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Le Masterklass

Posted on March 27, 2017 - By Klavdij Sluban
Le Masterklass
Le Masterklass

Paris from December 2017 to November 2018

LeMASTERKLASS is lead by Klavdij SLUBAN an internationally renowned photographer.

Le Masterklass is unique in its approach of contemporay photography, proposing a one year series of group and individual encounters. The specificity lays in the fact that each participant is being offered an individual program. Le Masterklass is made of 4 group meetings throughout the year, but most specially of a an individual coaching, according to the evolution of each participant's progression, creation and needs.

In one word, a tailor-made Masterklass.

Based on the importance of the individual meetings that will shape the direction of the one year long project, the group meetings will be an opportunity, first of all, to have the pleasure of meeting the other members of LeMasterklass, then to submit the evolution of the project, with group criticism, criticial but always constructive.

EDITING is the guiding light of this one year project.

Editing is the art of creating a coherent series of photographs, including both the photographer's inner world as well as the photographer's perception of the world.

The individual guidance will bring each participant to create one's own personal photographic writing thanks to Klavdij’s experience and full commitment.

LeMasterklass takes place in the heart of Paris, in a spacious and luminous artist loft from December 3rd, 2017 to November 3rd, 2018.


For any further information, write us to :

You can also call Karen : + 33 6 14 52 38 94

Le Masterklass

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