I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.
Minutes to Midnight
Author: Trent Parke
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2014 - Pages: 96
In 2003, Trent Parke began a road trip around his native Australia, a monumental journey that was to last two years and cover a distance of over 90.000 km. Minutes to Midnight is the ambitious photographic record of that adventure, in which Parke presents a proud but uneasy nation struggling to craft its identity from different cultures and traditions. Minutes to Midnight merges traditional documentary techniques and imagination to create a dark visual narrative portraying Australia with a mix of nostalgia, romanticism and brooding realism. This is not a record of the physical landscape but of an emotional one. It is a story of human anxiety and intensity which, although told from Australia, represents a universal human condition in the world today.
The Black Rose
Author: Trent Parke
Publisher: Art Gallery of South Australia
Year: 2015
The Christmas Tree Bucket
Author: Trent Parke
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2014 - Pages: 128
"'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ." The Christmas Tree Bucket is a modern-day Christmas story with a dark edge. A wordless narrative, Parke's story is an ironic take on the typical Australian suburban Christmas. He photographs friends and family, and casts them in a twisted tale that merges fact and fiction. The viewer is left to make imaginative sense of images of barbeques, screaming children, a burning gingerbread house and even the photographer himself vomiting into the infamous Christmas Tree Bucket. Says Parke: "It was there--while staring into that bright red bucket, vomiting every hour on the hour for fifteen hours straight--that I started to think how strange families, suburbia, life, vomit and in particular, Christmas really was Merry Christmas!"
Artist: Martin Parr
Author: Martin Parr
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2013 - Pages: 124
Following on the heels of Martin Parr's limited-edition, album-style publication Life's a Beach, Aperture now presents this beach-friendly mini edition. Parr has been photographing the topic of the beach for many decades, documenting sunbathers, rambunctious swimmers caught mid-plunge and the eternal sandy picnic. His international career, in fact, could well be traced to the publication of The Last Resort (1986), which depicted the seaside resort of New Brighton, near Liverpool. What is perhaps less known is that this obsession has led Parr to photograph beaches around the world. This compilation, his first on the topic, presents photos of beachgoers on far-flung shores, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and of course, the U.K. The compilation brings to the forefront Parr's engagement with a cherished subject matter--that rare public space in which general absurdities and local quirks seamlessly fuse together. This book shows Parr at his best, startling us with moments of captured absurdity and immersing us in rituals and traditions associated with beach life the world over.
The Last Resort
Artist: Martin Parr
Author: Martin Parr
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing
Year: 2010 - Pages: 84
A new edition of a modern classic of photography. Martin Parr is Europe's premier contemporary photographer, and The Last Resort is the book that is considered to have launched his career. Taken at the height of the Thatcher years, it depicts the "great British seaside" in all its garish glory. Described by some as cruel and voyeuristic and by others as a stunning satire on the state of Britain, early editions are now much sought after by collectors worldwide. Includes a new essay by Gerry Badger, photographer, architect, curator, and critic.
The Non-Conformists
Artist: Martin Parr
Author: Martin Parr
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2013 - Pages: 168
In 1975, fresh out of art school, Martin Parr moved to the picturesque Yorkshire Pennine mill town of Hebden Bridge. Over a period of five years, he documented the town in photographs, showing in particular the aspects of traditional life that were beginning to decline. Susan Mitchell, whom he had met in Manchester and later married, joined Parr in documenting a year in the life of a small Methodist chapel, together with its farming community.

Martin Parr was only 23 at the time and used to take black and white images. His wife wrote the texts. Another side of Martin Parr's work we really enjoyed.
Author: Paolo Pellegrin, Alex Majoli
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2015 - Pages: 270
In this sumptuously printed, large-format publication, distinguished Magnum photographers Paolo Pellegrin (born 1964) and Alex Majoli (born 1971) present a collaborative document of the Congo and its people. Bringing together the best of each photographer's personal styles as well as experimental forays into abstraction and collage, this volume captures what Alain Mabanckou describes as a full range of the landscape, "from urban scenes to great forests and back, reflecting the way it is in most African societies today." With no captions or individual photo credits, the densely printed images--presented on full-bleed pages, as gatefolds or as double-spread gatefolds--become wholly immersive. The outcome is a profound study of the Congo, and the resulting object exemplifies the expressive possibilities of contemporary documentary photography. Proceeds of the sale of this book go to Lynx for Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to cultural development programs.
