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AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES
Issue #13 Details
Format: US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
Pages: 96 pages with approx. 100+ photos in full color and black-and-white
Cover: JP Terlizzi
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (USD)
Published: October 17, 2020
Each selected photographer for this 13th edition of AAP Magazine redefines the strength and appeal of photography as an independent art form. They explore composition and shapes as a fundamental aspect of the photographic aesthetic, be it purely artistic or in support of a narrative. Their visual language and techniques are as diverse as their backgrounds and they each demonstrate their unique interpretation of the chosen theme.
This issue features the following artists:
First place winner: JP Terlizzi (United States),
Second place winner: Wendel Wirth (United States),
Third place winner: Klaus Lenzen (Belgium),

Merit Awards:
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart (United States), Zak van Biljon (Switzerland), Hyun De Grande (Belgium), Hans Wichmann (Germany), Steven Raskin (United States), Fabrizio Spucches (Italy), Deborah Bay (United States), Donell Gumiran (United Arab Emirates), Marcus Trappaud Bjørn (Denmark), Kevin Lyle (United States), Songyuan Ge (China), Nicola Ducati (Italy), Axel Breutigam (Canada), Frank Lynch (Switzerland), Barry Guthertz (United States), Karine Coll (France), Francesco Pace Rizzi (Italy), Abdulla AL-Mushaifri (Qatar), Rosario Civello (Italy), Ursula Reinke (Germany), Golnaz Abdoli (United States) and Don Jacobson (United States).
Here's a Peek of What's Inside AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #13: SHAPES

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