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Jean-François Jonvelle
Jonvelle: The 100 Best Photographs
Jean-François Jonvelle, Didier Poupard
Inside Out
JR, Chris Anderson, Pharrell Williams, Marc Azoulay
JR: Chronicles
JR, Anne Pasternak, Drew Sawyer, Sharon Matt Atkins
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 Blue Violet by Cig Harvey
A book of deeply personal and lush photographs, drawings, and writing, Blue Violet is Cig Harvey's celebration of the natural world and the senses.
Muhammad Ali:  the man, the legend, and the myth
TASCHEN's Muhammad Ali book presents the man, the legend, and the myth in all his raw, prime glory. As the man said, in one of the best-known Muhammad Ali quotes, you have to "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" to be the greatest.
The Men Who Would Be King by Jon Tonks & Christopher Lord
Why do men dream of being worshipped by people on the other side of the world? It is an old fantasy, going back to the early explorers as imperial powers cast their eyes hungrily around the world. From Captain Cook to Hernan Cortes, they all came back with a peculiar tale that they'd been received as a god by the people they encountered in distant lands.
Wild and Fearless by National Geographic photographer, Uri Lovevild Golman
The book takes you on the incredible journey Uri has been on going from a boy to a man, from soldier to photographer. It is a raw and honest story about his passion for adventure, his love for nature and how he died and came back to life.
Vanishing Points by Michael Sherwin
Vanishing Points is a long-term photography project that focuses on significant sites of Indigenous American presence, including sacred landforms, earthworks, documented archaeological sites and contested battlegrounds. The book combines beautiful large format landscape images with smaller still lifes of objects and debris collected at the sites.
My Brother’s War: Jessica Hines
My Brother's War tells the story of a soldier, Gary Hines, and his younger sister's search to understand the circumstances surrounding his life with Post Traumatic Stress - and his untimely death by his own hand ten years after returning home from the Vietnam war
Pornoland Redux by Stefano De Luigi
Stefano De Luigi's new book. Twenty years later, the author has completely revisited his work, the subject of his first book, restoring in it a more personal vision with more than half of the unpublished photographs.<
Celebrating Humanity by Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper, a Colorado-based photographer, has partnered with British publisher Photiq to produce Celebrating Humanity: Faces from Five Continents, a fine-art book of Cooper's travel portrait photography. The photographs in the book portray people in all walks of life, young and old, at home where they live and work.
Ed Kashi: Abandoned Moments
The new book by American photographer Ed Kashi tells the story about the energy of a moment and the chaos of everyday life.
All About Photo Awards 2022
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Call for Entries
All About Photo Awards 2022
Win $10,000 cash prizes and international exposure