Rescue Me: Dog Adoption Portraits and Stories from New York City
Author: Richard Phibbs
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2016 - Pages: 112
For three years, fashion and portrait photographer Richard Phibbs has donated his services to the Humane Society of New York, making portraits of dogs up for adoption as part of the Manhattan shelter's work to find them all "forever homes." The best of his photographs are featured in this simple and moving album, along with the story of each dog on its journey from often-shocking circumstances of abandonment and rejection, through rescue and the joy experienced in the new homes these pictures helped them find. This heartwarming New York story will appeal to dog lovers all over the world. Phibbs's introduction is a passionate appeal for everyone to rescue a dog. The book is perfectly sized and priced for an impulse buy. Royalties from its sale benefit the Humane Society of New York.
Palomäki: Breathing the Same Air
Author: Nelli Palomäki
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Year: 2013 - Pages: 128
Young Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki (born 1981) is a graduate of Helsinki's renowned Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. In her work, she aims to recapture the lost magic that was once inherent in photography. Even 50 years ago, having one's photograph taken was a special event; people donned their Sunday best and gazed, unmoving and serious, into the camera. Palomäki's models likewise tend not to smile, looking steadfastly at us with the kind of openness and attention that could be said to characterize the work of their photographer. This volume gathers Palomäki's black-and-white portraits, mostly of children and young people. The photographer says she wonders what her models will look like ten years from now; her contemplative photographs provoke a like sense of wonder in the viewer.
Parkinson: A Very British Glamour
Author: Louise Baring
Publisher: Rizzoli
Year: 2009 - Pages: 224
One of the great pioneers of fashion photography, Norman Parkinson is famous for his sense of style and glamour. Heralded as one of the true innovators in his field, he pushed the boundaries of the day by bringing the model out of the studio and onto the street. He set the model against unusual and daring backdrops, such as the gritty working-class districts of London, and was a seminal influence on subsequent generations of fashion photogaphers. Norman Parkinson: A Very British Glamour is a lavish portrait of Parkinson’s long career from the 1930s through the 1980s. In a unique collaboration with the Norman Parkinson archives in London, his iconic photographs for Vogue, Queen, and Harper’s Bazaar are reproduced alongside a trove of previously unpublished fashion work. The classics of Parkinson’s career are also shown here, providing the full breadth of his career. This exciting and definitive look into Parkinson’s illustrious legacy is sure to rank among the most important publications on fashion and photography.
Parkinson: Portraits in Fashion
Author: Norman Parkinson, Robin Muir, Iman
Publisher: Palazzo Editions
Year: 2011 - Pages: 192
From his first outdoor fashion shoot in 1935, Norman Parkinson's "moving pictures taken with a still camera" brought glamour and inventiveness to fashion photography. He set the New Look against the New York skyline, Quant dresses in swinging London, and Calvin Klein and Krizia in exotic locations from Tahiti to Tobago. "If a girl looks like a model, she is not for my lens," said Parks. He wanted energy and individuality, and found it in women like Wenda, the willowy actress he married in 1947, Celia Hammond, Jerry Hall, Iman, and Appollonia van Ravenstein. Parkinson's long association with Vogue and his numerous assignments for Harper's Bazaar, Queen, and other international magazines brought him fame and recognition—in return he gave the fashion world ineffable style and unforgettable images.
Parks: A Harlem Family 1967
Author: Gordon Parks
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2013 - Pages: 112
Gordon Parks: A Harlem Family 1967 honours the legacy and the work of late iconic artist and photojournalist Gordon Parks, who would have turned 100 on November 30, 2012. The exhibition catalogue is co-published by The Studio Museum in Harlem and The Gordon Parks Foundation and features approximately eighty black and white photographs of the Fontenelle family, whose lives Gordon Parks documented as part of a 1968 Life magazine photo essay. A searing portrait of poverty in the United States, the Fontenelle photographs provide a view of Harlem through the narrative of a specific family at a particular moment in time.
Parks: The Making of an Argument:
Author: Gordon Parks
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2014 - Pages: 136
Parks: The Photographs of Gordon Parks
Author: Charles Johnson
Publisher: GILES
Year: 2011 - Pages: 64
Following on from the publication of the first six books featuring The Library of Congress’ internationally renowned collection of Farm Security Administration (FSA) and Office of War Information (OWI) photographs, the series continues with images chosen from the works of Gordon Parks. Born in 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas, the youngest of fifteen children in a poor tenant-farming family, Parks was working odd jobs in Minnesota when he saw the work of FSA photographers in a magazine and was inspired to buy a camera. His early pictures landed him a position as Roy Stryker’s apprentice in 1942. Among his extraordinary FSA photos is “American Gothic,” which shows charwoman Ella Watson posed with mop and broom against an American flag. After the FSA, Parks worked at Life magazine. He also became a respected writer and film director. He died in 2006.
