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Paris Photo 2023

Posted on November 08, 2023 - By Paris Photo
Paris Photo 2023
Paris Photo 2023

Grand Palais Éphémère November 9-12, 2023

For its 26th edition, Paris Photo is back in the Grand Palais Éphémère for a third time. Boasting a new sector dedicated to digital art, the leading international photography fair is pushing the boundaries of the medium even further in order to best anticipate its future. The recent rise of artificial intelligence image generators is having a significant impact on the practice of photography, making the artist’s unique perspective all the more fundamental, whether they choose to incorporate these new technologies into their work or, instead, to break away from them. As such, Paris Photo is part of a contemporary reflection on the future of culture and the arts, something to which the Grand Palais Éphémère has already contributed by hosting three editions of Palais Augmenté, the first festival dedicated to artistic creation in augmented reality and immersive cultural innovations.

This new innovation-focused edition of Paris Photo will also be the last to take place at the Grand Palais Éphémère, which will disappear after hosting some of the Olympic and Paralympic competitions. Over the course of its four years of existence, photography has occupied an important place in the programme at the Grand Palais Éphémère, as the exhibition i need to live, on the work of Juergen Teller (opening in December 2023), will illustrate. With its intimate, gently humorous perspective on human existence, the work of this contemporary German photographer echoes the philosophy of Paris Photo, inviting us to rethink the use of photography and the role of the artist. In 2024, Paris Photo will return to the Nave of the Grand Palais, restored and reopened for the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. I look forward to welcoming you back to the Grand Palais and wish Paris Photo a very successful 26th edition!

Didier Fusillier, President of the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais

Claudine Doury

Le camp Yantar, Crimée, Artek Tirage Lambda 26,5 x 40 cm © Claudine Doury, courtesy in camera galerie

Paris Photo is the unmissable event for artists, institutions, curators, collectors, journalists and photography enthusiasts, bringing together the best of international galleries and publishers. The 26th edition of the fair is taking place at the Grand Palais Ephémère from 9 to 12 November 2023. The challenges are threefold: to offer a selective photography panorama over nearly two centuries – historical photography, projects never seen before or emerging ones –, to bring together those playing a role in the ecosystem, but also the general public to fuel discussions around a programme rich of proposals, and finally, to anchor and promote the photography market and artists' books.

Paris Photo is at the heart of contemporary issues and atop its mission is to respond to the new challenges tied to the evolution of the medium. This edition introduces original curatorial directions and questions the limits of the medium. A new sector dedicated to photography in the digital age, curated by Nina Roehrs, presents artists integrating digital practices into their work. Promoting artistic diversity, applying technological innovation for artists to benefit from stimulating creative opportunities, giving accessibility to broaden horizons, and sharing with new audiences, are all vital levers for exploring how photography is changing, at the intersection of art and technology. We remain wholly committed to increase the visibility of women artists. We are proud to have seen women artist representation at Paris Photo go from 20% to 36% in 5 years! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Elles x Paris Photo, a publication, ELLES, published by Textuel, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Women In Motion, a Kering program highlighting women in arts and culture, will gather a collection of more than a hundred statements from artists selected over the years, and the voices of the curators who have contributed tothis programme since its beginning. This year, Fiona Rogers, curator of the Parasol Foundation Women in Photography programme at the Victoria & Albert Museum, proposes a dedicated path, as well as a series of conversations.

Coming to Paris Photo also means listening to conversations about current and socially committed issues, having a photobook signed by an artist, discussing ideas about emerging practices in the Curiosa sector, curated by Anna Planas, artistic director of Paris Photo, getting to know the French scene better, represented by almost a third of national galleries, or discovering our partners' exhibitions, including a selection of the JP Morgan Chase Art's collection, or Eva Nielsen and Marianne Derrien’s work for BMW Art Makers. Paris Photo is a socially committed fair, including in environmental issues, to foster new ideas, educate, and give as many people as possible new perceptions of the medium without denying its history, and nurture discussions. These are all directions we are encouraging and developing, to push boundaries in 2024 within the scope of returning the Grand Palais and its extended spaces. Until then, we look forward to seeing many of you at the Grand Palais Ephémère, for an edition full of discoveries!

