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AAP Magazine #38 Women
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Hong Kong by Mikko Takkunen
In his debut photobook 'Hong Kong' (Kehrer Verlag, April 2024), Finnish photographer and New York Times' photo editor Mikko Takkunen captures one of the world’s great metropolises in the aftermath of political protests and on the brink of a pandemic. Inspired by New York School masters like Louis Faurer and Saul Leiter, he presents Hong Kong in a new light, exploring hidden perspectives and moods. His photographs, balancing between documentary and subjective, are accompanied by an essay by Geoff Dyer. Amidst the city's uncertainties in 2020 and facing the impending relocation of his family overseas, Takkunen felt an urgent need to document the city while he still could. 'Hong Kong' is a poignant farewell, encapsulating his love for the city and concerns about what might be lost as it undergoes irreversible changes.
Christer Strömholm
Christer Strömholm is recognised as one of the major figures of 20th century European photography. Strömholm captured his surroundings in black‐and‐white images that display his integrity, understated humour and a highly personal aesthetic. With an unmistakable sensitivity to human suffering, based on his personal experience, he took photography in a new direction. Sean O’Hagan, writing in The Guardian, has described him “as the father of Swedish photography both for his abiding influence and for his role as a teacher.”
Oli Kellett: Waiting for a Sign
HackelBury is pleased to present Oli Kellett’s third solo exhibition, Waiting for a Sign, from 24th November 2023 until 2nd March 2024, accompanied by the book 'Cross Road Blues' published by Nazraeli Press.
The Enemy Within: The Miners’ Strike 1984/85 by Michael Kerstgens
On March 6th 1984 miners at Cortonwood Colliery in Yorkshire went on strike. Six days later, on March 12th, NUM President, Arthur Scargill, made the strike official across Britain. And so began the UK’s biggest strike since the General Strike of 1926. It ran for almost a year until March 1985 - a year of bitter conflict between the miners and Margaret Thatcher and her government and marked the end of the mining era in Britain.
Burnt House Lane by Michelle Sank
My work has always encompassed the presentation of identity within both portrait and landscape, creating sociological and psychological narratives borne from my upbringing in South Africa. Being the daughter of Latvian refugees there and witnessing the injustices of Apartheid has led to my interest and empathy in documenting the human condition and those often marginalised, affording them a positive voice and presence. This Kickstarter will support the book publication of a new body of work that documents such a community: Burnt House Lane - which is situated close to where I currently live in Exeter, UK.
British fashion photographer Rankin partners on charity campaign to end global acid violence
The Tear Couture Look Book/ campaign’s aim is to start highlight the devastating effects of acid attacks, and in particular the specific link to the fashion, textiles, retail and manufacturing industries, based on research which shows a correlation between legitimate business uses of acid and the incidence of acid attacks in parts of the global south**. This campaign aims to engage industry partners to strengthen processes for a more responsible supply chain'
THE RED PURSE A Story of Grief and Desire by Jacque Rupp
While the clean, tidy stages version of grief has been widely dispelled as mythical, the omnipresent ever-shifting journey version has not. Grief is evidence of love. It is, among many other things, the process of learning and changing and discovering the depths of the human experience. The Red Purse, by photographer Jacque Rupp, is a visual exploration of the rebuilding and reclaiming of her identity after her husband of 25 years died.
Born of Sand and Sun by Petra Basnakova
During the 1948 Palestine war many Palestinians were forced to leave their homes. This same fate befell the desert tribes of the Bedouin, but their strong bond with the desert – the heart of their culture – could not be broken. Yet, today, the number of Bedouin people inhabiting their original territories is shrinking, and many are gradually losing their distinct identity.
Metamorphosis by Elizabeth Heyert
Exhibition coincides with the publication of Metamorphosis, a monograph published by The Grenfell Press with an Artist Conversation with Lesley M. M. Blume and a short story by Colm Tóibín
AAP Magazine #38: Women
April 2024 Online Solo Exhibition
AAP Magazine #38: Women
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #38 Women
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes