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Ruud Van Empel: Photoworks 1995-2010
Ruud Van Empel, Deborah Klochko, Oscar van den Boogaard, Ruud Schenk
A Career of Japan
Baron Raimund Von Stillfried, Luke Gartlan
Once upon a time: Visions of old Japan
Baron Raimund Von Stillfried, Felice Beato, Chantal Edel, Pierre Loti
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BEUYS LAND by Gerd Ludwig and Frank Mehring
BEUYS LAND is the first book to position the Lower Rhine’s natural landscape and Beuys’ (alleged) birthplace, Kleve, at the core of Beuys’ universe.
Entropy By Diane Tuft
Since 1998, mixed-media artist Diane Tuft has traveled the world recording the environmental factors shaping the Earth’s changing landscape. Entropy, Tuft’s fourth monograph, focuses specifically on water and its radical transformation under the unrelenting pressures of climate change. Featuring an exquisite selection of photographs and haikus woven throughout, this book provides a startling yet captivating glimpse into the beauty we stand to lose.
Dogtown by Dotan Saguy
DOGTOWN - The Pups of Venice Beach is a street photography project that captures the lively and humanistic essence of the dogs of Venice Beach, California.
Debbie Bentley: Dammed
The main stem of the Colorado River flows from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the Mexico border. And while it provides water for almost 40 million people and irrigates 5.5 million acres of farmland throughout the American West, it is also one of the most over-allocated, highly controlled, and endangered rivers. Through extensive research of the historical as well as current day contextual factors and implications, photographer Debbie Bentley presents a comprehensive documentation of the river, its 16 dams, the reservoirs, and people in its path in her new book, Dammed: Birth to Death of the Colorado River (Daylight Books).
Fragile by Paul Hart
Paul Hart’s latest body of work Fragile (2020-23) is a personal reflection on nature and was made in the landscape close to his home in England. The aesthetic is rooted in the notion of a heightened awareness of the natural world, of both a physical engagement and spiritual connection to the land. Whilst becoming absorbed in this instinctual, visceral approach, Hart has become acutely aware of both the physical beauty and delicate vulnerability of these natural forms. Although concerns of the environment and sustainability are present throughout, Fragile departs from the central study of place usually associated with his work, to evoke a more abstract ethereal sensibility.
Dear Greif Issue 16
Der Greif and Shirin Neshat put out an open call, inspired by the line „I am a common pain, scream me“ from Ahmad Shamlou‘s poem “Common Love”, printed on the inner cover of this issue.
Look at Me by Scot Sothern
In a poignant exploration of humanity, Scot Sothern’s latest project, LOOK AT ME, turns a provocative lens on homelessness, Hollywood tourism, and the unseen struggles of everyday Americans. Through the lens of alternative street photography, Sothern positions himself as a modern-day vagabond, echoing the profiles of those he encounters on his odyssey, coming face to face with humankind, capturing the unfiltered essence of life at its most candid.
God’s Promises Mean Everything by Mark Chapman
God’s Promises Mean Everything spans seven years in the life of Derek, a homeless hostel resident who lives in Teesside in the North East of England – an area that has a rich industrial history and was formerly a major iron and steel hub. After being granted permission by the hostel, he visited Derek 1-2 times a month – to drop off food or hang out, talk or just listen to music. Through these visits, this time spent in each others’ company became essential to the work and allowed a unique fully collaborative project to develop.
Dominoes by Roland Ramanan
Dominoes is a unique and vibrant mosaic of the lives that float in and around a particular corner of Hackney in London’s East End. The book is populated by intimate pictures of people who have experienced addiction and pain as well as the deep joys of the community of which they are a part. Gillett Square was derelict and underdeveloped for years until, in the 1990s it became an experiment in urban regeneration. Just like the dominoes that are now played in the square, those lives are often precarious.
AAP Magazine #41: B&W
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AAP Magazine #41: B&W
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