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Henry Horenstein & Leslie Tucker:  We Sort Of People
Henry Horenstein and Leslie Tucker began working together in the summer of 1997, when she invited him to Maryland to shoot the mysterious, little-known Wesort clan. ''We sorts are different from you sorts.''
Winter by Bruce Haley
Celebrated photographer Bruce Haley spent much of his career documenting people and geopolitical conflict in far corners of the world, resulting in a Robert Capa Gold Medal, and placement of his work in major international news publications and exhibitions. In recent years he has been photographing throughout California and Nevada, exploring his own personal history and definitions of "home."
You Refuse to Believe that You Ever Liked Pink by Dena Elisabeth Eber
In August of 2020, my daughter Margaret announced the new name and non-binary identity as Alex (no pronouns), and while I fully support this, I am learning who the new person is, learning to love who Alex is becoming, and considering my own evolution as a mother. My project, Becoming Alex unfolded over a year during which Alex and I came to understand what our transitions looked like and meant. As a young adult with autism spectrum disorder and countless physical ailments, Alex struggles to exist in a world that seems to run counter to how my child understands it.
The Architecture of Silence: artist Steven Seidenberg examines the abandoned lives of the Italian South
Artist and writer Steven Seidenberg presents his series and book The Architecture of Silence: Abandoned Lives of the Italian South, published by Contrasto Books, examining the failed post-war land reform movement (called the Riforma Fondiaria in Italian) to which these imaged structures and landscapes belong.
Salt of the Earth  by Barbara Boissevain
Twenty years ago, in the South Bay region of San Francisco, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project was established to address the impact of human activity on the diminished marshes of the Bay and the role wetlands play in protecting vulnerable communities from sea level rise. This expansive environmental project is the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the West Coast and is dedicated to converting over 15,000 acres of commercial salt ponds at the south end of San Francisco Bay to a mix of tidal marsh, mudflat, and other wetland habitats
Metropolis by Alan Schaller
In his coffee table book Metropolis, Alan Schaller presents city life in his own individual way, setting standards in modern street photography. For all lovers of spectacular black-and-white photography, the coffee table book—Metropolis is a must-have, because there is hardly anything comparable on the market. In a unique way, Alan Schaller depicts urban contrasts that big cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo or Istanbul hold in store in their architecture and everyday life.
Ordinary People by Ksenia Kuleshova
In Ordinary People, Ksenia Kuleshova, a rising star in the world of photography, has taken a series of intimate portraits, accompanied by short interviews of LGBTQ Russians who, despite the relentless homophobia from politicians, religious leaders, and the media, remain open about their sexuality and seek happiness and joy in their everyday lives.
The Oceans: The Maritime Photography of Chris Burkard
The Oceans is the culmination of fifteen years of traveling the globe to capture the seven seas—from the rugged shores of the North Atlantic to the turquoise tranquil waters of the tropics—Burkard’s lens captures the stunning diversity and ever-changing beauty of the world’s oceans. Traversing the world to document the oceans, the book features nearly 250 images from far away corners of the world like the Kuril Islands, Faroes, and Tahiti. He is also dedicated to climate change and The Oceans is more than just a collection of stunning photographs, it's also a call to action and a reminder of the urgent need to protect and preserve our oceans and fragile planet.
The Need to Know by Michael S. Honegger
My father was a spy during the Cold War. Bilingual in German and English, he worked for the U.S. Air Force and sent agents into East Germany and elsewhere behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1960s. The Need to Know, a photo book, is my exploration of the meager details that emerged from brief and cryptic conversations with my father and my curiosity about Cold War espionage and its impact upon my family at the time. The book will be published by the Blow Up Press of Warsaw, Poland in early October
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AAP Magazine #37 Travels
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