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AAP Magazine #21: Colors
Issue #21 Details
Format: US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
Pages: 92 with approx. 100+ photos in full color
Cover: Vitaly Golovatyuk
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (USD)
Published: December 05, 2021
Life is a stream of colors. Red, blue, yellow, and all the possible combinations in between surround us everywhere. For this 21st edition of AAP Magazine, we were looking for submissions of works of art in which the only limit to creativity was the photographer's imagination.
This issue features the following artists:
First place winner: Vitaly Golovatyuk (Russian Federation),
Second place winner: Jerry Takigawa (United States),
Third place winner: Amy Anderson (United States),

Merit Awards:
Milos Nejezchleb (Czech Republic), Blondeau Xavier (France), Judi Iranyi (Hungary/United States), Trung Pham Huy (Vietnam), Klaus Lenzen (Germany), Guido Klumpe (Germany), Lello Fargione (Italy), Kyle Everett Smith (United States), Max van der Wal (Netherlands), Bootsy Holler (United States), Joseph-Philippe Bevillard (Ireland), Pat Rose (United States), Shira Gold (Canada), Joan Haseltine (United States), Diana Cheren Nygren (United States), Graham Earnshaw (Australia), Natalia Koshevova (Russian Federation), Joanna Borowiec (Poland), Paul Gravett (Canada), Nicoletta Cerasomma (Italy) and Robert Koss (United States),
Here's a Peek of What's Inside AAP Magazine #21: Colors
AAP Magazine #21: Colors
AAP Magazine #21: Colors
AAP Magazine #21: Colors
AAP Magazine #21: Colors

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