Florence Bourgeois Director, Paris Photo

Nan Goldin

Thora at my vanity, Brooklyn, NY 2021 © Nan Goldin, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Hassan Hajjaj - 193 GALLERY* | Alberto García-Alix - ALBARRÁN BOURDAIS* | Matei Bejenaru - ANCA POTERASU | Omar Victor Diop - Lee Shulman, The Anonymous Project - BINOME & MAGNIN-A | Tom Wilkins - CHRISTIAN BERST ART BRUT | Jung Lee - CHRISTOPHE GUYE | Samuel Fosso - CHRISTOPHE PERSON* | Anastasia Samoylova - DOT FIFTYONE* | Johannes Brus - JUDITH ANDREAE | Ray Mortenson - L. PARKER STEPHENSON | Guido Guidi - LARGE GLASS* & VIASATERNA* | Nino Migliori - M77* | Gyula Zaránd - OLIVIER WALTMAN* | Sandra Kantanen - PURDY HICKS* | François Halard - RUTTKOWSKI;68* | Pascal Convert - RX | Juergen Teller - SUZANNE TARASIEVE | Paul Kooiker - TEGENBOSCHVANVREDEN* | Vasantha Yogananthan - THE PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY* | Jean-François Lepage - TOBE

David De Beyter & Thomas Devaux: BACQUEVILLE; Barbara Probst & Guy Tillim: KUCKEI+KUCKEI; Ken Ohara & Melissa Shook: LA PATINOIRE ROYALE BACH & MIYAKO YOSHINAGA; Judith Stenneken & Krisa Svalbonas: MARSHALL; Milagros de la Torre& Roberto Huarcaya: ROLF ART

Curiosa welcomes 16 galleries from 9 countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan), and illustrates once again the dynamism of the young international scene. Selected by the new artistic director, Anna Planas, 17 artists participate in the fair for the first time, with a solo show.

Nhu Xuan Hua - (1989, Paris, France) ANNE-LAURE BUFFARD* | Jonathan Rosić - (1979, Tirlemont, Belgique – Bruxelles, Belgique) ARCHIRAAR | Andrés Barón - (1986, Bogota, Colombie – Paris, France) DS GALERIE* | Ilanit Illouz - (1977, Paris, France) FISHEYE* | Massao Mascaro - (1990, Lille, France – Bruxelles, Belgique) GALERIE C* | Felipe Romero Beltrán - (1992, Bogota, Colombie – Madrid, Espagne) HATCH* | Constance Nouvel - (1985, Courbevoie, France – Paris, France) IN SITU - FABIENNE LECLERC* | Rebekka Deubner - (1989, Munich, Allemagne – Paris, France) JÖRG BROCKMANN* | Yelena Yemchuk - (1970, Kiev, Ukraine – New York, États-Unis) KOMINEK* | Hubert Crabières - (1988, Aix-en-Provence, France – Argenteuil, France) MADÉ* | Hoda Afshar - (1983, Téhéran, Iran – Melbourne, Australie) MILANI* | Kara Springer - (1980, Bridgerton, La Barbade – Toronto, Canada) PATEL BROWN* | Silvia Bigi - (1985, Ravenna, Italie – Milan, Italie) RED LAB* | Vivian Galban - (1969, Buenos Aires, Argentine) ROLF ART | Chen Ronghui - (1989, Lishui, China - Shanghai, China) UP* | Eleonore Lubna - (1989, Paris, France) | Louis Matton (1989, Paris, France) YOUNIQUE*

Hoda Afshar

Hoda Afshar, Untitled #12 (from In Turn series) Archival pigment print 165 x 132 cm © Hoda Afshar, Milani Gallery

Elles x Paris Photo is a program initiated in 2018 in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture, to promote women artists and their contribution to the history of photography. Since 2019, it is supported by Women In Motion, a Kering program that shines a light on the talent of women in arts and culture. Thanks to the participation of exhibiting galleries, the representation of women artists at the Fair has so far raised from 20% to 32% since the beginning of the Elles X Paris Photo program. The artists receive a yearlong exposure via with video interviews, resources and statistics dedicated to women in photography.

