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Photo Schools & Classes: West Virginia  

1 John Marshall Driv
Huntington, West Virginia - WV25755

Photography concentrates on the practice of photography as a fine art – a means personal expression. Students explore photographic materials and practices in order to create challenging and stimulating images. Through extensive studio critiques students and faculty discuss aesthetic choices and possibilities to make the most effective work possible.

Technical competence is vital to this process of artistic growth. The curriculum provides a solid technical foundation on which to develop a student’s ideas. Students learn and explore conventional and non-traditional approaches to photographic image-making.

Classes include basic and advanced black and white, digital, color, lighting and alternative processes.Students also take Advanced Studio Sequence photography classes to develop technical and conceptual mastery in their creative work as well as develop professional artist’s skills.As in other studio areas, the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Photography culminates in the Capstone Project Senior Exhibition.

The school promotes an interdisciplinary approach. Students are encouraged investigate photography’s historical and contemporary relationships with other disciplines, theory and culture. This awareness fosters critical thinking and studio critique skills, which ultimately generates more informed, intelligent, and nuanced artistic production.

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