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Off The Clock Gala & Exhibition

Posted on March 14, 2019 - By Desirae Lantry
Off The Clock Gala & Exhibition
Off The Clock Gala & Exhibition

Saturday April 13, 2019

APA Los Angeles Announces the seventh annual OFF THE CLOCK Gala & Exhibition

APA Los Angeles is excited to announce the seventh annual Off The Clock curated exhibit of inspired personal photography. The exhibition is comprised of one hundred selected images. Please join us in celebrating these artist.

W.M. Hunt is this year's OFF THE CLOCK curator. Mr. Hunt applied is unique vision in carefully selecting his top one hundred images from thirteen hundred submissions. April 13, 2019 those selected images will be on exhibit at the eighth annual Off The Clock Gala and Exhibition.

APA LA is pleased to present the selected personal works of:
Aaron Fallon, Amparo Barajas, Amy Gaskin, Andreas Franke, Andrew Strauss, AnnaMaria Zunino Noellert, Anthony Nex, Aubrie Pick, Beverly Houwing, Bil Zelman, Bob Carey, Bob Stevens, Buddy Bleckley, Cameron Davidson, Cara Robbins, Carl Shubs, Charlie Nunn, Chris Sattlberger, Dave Nagel, David Clifford, Dominic DiSaia, Dominic Episcopo, Drew Endicott, Drew McGill, Edward Carreon, Elisabeth Caren, Eric Garcia-March, Eric Schwabel, Eszter + David, Gabriel Nivera, Gene Lee, George Craig, Grace Chon, Hemali Acharya Zaveri, Hesh Hipp, Hugh Kretschmer, Hyungjo Moon, James Lattanzino, Jasmina Tomic, Jeff Zaruba, Jens Lucking, Jim Hildreth, Joan Allen, John Kelly, Judy Fong, Justin Fantl, Karen Benner, Karineh Gurjian, Larry Gassan, Laurie Frankel, Lisa Wiseman, Maren Caruso, Mark Battrell, Markku Lahdesmaki, Matt Sayles, Michael Brian, Michael Mayo, Michael Nieland, Michael Schoenfeld, Michele Thomas, Mike Basher, Miranda Penn Turin, Pablo Mason, Patrick Bennett, Patrick Tregenza, Paul Turang, Pierre-Yves Linot, R.J. Hinkle, Rainer Hosch, Raymond Graber, Robert Meyers-Lussier, Sam Grant, Scott Amling, Steve Boyle, Steve Peixotto, Susan J. Chen, Tom Stahl, Walter Giordani, Walter Smith, Wil Cohen, Yuri Hasegawa.

This Year APA Los Angeles and Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) will share Opening Night exhibits on April 13 at Santa Monica Art Studios. One opening night, two amazing exhibits.

off the clock

Off The Clock Gala & Exhibition
Saturday April 13, 2019
Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
7pm to 10pm
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