Alanna Fields YOSSI MILO, Alice Lex-Nerlinger KICKEN BERLIN, Ana Teresa Barboza ROBERT MANN, Annegret Soltau ANITA BECKERS, Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang STEPHEN DAITER, Bieke Depoorter MAGNUM, Carla Williams TBW, Carolyn DRAKE YANCEY RICHARDSON, Eva Nielsen et Marianne Derrien BMW ART MAKERS, Flor Garduño PATRICIA CONDE, Frida Orupabo STEVENSON, Gabriele Stötzer LOOCK, Graciela Iturbide TOLUCA, Grete Stern JULIAN SANDER, Hoda Afshar MILANI, Ilanit Illouz FISHEYE, Ishiuchi Miyako MICHAEL HOPPEN, Jo Ractliffe STEVENSON, Laia Abril LES FILLES DU CALVAIRE, Lola Flash JENKINS JOHNSON, Lotty Rosenfeld PURO CHILE, Malekeh Nayiny SILK ROAD, Mame-Diarra Niang STEVENSON, Martine Gutierrez RYAN LEE, Maya-Inès Touam LES FILLES DU CALVAIRE, Melissa Shook LA PATINOIRE ROYALE BACH & MIYAKO YOSHINAGA, Mickalene Thomas YANCEY RICHARDSON, Myriam Boulos MAGNUM, Nan Goldin SOPHIE SCHEIDECKER, Nhu Xhuan Hua ANNE-LAURE BUFFARD, Pixy Liao STIEGLITZ19, Sarah Sense BRUCE SILVERSTEIN, Shadi Ghadirian SILK ROAD, Tarrah Krajnak THOMAS ZANDER, Widline Cadet WEBBER, Yelena Yemchuk KOMINEK, Zanele Muholi YANCEY RICHARDSON, Zofia Kulik PERSONS PROJECTS

Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch, Camera, series Still Life, 2023, Courtesy of Kevin Abosch & Galerie Nagel Draxler Berlin, Cologne, Munich

Digital Sector
Paris Photo launches a new sector dedicated to photography in the digital age. Curated by digital art specialist Nina Roehrs, it will feature a selection of nine contemporary art galleries and curated platforms at the forefront of new technologies, showcasing artists who integrate digital realities into their work. Four thematic group exhibitions and five solo artist presentations will offer an in-depth presentation of photography at the intersection with technology and digitalisation.

David Horvitz | JEAN-KENTA GAUTHIER, Louisa Clement | KUNST & DENKER CONTEMPORARY*, Robbie Barrat, Albertine Meunier, u2p050 | L'AVANT GALERIE VOSSEN*, Aleksandra Art, Justin Aversano, Rosa Menkman, Operator, Quayola | LACOLLECTION*, Kevin Abosch | NAGEL DRAXLER*, Paolo Cirio | NOME*, Damjanski | OFFICE IMPART*, Vladimir Bonačić, Pierre Cordier, Boris Eldagsen, Herbert W. Franke, Hein Gravenhorst, Heinrich Heidersberger, Karl Martin Holzhäuser, Roger Humbert, Gottfried Jäger, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Michael Reisch | PHOTO EDITION BERLIN*, Sofia Crespo x Anna Ridler, Matt DesLauriers, Mario Klingemann, Manfred Mohr, Marcel Schwittlick, 0xDEAFBEEF | VERSE X NGUYEN WAHED*
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