Pellegrin: Dies Irae
Author: Paolo Pellegrin
Publisher: Contrasto
Year: 2011 - Pages: 208
Throughout his career, Paolo Pellegrin received innumerable international prizes and awards that are indicative of how the strength and intelligence of his works can live through time as parts of a greater, coherent, and universal picture. Pellegrin represents a new generation of photographers aware of the modern means of production and distribution of images at their disposal. They offer a new way to look at the facts they document, always maintaining their ethics in the form and methods of their job.
Pellegrin: Storm
Author: Paolo Pellegrin
Publisher: Silvana Editoriale/Magnum Photos
Year: 2010 - Pages: 320
Each issue of Fashion Magazine is given over to the work of a single photographer; to date, Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Lise Sarfati and Alec Soth have all created acclaimed and instantly collectible editions of the magazine. For its fifth issue, Fashion Magazine invites Italian photographer and photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin (born 1964) to build a narrative from an array of his images--aerial views, portraits, fashion photos and double-page advertising. Pellegrin presents some 200 images, some of which are spreads, and about half of which are full color. Pelegrin's photography has been the subject of six previous monographs, among them Kosovo 1999-2000: The Flight of Reason (2002), Double Blind (2007) and As I Was Dying (2007). He is a member of Magnum and a contract photographer for Newsweek.
Penn: A Career in Photography
Author: Irving Penn
Publisher: Bulfinch
Year: 1998 - Pages: 192
Irving Penn’s photographs have become iconic documents of an era––from his fashion and commercial editorials to his series of nudes and portraits of artists, musicians, writers, celebrities, and tribesmen of New Guinea, Peru, and Morocco. Originally published in 1997 to accompany an exhibition celebrating the Irving Penn Collection and Archives at the Art Institute of Chicago, this book examines Penn’s remarkable and wide-ranging career and his uncompromising artistic vision. With nearly 200 captivating photographs that span the entire scope of his artistic production––including poetic portraits of Cecil Beaton, Marcel Duchamp, Arshile Gorky, Elsa Schiaparelli, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Truman Capote––the book features essays by distinguished scholars and reflections by individuals who have known him well or collaborated with him. They also discuss Penn's particular genius for demonstrating how a profound and humane art can be created at the center of a society increasingly dominated by and enthralled with mass media.
Petersen: Anders Petersen
Author: Anders Petersen
Publisher: Max Ström
Year: 2013 - Pages: 384
Anders Petersen is one of Europe's most beloved documentary photographers. His black-and-white portraits, often of persons at the fringes of society-- prostitutes, transvestites, drunks and drug addicts--evince a rare compassion and warmth, and his images of lovers (one famous example of which adorns the cover of Tom Waits' Rain Dogs) have come to constitute recurrent motifs throughout his oeuvre, expressing his "exaltation of humanity" (as a recent exhibition was titled).
Plossu in México: Vámonos!
Author: Bernard Plossu
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2014 - Pages: 336
For more than 15 years, French photographer Bernard Plossu took extended trips to Mexico to photograph people, landscapes and a culture in flux. Vámanos! Bernard Plossu in México captures the bohemian adventures of this traveler's four journeys, the first in 1965-66 and the last in 1981. His black-and-white and color images have transfixed generations of young people in France, who cherish him in the way young Americans celebrate Jack Kerouac. Plossu's romantic vision encompasses coquettish women, peasants at work, fog-wrapped trails in the jungle and waves lapping at sandy beaches. Yet Plossu is also aware of poverty and the challenges facing a modernizing society, and his photographs capture the nobility of all his subjects. Containing more than 300 photographs and organized into chapters representing each of his Mexican journeys, this is the first compilation of Plossu's Mexican work.
Power: Portraits of World Leaders
Author: Platon
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Year: 2011 - Pages: 224
Power brings readers face to face with the major world leaders of today. In this one-of-a-kind collection, PlatonWorld Press Photographer of the Yearturns his lens on 150 current international leaders from across the political spectrum to create a profound portrait of global power. Shot within a twelve-month period at the United Nations, and captured with unique candor and insight, these photographs offer an intimate glimpse of the personalities behind the public faces of the world's most powerful decision-makers. With an incisive text by New Yorker editor and Pulitzer Prize winner David Remnick, this comprehensive historical record of our time is an essential volume for anyone interested in world politics.
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