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All About Photo Awards 2023
All About Photo Awards 2023 Issue Details
Format: US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
Pages: 100 with approx. 100+ photos in color and black and white
Cover: Winners of 2023 Edition
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (USD)
Published: April 23, 2023
Now in its 8th year, All About Photo Awards - The Mind's Eye has become the place to look for discovering new talents and celebrating outstanding photographers. This year the jurors selected 39 winners who originate from 18 different countries and across 5 continents. Most of this year's submissions were in color as are four of the five winning images. Many submitted images to this year's competition reflected on the catastrophic events happening in the world, including the war in Ukraine, but in the end, only two images out of the 45 selected are about the conflict. Overall, this year's selection emphasizes less on the emotional aspect and focuses more heavily on strong aesthetics.

This issue features the following artists:
Photographer of the Year 2023: Priyo Widiyanto (Indonesia)
Second place winner: Haikun Liang (China)
Third place winner: Raul Cacho Oses (Spain)
Fourth place winner: Andrea Bettancini (Italy)
Fifth place winner: Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra (Spain)

The other featured photographers are: Deba Prasad Roy (India), Joseph-Philippe Bevillard (Ireland), Laurie Freitag (United States), Mateusz Zurowski (Poland), Gavin Libotte (Australia), Tony Law (Australia), Tariq Zaidi (United Kingdom), Tommaso Vecchi (Italy), Matt McClain (United States), Emily Fisher (United States), Patricia McElroy (United States), Stefano Rosselli (Italy), Maria Bratan (Republic of Moldova), Alejandro Martinez Velez (Spain), Guy Chapellier (France), Ingmar Björn Nolting (Germany), Mauro De Bettio (Italy), Supratim Bhattacharjee (India), Azim Khan Ronnie (Bangladesh), Rico X. (Grenada/United Arab Emirates), Rebecca Moseman (United States), Pedro Jarque Krebs (Peru), Baptiste Hugnet (France), Natalya Saprunova (Russia/France), Mitchell Anolik (United States), Wendy Stone (United States), Wen Hua Chen (Taiwan), Muhammad Amdad Hossain (Bangladesh), Klaus Lenzen (Germany), Shahriar Farzana (Bangladesh), Frank Machalowski (Germany), Susanne Middelberg (Netherlands), Huaifeng Li (China) and Whitney Dafoe (United States)

Members of the jury: Lisa Kristine (Humanitarian Photographer), Harvey Stein (Photographer, Teacher, Lecturer, Author and Curator), Ann Jastrab (Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA), Balwin Lee (Photographer, Teacher), Marcus Yam (Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent and staff photographer, Winner All About Photo Awards 2022), Francesca Hummler (Photographer, Community Manager at Der Greif Magazine), Kenneth Dickerman (Photographer, Photo Assignment Editor for the Washington Post) and Sandrine Hermand-Grisel (Photographer, Founder & Editor of All About Photo)

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