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Atsuko Morita: Project 365
I am lucky because Atsuko Morita prints in the color darkrooms at RayKo Photo Center so I get to see what she is creating. Right now, she is in the throes of a labor intensive series called, "Project 365." I see her with her handmade camera with its 31 lenses on a regular basis. That's right, multiple lenses. There's a reason for this. Time is one of Morita's favorite subjects. To quote the artist, "Photography is the closest thing we have to a time machine. Film imprints moments from a past (…)

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Liu Bolin
Billy & Hells
Andrea Abrego

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Mike Brodie
Mike Brodie, best known by his pseudonym "Polaroid Kidd" is a self-trained American photographer from Pensacola, Florida. In 2003 Brodie left home at 18 to travel the rails across America. A friend gave him a camera and he found himself spending three years photographing the friends and companions he encountered with the Polaroid SX-70. Polaroid discontinued SX-70 film, so now he shoots on 35mm on a Nikon F3. His photographs have been featured in exhibits in Milwaukee, at Get This! Gallery in Atlanta and in Los Angeles at M+B Gallery. His work was also selected to appear in the 2006 edition of the Paris International Photo Fair at the Louvre. In November 2007 he collaborated with Swoon and Chris Stain to mount an installation at Gallery LJ Beaubourg in Paris. He also has had (…)

Selected Exhibition:

Zanele Muholi: Faces and Phases
North Carolina Museum of Art
Start Date: 2016-10-01 | End Date: 2017-01-08
Faces and Phases features 10 photographs by internationally acclaimed South African photographer and self-described “visual activist” Zanele Muholi, from her ongoing series of the same title. Muholi's work is rooted in social justice and advocacy, and she sees herself equally as an activist and photographer. Through her deeply personal portraits, she strives to present positive images of individuals often confronted by others’ assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices regarding race, sexuality, and identity. Her subjects look straight at the camera (and the viewer): openly, defiantly, shyly, proudly. "This is not art, this is life," says Muholi. "Each and every photograph is someone's (…)

Featured Photography Book:

By Ken Light
“What’s Going On” is a collection of photographs taken from 1969-1974 showing Ken Light’s early work as he chronicled America and the political upheaval of his generation. In this era, America was deeply divided and at war with itself, yet Americans saw much promise and felt that fundamental change was possible. It was a time when young people believed they could create a better world. It is a (…)

Selected Photo Contests:

Fine Art Photo Award
Dates: Close on February 19, 2017
Category: All
Hosted by: Fine Art Photo Award
Territory: Worldwide - Theme: Open
Eligibility: Description: Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author's deep sensitivity, a need to express feelings through image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. It can be spontaneous, but it can also be a conscious and deliberate manifesto. FAPA is searching for photos born out of passion - your passion.
$3000 Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year
$2000Amateur Fine Art Photographer of the Year
Entry Fee: $15 Amateur - $20 Professional
Prize: Cash Prize
Pollux Award
Dates: Close on October 11, 2016
Category: All
Hosted by: The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (WPGA)
Territory: Worldwide - Theme: Open
Entry Fee: $60 for 1 series
Prize: Exhibition
10 Awardees will exhibit in Paris in Q3 2017
In this 9th consecutive edition of the POLLUX AWARDS, The Gala Awards invites professional and amateur photographers, and students, working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought. Traditional, contemporary, avant-garde, creative and experimental works that include old and new processes, mixed techniques, and challenging personal, emotional or political statements will be welcome.
The 9th Edition of the Pollux Awards will be given to 10 photographers that will be invited to exhibit in Paris in the third quarter of 2017. The exhibition will take place in a Gallery to be designed by the Gala Awards. The entire awarded Series of the selected photographers will be exhibited. Tha Gala Awards will be in charge of the Gallery rental, setup and hanging of the exhibition, labeling, PR and catalogue.
Dates: Close on November 25, 2016
Category: All
Hosted by: Loosenart
Territory: Worldwide
Entry Fee: No - FREE
Prize: Exhibition
Take part of the group exhibition in Cagliari, ITALY. 7th - 17th January 2017
Shift, migration, transfer, displacement as a physical and mental act that allows to vary the position through which we observe the reality, as act which determines the mutability and the very existence of each thing and event, as an act that allows the contact, the exchange, the union and all that from this originates.
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