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Photo Schools & Classes: Pennsylvania  

450 S. Easton Road
Glenside, Pennsylvania - PA19038

Our NASAD-accredited Art & Design Program combines the intimacy and individual attention of a small school with the depth and diversity of ambitious study abroad opportunities, offering a unique and rewarding college experience.

3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA19104

The Drexel University Photography program teaches students how to develop a unique photographic vision using a combination of aesthetics and technology. Using both applied and theoretical teaching methods and blending traditional processes with current digital technologies, the photography curriculum provides aspiring photographers with the breadth of experience and knowledge required to succeed in todayís marketplace. The photography foundation courses are the same for each student until their third year, at which point they design a custom path of study that culminates in their senior thesis portfolio. Our alumniís achievements reflect the diversity built into our program. They own successful photography studios, teach in high school and college programs, serve as curators, work as magazine photo editors and operate their own digital illustration firms.

320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA19102

This major prepares students for a wide range of careers in photography by providing a solid grounding in traditional photography and digital imaging. In the sophomore year, students receive in-depth training in craft and ideas fundamental to photographic imaging. Technical exercises emphasize electronic imaging as well as traditional black-and-white and color processes. The curriculum covers both descriptive photography and more experimental manipulated image-making.

During the junior year, students consider photographic forms beyond the traditional print, such as the photographic book, non-silver processes, and installation work. Large-format photography and studio practice with its control of artificial lighting are also part of the junior curriculum. In both the junior and senior years, students may pursue the study of specialized interests on an elective basis, including illustration and editorial photography, photojournalism, environmental portraiture, creative portfolio development, advanced digital imaging, and professional practice.

The senior year is primarily devoted to the production of an independent body of work of the studentís own choosing and direction. The senior thesis provides the opportunity to begin the process of self-definition as photographer and artist. A required junior-level course in photographic criticism, coupled with required classes in the history of photography, exemplifies the strong emphasis that the department places on critical thinking and self-expression in words as well as through photographs.

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PA15213

Photography offerings cover a broad range of topics from black and white film-based darkroom work to advanced digital color courses. Students begin with the basic craft of photography - from exposure of the negative, making of the print and presentation of the finished product. Courses concentrate on photography as fine art - what is unique about photography and the concerns that are shared with the visual arts. Classes are structured to equip students with an understanding of the medium's history and contemporary potential -- technically, formally, expressively and conceptually.

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