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Talk Soon by Erik Kessels & Thomas Sauvin

Posted on February 26, 2021 - By Atelier Editions
Talk Soon by Erik Kessels & Thomas Sauvin
Talk Soon by Erik Kessels & Thomas Sauvin
Atelier Éditions is pleased to announce Talk Soon, a special collaboration with Dutch artist Erik Kessels and French artist Thomas Sauvin, releasing in the US on February 26th ,2021(preoder was live from Holiday 2020).

Talk Soon is the wordless quarantined dialogue between the two artists. Every day, through- out that tumultuous spring of 2020, Erik and Thomas sent one another idiosyncratic, uncaptioned photographs; catalysing an organic, free-associative exchange of some 120 archival images.

Atelier Éditions' author Kingston Trinder then composed an equally free-associative, alto- gether-whimsical narrative with which to further entwine the duo's eclectic photographs. These two archives of vernacular photography, one from the East, the other from the West, achieve a dialogue through the recurrence of photographic practices, aesthetics, and subjects.

Talk Soon, a tearaway postcard book, allows readers to endlessly juxtapose the delightful photographs selected by the two quarantined artists. They can create nonsensical narratives, unex- pected sequences, and entertaining tableaux by turning each colourful page. And the wholesome fam- ily fun need not end there. Readers can mail-out these wonderful photographs to loved ones, and produce their very own, one-of-a-kind, Talk Soon exchange. Or, tear out all the cards to recreate the original exchange sequence, then turn the cards over to reveal an abstract tale.

Talk Soon

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