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AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES
Issue #4 Details
Format: 8.5x11 in, 22x28 cm (US Letter)
Pages: 84 pages with approx. 100+ photos in full color and black-and-white
Cover: Monica Denevan
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (USD)
Published: November 08, 2018
For the fourth issue of AAP Magazine we chose eighteen photographers for their different approach to the idea of Shapes. Their work is diverse: documentary, architecture, nudes, still life, abstractions, images ranging from early historical processes like the wet plate collodion tintype to contemporary digital photography.

We hope their images will inspire you and that their different approaches to the same theme will open your mind to new possibilities, to different techniques and perspectives. Enjoy!

This issue features the following artists:
This issue features the following photographers: Monica Denevan (First place Winner - United States), Joshua SariƱana (Second place Winner - United States), Yelena Zhavoronkova (Third place Winner - United States), Katia Platonova (Merit Award - Russian Federation), Marcel van Balken (Merit Award - Netherlands), Evgeny Matveev (Merit Award - Russian Federation), Steven Raskin (Merit Award - United States), George McCann (Merit Award - United States), Allison Roberts (Merit Award - United States), Sylvain Heraud (Merit Award - France), r.a.tinoko (Merit Award - United Kingdom), Magali Chesnel (Merit Award - France), Aristo Risi (Merit Award - Australia), Jenny Sampson (Merit Award - United States), Barbara Dombach (Merit Award - United States), Craig Schwanfelder (Merit Award - United States), Wendi Schneider (Merit Award - United States), and Philip Sager (Merit Award - United States).

Here's a Peek of What's Inside AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES
AAP Magazine #4: SHAPES

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