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Camera Repairs: Indiana  

7701 East County Rd. 100 North
Avon, Indiana - IN 46123
Since we began repairing cameras back in the early 1970's photographic technology has changed at an ever-quickening pace. It used to be that camera manufacturers made 2 or 3 different models and introduced new models every couple of years. Now, hardly a day goes by when we don't hear of a new model coming out from one of the various camera companies. Even the names of the companies are different. We used to work on Mamiya/Sekors, Mirandas, Petris, Kowas, and Exactas along with a few others too obscure to remember. We still work on Nikon, Canon, Minolta (or Konica Minolta), Olympus, and Pentax cameras but they are vastly changed from what they once were. There are lots of new brands around too. Years ago, Sony and Samsung made TV's and Stereos, and Casio made watches. Now Sony and Samsung make digital cameras that rival the best of the ones made by the original camera manufacturers.
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