All About Photo Awards 2019

Fabio Bucciarelli

Italian Photographer | Born: 1980

Fabio Bucciarelli (Italy, 1980) is a documentary photographer who focus his work on conflicts and on humanitarian consequences of war. Fabio spent the latest years covering the major world changing events in Africa and Middle East. He reported from Libya from its earliest stages until the death of Gheddafi, from Syria during the civil war and from forgotten countries in Africa as South Sudan and Mali. He feels the urgency to tell the story of people who are rendered powerless and to provide unbiased information focused on human rights. Before becoming a photographer, Fabio received a MS in Engineering in 2006 from Politecnico of Turin. He also attended the Universidad of Valencia where he specialized in digital imaging. From 2009 he devoted himself entirely to photography and started working as staff photographer for the agency La Presse/Ap. A cuples of year after he leaved the agency to start devoting himself entirely documentary photography. He collaborates with AFP and LUZphoto and with different NGO’s. Fabio’s images won several international awards such as Robert Capa Gold Medal, World Press Photo, Pictures of The Year, SONY award and FotoEvidence Book Awards, and his work has been published by The New York Time, TIME, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Guardian and Observer, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Die Zeit, Paris Match, Internazionale, La Repubblica among others. Recently he also started works as writer for Italians newspapers. He wrote the book ‘The Smell of the War’ on the Libyan conflict.
All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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