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Ralph Ellison: Photographer
Ralph Ellison, Peter W. Kunhardt Jr., Michal Raz-Russo, John F. Callahan
From Back Home
Anders Petersen, JH Engström
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Rising among ruins, Dancing amid bullets by Maryam Ashrafi
The struggle of the Kurdish people and their fight for freedom and fundamental rights have not come to an end, and therefore this book cannot portray all of their journeys, nor shall I stop documenting what is still to come. Yet I believe, as a witness, I owe it to history and to those I have met for sharing some of these images in this book to show part of their journey to freedom and equality
A Poor Sort of Memory by Tracy L Chandler
A new book, by photographer Tracy L Chandler, explores the memory she has of, and trauma she associates with, growing up. A Poor Sort of Memory, published by Deadbeat Club, is Chandler’s debut monograph, and is a collection of serene, eerie, and minimalist landscapes. Chandler decided to revisit and photograph her Californian desert hometown, particularly locations she remembers escaping to as a youth - places she found solace in from the morbid chaos of her family home. As a result, her images emanate unshakeable feelings of claustrophobia and alienation, and are haunted by ghosts, memories, and emotions of yesteryear.
Hans of Istanbul by Timurtas Onan
Renowned for his photography and documentary films on Istanbul's urban transformation, Timurtaş Onan dedicates his latest book to the inns and inhabitants of the Historical Peninsula and Sirkeci. "Occasionally, I catch snippets of music on the streets, scenes from films, or lines from poems.Sometimes, I see the characters from novels or movies in the people I photograph. Other times, I simply enjoy the moment without taking any photos, savouring a café in a back alley."
Sherrie Nickol by Sherrie Nickol
Photographer Sherrie Nickol captures relationships, environments, and everyday life, both intimate and public. Her inaugural book, self-titled Sherrie Nickol (Hirmer Publishers), takes us on a journey through time and place. This stunning new release organizes scenes of familiarity, domesticity, public spaces, and private life into five distinct sections. It will be available for purchase in August 2024 in the EU/UK and September 2024 in the United States.
D-DAY. The Normandy Landings. The Liberation of Europe
June 6, 2024: for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the new photographic book from the Zoom Archives series published by Rodolfo Namias Editore in collaboration with History & Photography
BEUYS LAND by Gerd Ludwig and Frank Mehring
BEUYS LAND is the first book to position the Lower Rhine’s natural landscape and Beuys’ (alleged) birthplace, Kleve, at the core of Beuys’ universe.
Entropy By Diane Tuft
Since 1998, mixed-media artist Diane Tuft has traveled the world recording the environmental factors shaping the Earth’s changing landscape. Entropy, Tuft’s fourth monograph, focuses specifically on water and its radical transformation under the unrelenting pressures of climate change. Featuring an exquisite selection of photographs and haikus woven throughout, this book provides a startling yet captivating glimpse into the beauty we stand to lose.
Dogtown by Dotan Saguy
DOGTOWN - The Pups of Venice Beach is a street photography project that captures the lively and humanistic essence of the dogs of Venice Beach, California.
Debbie Bentley: Dammed
The main stem of the Colorado River flows from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the Mexico border. And while it provides water for almost 40 million people and irrigates 5.5 million acres of farmland throughout the American West, it is also one of the most over-allocated, highly controlled, and endangered rivers. Through extensive research of the historical as well as current day contextual factors and implications, photographer Debbie Bentley presents a comprehensive documentation of the river, its 16 dams, the reservoirs, and people in its path in her new book, Dammed: Birth to Death of the Colorado River (Daylight Books).
AAP Magazine #41: B&W
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AAP Magazine #41: B&W
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #41 B&W
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes