All About Photo Awards 2019

Bruce Mozert

American Photographer | Born: 1916
Bruce Mozert was born in Newark, Ohio on November 24, 1916. He had two sisters, Zoe Mozert (a famous pin-up artist) and Marsha (who did some hand modeling for Ponds Skin Cream). Bruce came to Florida in 1938 after leaving New York City where he had already established his photography career working with the number one Life photographer, Victor DePalma. He was doing the history of I.J. Miller Shoes when he came to Florida with his family. They were visiting St. Augustine when he found out they were shooting Tarzan pictures at Silver Springs. Upon arriving in Silver Springs he noticed there was no way to take underwater pictures except for a small tank which held one cameraman. He asked Wilton Martin, the public relations man at SS, if he could use their shop and build an underwater camera case. This was the first underwater camera case. His pictures came out so well that he took them to Mr. Martin and he turned them over to MGM who used them on their marquees throughout the country. Mr. Mozert has developed many underwater camera housings. The first high speed camera case, first underwater lighting, 4x5 case, and many others. He has had thousands of national and international wire photos. His pictures have been in Life, Look, Pic, National Geographic as well as having had three national covers in one month. He is still active and in his studio five days a week in Silver Springs.
All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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All About Photo Awards 2019
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