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AAP Magazine #39 Shadows
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American Bedroom by Barbara Peacock
For seven years, American photographer Barbara Peacock crisscrossed the United States photographing people in the spaces they defined as their bedrooms. The bedroom is an inherently personal space where humans are perhaps at their most vulnerable. Whether a room in a house, a camper, or an outdoor space, Peacock presents a body of work that invites the viewer to consider the stories we each carry, and how those unify us all.
Nick Brandt: Sink / Rise, The Day May Break: Chapter Three
SINK / RISE is the third chapter of The Day May Break, an ongoing global series portraying people and animals that have been impacted by environmental degradation and destruction. This third chapter focuses on South Pacific Islanders impacted by rising oceans from climate change. The local people in these photos, photographed underwater in the ocean off the coast of the Fijian islands, are representatives of the many people whose homes, land and livelihoods will be lost in the coming decades as the water rises. Everything is shot in-camera underwater.
Rotan Switch by Lisa McCord
The passing of time has a way of adding context and layers of meaning to any story, and photographer Lisa McCord's expansive and nuanced project and book, Rotan Switch, (Kehrer Verlag, May 2024) reflects the dedication of over 40 years of observation and documentation of her rural southern family farm and community.
Exclusive Interview with Michael Joseph
I discovered Michael Joseph's work in 2016, thanks to Ann Jastrab. I was immediately captivated by the power of his beautiful black and white photographs from his series 'Lost and Found.' His haunting portraits of young Travelers have stayed with me ever since.
Girlhood: Lost and Found by Jamie Schofield Riva
Through conceptual imagery, intimate portraits, and reflections in writing from a wide variety of women and girls ages 13-81, artist and former actor and model Jamie Schofield Riva presents an in-depth exploration of what it's like as a girl trying to navigate a world full of "preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman." Her selection of images presents an assessment between generations of the intersections between cultural and social conditioning and messages about the female gender, and considerations of the implication of the stereotypes of femininity.
Brice Gelot: Archives Book Vol.1
Renowned photographer Brice Gelot is proud to announce the release his first Archives book. This stunning volume offers a captivating journey through his lens, showcasing his unique perspective and profound artistic vision, featuring a carefully curated selection of his most iconic works,
Tariq Zaidi: North Korea The People’s Paradise
In January 2020, North Korea officially closed its borders. But even before that date, photographing the enigmatic landscapes of North Korea posed immense challenges due to the regime's strict control and prohibition of unauthorized photography. However, from a vast archive of images captured painstakingly over two years, in this book Tariq Zaidi curates a selection of more than 100 remarkable photographs that offer a wider perspective on a society often misunderstood and overshadowed by stereotypes.
Hong Kong by Mikko Takkunen
In his debut photobook 'Hong Kong' (Kehrer Verlag, April 2024), Finnish photographer and New York Times' photo editor Mikko Takkunen captures one of the world’s great metropolises in the aftermath of political protests and on the brink of a pandemic. Inspired by New York School masters like Louis Faurer and Saul Leiter, he presents Hong Kong in a new light, exploring hidden perspectives and moods. His photographs, balancing between documentary and subjective, are accompanied by an essay by Geoff Dyer. Amidst the city's uncertainties in 2020 and facing the impending relocation of his family overseas, Takkunen felt an urgent need to document the city while he still could. 'Hong Kong' is a poignant farewell, encapsulating his love for the city and concerns about what might be lost as it undergoes irreversible changes.
Christer Strömholm
Christer Strömholm is recognised as one of the major figures of 20th century European photography. Strömholm captured his surroundings in black‐and‐white images that display his integrity, understated humour and a highly personal aesthetic. With an unmistakable sensitivity to human suffering, based on his personal experience, he took photography in a new direction. Sean O’Hagan, writing in The Guardian, has described him “as the father of Swedish photography both for his abiding influence and for his role as a teacher.”
AAP Magazine #39: Shadows
April 2024 Online Solo Exhibition
AAP Magazine #39: Shadows
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #39 Shadows
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes