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The Heavens: Annual Report
Gabriele Galimberti, Paolo Woods
Land of Cush
Cedric Gerbehaye, Jon Lee Anderson
Beat Memories
Allen Ginsberg, Sarah Greenough
On the Mines
David Goldblatt, Nadine Gordimer
Emmet Gowin
Keith Davis, Emmet Gowin, Carlos Gollonet
Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves
End Times
Paul Wombell, Jill Greenberg
Harry Gruyaert
Francois Hebel, Harry Gruyaert
Andreas Gursky
Frederik Stjernfelt, Poul Erik Tøjner, Andreas Gursky
Andreas Gursky
Peter Galassi, Glenn D. Lowry, Andreas Gursky
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Holy by Donna Ferrato
If you know Donna, she lives her art. She is angry. She is empathic. She is loving. She is committed. This book, Holy, is an encapsulation of her anger; a compendium of her empathy; a 176-page vessel of her love; a lifetime of her commitment.
Mountains by John Hakansson
A photographic journey into another scale, when travel in the real world was limited. John Håkansson has depicted tree stumps from a low perspective and shown them having grown into mountains.
Bus Response by Dougie Wallace
Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dougie Wallace has been out photographing on the streets of London, capturing the changing moods of the city and its population.
Backroads Buildings, In Search Of The Vernacular
Steve Gross & Susan Daley have been photographing these buildings for many years on our travels in examination of the changing American landscape and to document for their aesthetic & cultural value
Istanbul: A City of Strange and Curious Moments by Timurtas Onan
As one of the key figures of contemporary photography in Turkey and known for his projects in different concepts on Istanbul, Timurtaş Onan offers us a retrospective selection of his works between 2000-2020 in his new book 'Istanbul: A City of Strange and Curious Moments'
Panopticon by Riccardo Dogana
To watch, to see everything, to watch the world staying at its center. To be like God. [...] But this center has no place in a traditional geography: it is the endless, wild, mysterious Big Data electronic prairies. And this is an opportunity for everyone, through the medium of screens: getting to violate (and of letting the others violate) the intimate vestibule of space and time, with a look.
The chrysalis and the Lantanas, diary of a cisgender man
After several introspective journeys around the world, Avarino Caracò decides to explore the identity dimension of his Sicilian land. In this book, just published for PM Edizioni in the form of a personal diary, the author questions his path as a photographer and as an individual, facing his own limits as a cisgender person, and dealing with 11 transgender and non-binary people. 11 different stories that represent everyday life and resilience of very different people, who share a common difficult and hostile cultural territory towards non-heteronormative gender identities.
SPECTACLES: A Memoir of Jewelry and Photography
In his fourth book, Stephen Albair-by his own admission "an artist obsessed with recasting found objects and first-person experiences"-presents what he terms "a memoir told through photography and jewelry design.
A Place of Our Own by Iris Hassid
For six years (2014-2020) Tel Aviv-based photographer and artist Iris Hassid followed the day to day life of four young Palestinian women, citizens of Israel, who are part of a recent surge of the young generation of Arab female students attending Tel Aviv University.
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