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PhotoVogue's Global Open Call 2024

Close on April 29, 2024
Territory: Worldwide
Theme: The Tree of Life : A Love Letter to Nature
Eligibility: 18+
Entry Fees: Free
Prize: Exhibition
This year's PhotoVogue Global Open Call is an ode to the awe-inspiring beauty of our natural world and the myriad creatures that populate it.

Our call transcends the search for visual talent, aiming to foster a message of compassion, respect, and admiration for nature and all animals. We advocate for a fundamental shift in how we interact with our planet and its inhabitants, emphasizing not only the magnificence of the natural world but also the profound love and connection between humans and animals, extending this to the broader community of life that surrounds us.

Building upon our expanded view of kinship, this vision aligns with Mahatma Gandhi's belief that 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' We wish to expand this connection beyond traditional pets to include often overlooked animals such as cows and pigs and even beyond the mammal class, acknowledging their capacity for deep emotions, which society has often neglected, and their essential role in preserving the ecosystem.

Drawing inspiration from "Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations" by The Center for Humans and Nature, edited by Gavin Van Horn, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and John Hausdoerffer, our call resonates deeply with the idea of a shared community of life. In this community, the connections we share with our fellow humans are just as significant as those with nonhuman beings. This rich mosaic of existence encompasses everything from the bacterium thriving in our bellies to the trees that sustain the air we breathe, affirming that all are our kin.

For many cultures around the world, being human is based upon this extended sense of kinship, recognizing nonhumans as integral persons in our lives. It's a perspective that sees humans and nonhumans alike as essential members of a vibrant, life-generating planetary network.

In this exuberant and dynamic tangle of relations, we are committed to deepening our care and respect for the entire family of life that shares our planet – including plants, rivers, mountains, animals, and other co-inhabitants.

In this spirit, we welcome artists who express themselves through photography and video and we embrace all aesthetics, ranging from the authenticity of realism and the creativity of fantasy to the narratives of documentary and the elegance of glam.

Whether it's wildlife documentary photographs, environmentally conscious fashion shoots in the forest, or videos exploring symbiotic relationships within ecosystems, we welcome all genres. We're looking for submissions that inspire change and foster hope, works that offer a positive perspective, celebrating our bond with nature and focusing on the beauty and resilience of the natural world, rather than on its mistreatment.

Endorsed by all 27 editions of Vogue worldwide, this Open Call offers artists the chance to be featured at the 2024 PhotoVogue Festival in Milan, and potentially in an issue of Vogue. The two artists who submit the most compelling work will also receive a $5,000 grant each (TBC), supporting their artistic growth. Additionally, participants have the opportunity for 1 on 1 virtual sessions with industry experts, enhancing the global and diverse nature of this endeavor.

As an active member of the United Nations SDG Media Compact, PhotoVogue's Global Open Call 2024 will be in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This initiative is expected to develop into various initiatives that could take place throughout 2024, further enhancing the impact and reach of this important project. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the world's blueprint for a more just and sustainable society and a framework of action for all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

Guided by our deep commitment to caring for and respecting the entire family of life, we are honored to acknowledge the support of Parley for the Oceans for our PhotoVogue Global Open Call. Parley's dedication to preserving the beauty and sanctity of our oceans and their active stance against climate change and biodiversity loss resonate with the core values of this initiative. Their support enhances our efforts and aligns with our shared mission to foster a global community of artists dedicated to highlighting and protecting the natural world.

In addition to this Open Call, we will integrate Parley's vision and mission into our broader collaborative efforts. Stay tuned for an interview with Parley's founder Cyrill Gutsch here on PhotoVogue to discover more, and we encourage you to take the Parley AIR Pledge. We believe these efforts will provide meaningful insights into environmental stewardship and offer our participants and audience a way to engage more deeply with these critical issues.

Building on the themes of our previous Open Calls, which ranged from the female gaze to challenging stereotypes, we now call for a significant paradigm shift, moving away from an anthropocentric worldview. We seek to inspire awareness of the rights and beauty of all life forms, recognizing the unsustainable trajectory of environmental exploitation.

We invite artists worldwide to be the vanguards of this shift, using their art as a tool for change. Your work can be a window into the profound kinship we share with all living beings, acting as a catalyst for empathy and positive action.

In crafting this collective tapestry of art, we will showcase the natural world's beauty and remind ourselves of our duty to protect it. This endeavor is more than creating art; it's about nurturing a global community grounded in empathy and respect for all life forms.

The theme "The Tree of Life: A Love Letter to Nature", will not only guide this year's Open Call but will also be the cornerstone of the next PhotoVogue Festival. This alignment will enable us to delve deeper into the theme through exhibitions, talks, and discussions, significantly contributing to the paradigm shift we aim to inspire. The festival will act as an amplifier, a vibrant platform to explore and provoke thoughts, encouraging a holistic approach to our interconnectedness with nature.

We eagerly await your inspiring contributions, reflecting your deep appreciation for and connection to nature and all its inhabitants. Your creations hold the power to forge a better world that values conscientiousness, empathy, and interconnectedness.
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AAP Magazine #40: Portrait
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AAP Magazine #40 Portrait
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AAP Magazine #40 Portrait
Publish your work in AAP Magazine and win $1,000 Cash Prizes

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