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Photo Schools & Classes: Montana  

1370 S 11th Ave
Bozeman, Montana - MT59717

At the MSU School of Film and Photography, students learn by doing. That's why the program has a reputation for turning students into working professionals who have a strong hands-on orientation that values putting theory into practice. Graduates leave with the skills and experience necessary to become successful visual storytellers.

216 N. Higgins Avenue
Missoula, Montana - MT59802

Rocky Mountain School of Photography isn't a building. Nor is it a classroom or a campus. In fact RMSP isn't an "it" at all.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography is a "we." We are a handshake, a return phone call and a human voice on the other end of the line. We are the light bulb that goes off in your head during the learning process; the extra effort that transforms "I'm trying toÖ" into "I got it!" We are that deep-down belly laugh you share with a like-minded stranger during a workshop, and that comfortable, at-ease feeling you have while photographing something you love. We are the experience you remember when asked, "how did you get that shot?"

A family-owned school that believes in the power of endless potential, we strive to educate, inspire and foster long-term growth in fun and supportive learning environments. Our instructors are engaging, professional, and focused. Our educational philosophy is built on the principle that with the right training, every student's goals are attainable. Our "people-first" approach to education has enabled thousands of individuals to improve their technique and further their abilities. This is just what happens when education is your lifestyle - as it has been ours since opening our doors in 1989.

0 University of Montana Campus
Missoula, Montana - MT59613

Photographic images define our culture and provide the foundation for visual communication. Within the School of Art, photography is approached as an art form that can convey an array of concepts and ideas. Students are taught to critically examine how they communicate through their images. The School of Artís BA and BFA degree programs provide broad, comprehensive instruction across artistic media, and the photography area recognizes a strength in mixing media, materials and interdisciplinary work.

The program embraces digital, analog and historic alternative processes. The photography division is committed to traditional film and wet labs as a core learning experience for photography students. This inclusive approach distinguishes this program as one dedicated to creative opportunity and craftsmanship. Students learn intention, process, materials and outcome. Visiting artists and lecturers expand the context of contemporary photography, and these visitors share their professional and commercial experiences to further prepare our students for their career goals.

The University of Montana School of Art offers a BFA and MFA with a specialization in photography. The University of Montana is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

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