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Winners of Narratives Announced

Posted on November 23, 2020 - By Praxis Gallery
Winners of Narratives Announced
Winners of Narratives Announced

Exhibition Dates: Nov 21st - Dec 14th, 2020 at Praxis Gallery

International Juried Photography Exhibition

The photograph's power as a narrative tool is derived from the impression that what is captured within the frame is an accurate representation of what actually occurred at a specific moment in time. As complete or comprehensive as any narrative may appear to be, it will always be subject to a process of including some elements and excluding others. These inclusions and exclusion are a crucial part of what photographic storytelling is all about - What is being presented within the frame to the viewer - and what is being left out or left to the viewer's imagination.

Praxis Gallery presents photographic works of art that explore the development of visual narratives through the still image. Stories may take any shape or form; they may be literal or fantasy, documentary or fiction; complex or minimal.

The Juror for this Exhibition was Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, a photographer and the founder of the acclaimed website All About Photo. She is also the curator of AAP Magazine and the juror of photo competitions worldwide.

Karoline Schneider

Heads © Karoline Schneider, Juror's Choice Award

All About Karoline Schneider
Karoline Schneider's Website

Mirja Maria Thiel

All This Love - Irene and Günter Part III © Mirja Maria Thiel, Director's Choice Award

Mirja Maria Thiel's Website

Jakub Wawrzak

Oasis - Number 2, A.B. Dobrowolski Polar Station © Jakub Wawrzak , Honorable Mention

Jakub Wawrzak's Website

Nika De Carlo

I Forgot I Loved You © Nika De Carlo, Honorable Mention

Nika De Carlo's Website

Cince Johnston

I Forgot I Loved You © Cince Johnston, Honorable Mention

Cince Johnston's Website

Geoffrey Agrons

Hospice - The Eastern Light © Geoffrey Agrons, Honorable Mention

Geoffrey Agrons' Website

Elizabeth Bailey

Secrets © Elizabeth Bailey

Stephen Jess

N Train, New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn © Stephen Jess

Henriette Tronrud

Racing Mind Number 6 © Henriette Tronrud

Cince Johnston

Cholangitis © Cince Johnston

Fabiane Aleixo

A Spark of Playfullness Amidts the Chaos © Fabiane Aleixo

Diana Cheren Nygren

Hey Down There © Diana Cheren Nygren

Michael Hunter Thompson

Late Shift © Michael Hunter Thompson

Jonathan Frydman

Unity © Jonathan Frydman

About Praxis Gallery
Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center is a non-profit community-based arts organization that aims to support the development of new and emerging photographic artists. Praxis Gallery provides solo and group show exhibition opportunities to local and international media artists. Praxis Photographic Arts Center offers a range of learning opportunities for beginning, intermediate and professional photographers through workshops and seminars. With an emphasis on creative expression and innovation, Praxis promotes photographic exhibitions and learning opportunities that inform, challenge and engage the individual artist, with an imperative on promoting the work of our artists to local and international audiences.

Ross Anderson: Director. Ross is a longstanding member of the vibrant photographic and media arts community in Minneapolis and his award-winning work has been shown around the world. Ross created Praxis to advance the development of emerging and professional photographic media artists through exhibitions and education.
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AAP Magazine #40 Portrait
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