All About Photo Awards 2019

Marco Guerra

Chilian Photographer | Born: 1965

Artist and Photographer Marco Guerra’s most recent work includes Cacerolazo, a series of 10 images inspired by the artist’s vivid childhood memories of marching along the women of Santiago who gathered at dusk daily to bang their empty pots and pans in loud protest of government policies in his native Chile. Cacerolazo is a personal examination of the strength and integrity of women and of their power to effect transformation. Each image emerges from a mosaic of 119 Polaroids arrayed as tiles. This project was commissioned for the 2012 Marrakech Biennale. The Thousand And One Dreams is a collection of large-scale images that combine photography and calligraphy. Created in collaboration with artist and partner Yasmina Alaoui, this body of work approaches the female body as canvas decorated with motifs that evoke middle-eastern traditions of henna tattoo and body decoration. Tales of Beauty, a series of photographs, also in collaboration with Yasmina Alaoui, explores how physical beauty is a malleable and unstable concept, a highly mediated experience. Tangiers is a series of 33 photographic images of anonymous women crossing a street at dawn in Tangiers, Morocco. These photographs capture the same street intersection at the same time at dawn over the course of two years. They are a voyeurs’ discrete observation of another culture, another way of life as it goes about its daily habits and routines. It represents the artists’ encounter with a vision of the exotic that evokes the attitudes and expressions of the Orientalist movement in the late 19th century. Images from these series have been exhibited internationally in New york, London, Paris, Geneva, Morocco, Dubai, Shanghai and are included in permanent collections around the world. Marco Guerra was born in Santiago Chile in 1965. He emigrated in 1979 to New York City, where he shares a home with partner and frequent collaborator, Moroccan/French artist Yasmina Alaoui and their son Issouan.
All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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